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Luna Casablanca Nov 2015
I'll be where I belong someday.
Purple sky, red and green lights,
And the California sun rising up when I
Need the light the most.
I go through another falling out every **** year.
No primary and no old people I can go to.
Too many mutual idiots who adopt the ones I love and kick me out of the picture.
I'll take the photo
But I'm not the one who deletes it.
My heart and brain are my memory card filled with all the drama-less days of these **** cliques.
I can only make myself move on but
I cannot make you never exist again.
I get we move on but I don't know why I'm picked last.
It's either new people or other's who pretend they know and accept the real me.
It's just never how it used to be.
That's why I'm going to be in California getting away
From New Englanders who know me now.
Just let me grow first.
I suggest
You do
The same.
Can't keep a friendship so I'm starting over when the time comes.
Big Virge Sep 2015
Ya Know I'd Rather Be... UNIQUE... !!!
Than Join These... PHONEY Cliques... !!!

Just To Get Acceptance...
From People Who Are SHEEP... !!!

I See Them EVERY WEEK...
From Poetry Circuit CLIQUES...
To Childish... Girlie Cliques...

Who Basically I Have To See...
Throughout My Working Week...

They Look At Me From... FAR............
While I Shine Like A STAR....
WITHOUT A Hint of Arrogance...
Or A FAKE... " Ha Ha "... !!!

These Dummies Make Me Laugh... !!!
They Think They're REALLY SMART... !!!
Until I Simply... BLOW THEM OFF...
Like A.... " SMELLY **** ".... !!!!!

These Girlie Cliques STICK TOGETHER...
Like... Blueberry Tarts... !!!

These Cliques Employ The Good Ol' Ploy...
If You're NOT IN It's Like You've SINNED... ?!?
And Then You're Thrown In... Dusty Bin... !!!

321... While They Have FUN...
BELIEVE ME I'm Just Looking On...
And Wonder... What Is Their Function... !?!

Well From A Work Perspective...
It's Friends Who Get PUSHED ON...
To... UPPER Class Collectives...
Where Futures Are... "PROTECTED"... !!!

And Some of These Are People...
Who YES Have Been... ELECTED... !!!

To Join These... EVIL CLIQUES...
Who Then... "CONTROL Your Week"... ?!?

KEEPING... YOUR Future BLEAK... !!!
While They Are Looking CHIC... !?!

I've Got To Say This People....
They Make Me Feel Like... BLEEP.... !!!

See... EVEN In TOP Sport...
if You Are NOT Their Sort...
Your Chances Get Cut Short...
If You CANNOT Be BOUGHT... !!!

So Just ABSORB That Thought...
People We See In TOP Sport...
Have Got... CLIQUE Type Support...

From People Who Are In THE KNOW...
And See That You WON'T ROCK The Boat... !!!

Once They KNOW They've Got YOUR VOTE...
Your Boat Fa' SURE Will STAY... AFLOAT...

NOT Because You're TALENTED... !!!
PAY ATTENTION Here's The Quote... !!!

"Maybe we could use that bloke !"

Why Didn't You Laugh... ?
Didn't You Get The JOKE... ?

I Guess I'm NOT FUNNY...
To... CLIQUE Type Folk... !!!

See Cliques Are EVERYWHERE... !!!
From Masons Leather Chairs...
To Friends of... Tony Blair... !!!

Sometimes I Think There Is A Clique...
That... RULES My CRAZY HAIR... !!!

I'm JOKING People Please Don't STARE... !!!
That's What Cliques Do Cos' They're SCARED... !?!

Reading ******...  " Marie Claire "... !!!

Cliques In POWER Are... Political...
Cliques WITHOUT Power Try To Belittle...
OTHERS Cos' They... HATE Themselves... !!!!!

I Believe These Days In Personal Wealth...
Wealth of MIND And Knowledge of SELF... !!!

Cos' Knowledge of SELF...
QUELLS Cliques With STEALTH... !!!!!

Deal YOUR OWN CARDS... !!!
DON'T Take Cards DEALT...
By Cliques Who NEED...
... Their Collars FELT  ... !!!!!

Cliques Are FUNNY...
... "FILLED With DUMMIES"...

