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It's U - Cavetown

I guess it's just another one of those nights
When I'll spend way too much time
On something so small that no one really cares about at all
I guess it's just another one of those thoughts
And I can't really find a cause
Whether it's all just in my mind or something more here in my life

It's u, it's u
Oh god, it's u
It's u
If you're awake then I am too
If you're lost then I'll find you
If you're hurt then I'll fix you
If you go blind I'll describe the view
If you can't feel then I'll hold you
If you fall know I've got you

And if you fall down too far and I can't see you through these marks
And your eyes are covered in scars, and my head's filling with tar
Don't worry we'll find another way out

Your silhouette doesn't look quite right
And I can never find the time
To bury my hands in words
I'd grow a new kind of evergreen tree, just for you and me
On second thoughts, will you even remember me?

But it's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u
Is it me for u?
A poem every day.
Maya Duran Sep 2019
To catch a boy in the wake of summer
Leave out a cup
Brimming with melon-colored milk tea and tapioca
Make sure to capture his smile
When he spills some on the counter

When it is still warm on the cheeks
And independence has yet to be fully realized
You catch a boy by offering him the futon
Night after night after night after night
You don’t think to ask your mom and
He doesn’t seem to mind the basement stench
But you overcompensate with your words anyway
You’re good at that

Kesha plays like a hymn in the cathedral
Of his boyfriend’s second car
But you catch a boy with the menthol sound
Of Cavetown at dusk in your hole of a bedroom
And he sits on the bed and watches you paint
As his notifications are piling up with passive-aggressive texts
Summer tastes like lemon and cough drops
This is the first poem in a series titled "Cavetown wrote a song about your ex and we played it all summer long." The series is about the best summer of my life, although the poems may appear bleak upon first reading. It is about falling in love and the budding of a best friendship. About seeing and being seen.
Moth Jun 2019
Everyone has something
that makes them doublethink
when they're standing
at the railroad crossing
Inspired by the song "Dear" by Cavetown.
Moth Jun 2019
You feel the pressure building
and nothing may seem easy
but it's going to be alright

just talk to me

It may seem dark out tonight
but we'll survive the night
hold on tight and it'll be okay

just talk to me

fall asleep and find a dream
a place we can be just fine
come inside and sit down

just to talk to me
Based off the song of the same name by Cavetown. His songs are poetry in themselves and I find both inspiration and relatability in them.
Moth Aug 2019
Thank you for having a gift
for all of those gentle songs
that you sweetly sang
with your melancholy voice

Thank you for everything
for all the advice you gave
through the good and the bad
for lifting me up when I'm sad

Thank you for giving me a home
and baking me banana bread
for taking care of things
thanks for just talking to me

Thank you for showing me
that everything is temporary
my pain isn't here forever
you were always with me

Thank you for the nostalgia
the sweet uke from the UK
the rhythms that found my soul
and the calpol for my heart

Dear robin, thank you.
A poem dedicated to Robin Skinner (aka Cavetown). Cavetown's music is half the reason I am here today. His youtube makes me smile and reminds me of the good times. Everything bad seems to be put into a better perspective when I listen to his music. I cannot wait to see him live in October.
Luna Apr 2019
Sitting in my room
crying to Cavetown
for no reason
other than it feels good to cry

— The End —