Who Should of STAYED In...
... " Mummy's Tummy "... !!!

These Cliques Are REALLY...
FULL of... "SNEAKS"... !!!

From Those Who Used To Walk The Beat...
To KKK Who Wear... " White Sheets "... !!!

It's FUNNY When They're On Their OWN...
They Speak Because Their Cover's BLOWN.... !!!

But When They're With...
Their... "Sneak Filled Cliques"...

Try Talking To THEM When They're IN VIEW...
It's AMAZING HOW They DON'T HEAR You... !?!

That's Why I Spit These Words Like PHLEGM... !!!
Cos' I DON'T Want To Be With... THEM... !!!

So That's Why I've Written This Poetic Piece...
Cos' I'm NOT IN Their... " Flock of Geese "...

I'm HAPPY...  Just To Be UNIQUE...
And NOT Be In Their TWO FACED...

...... " CLIQUES "......
Working in entertainment and then putting myself through the performance poetry ringer for a while in London, proved to be the inspiration for this .... and it sadly seems that, very little has changed, even today !
Sam Knaus Oct 2014
Every generation
has the leaders and the followers.
The popular kids and the geeks,
the kids who get high on the streets
and the kids who get high on cloud nine.
The artists and the poets,
the skaters, the stoners,
the musicians and the actors,
and we all have the kids
who are all of the above.
We all have the kids
who are none of the above.
Times change, yes
and trends come and go
but don’t tell me that I’m exceptional
not because of what I know
but because of the children
that surround me.
Don’t tell me to speak my dreams
and release my strife in the form of rhyme
because “few others you know do it”.
Passion is limitless,
passion is ageless
and while I’m being raised
in a generation of technology
and dramatic social media,
yolo and swag, pregnant teens
and 55-hour marriages-
I’m growing up
in a generation of artists,
a generation of dreamers,
a generation of doers,
and a generation
of freethinkers.
Freethinkers whose words
drip from their tongues like honey
and stain their pages in the world
like wine.
Students who get bored
with teachers wanting them to think
in 1’s and 0’s,
fit into standards,
speak in slanders
and begin to hyperventilate
because they can’t translate
what they think.
Kids who haven’t forgotten
that breathing in binary isn’t healthy.
Apparently, those that find
enough creative destruction in life to cheat the system
are going against the greater public’s
better judgement,
feeling free to sit and glare
at those who swear that they’re normal,
but I’m not growing up with those kids.
People who sit back and cry crocodile tears
for those who don’t know
what to think of themselves,
sitting back and laughing
at those who shudder and shake
at the thought of being caught in between
different sides of their minds
that they don’t know it’s okay to have…
but I’m not growing up with those people.
I’m growing up in a
group of rebels,
a group that will one day
run the nation-
a nation of tenacious activists,
wearing their minds
more professionally than
politicians wear their suits-
and with better ideas.
Because we have voices,
we have pens,
but most important
we have ideas,
ideas that can change the world,
change the world more
than poker-faced suits
and hate commercials
and picket signs
ever could.
A Sep 2014
freshman year
Happy, scared, young, full, and ready for whatever it is thats about to hit you.
You loose your bestfriend, and your virginity.
You gain a new clique, and a body count.

sophomore year
your freshman expertise kick in and you think youve got the feel for the highschool life.
You fail chemistry, and go to your first party.
you are now a ****
You think youre cooler than your ex
bestfriend because you have ten bucks saying that shes never had a boy see her underwear or that shes never been as drunk at you.

junior year
You spent your summer in therapy, in
and out of mental hospitals because your eating disorder became deadly, and all of the friends you partied with cut you off because your newest bestfriend convinced you to sleep with one of their exs.
You come back to school as dead as
you have ever been and you spend every lunch period in the art room painting your sorrows away and you spend every night at home doing the same only this time your wrist becomes the canvas.

seinor year**
Your down to one medication a day now and you have commited social suicide all summer by staying in to gaurd yourself from turning to drugs and alcohol again to hide the pain. Graduation is arround the corner and you realize you could finally be happy once this is all over.
Happy to be out of that hell hole, but inspired by scho starting again.

— The End —