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Day Nov 2015
they called him a ******
and spit in his face
because he was never good enough
he was always
too weak
too powerful
no matter what he did
they all turned their backs
and laughed
he could never fit in
he was an outcast
because of his
no one could move past the fact
that he had
he would forever be labeled
a killer
so as he turned
and started to walk away
he didn't understand why
they wanted so badly for him
to understand just how much
they hated him
because what they didn't know
what he hated
**so much more
midnight thoughts
Day Nov 2015
And this is your home,
Return to your throne,
And I will fight the ghosts away,
but I'm begging you, please stay.
not mine at all. All credit goes to Jamie Brown
Day Nov 2015
i can't afford to be weak
because when i'm weak
people get hurt
and i can't bear seeing you
in pain
i've lost everyone
i can't lose you too
caspasta Jan 2015
he is space
the freckles that dust his nose and cheeks
are constellations
stories untold
the dark purple that bruises
the undersides of his eyes
are areas of the night sky
that are absent of stars
yet full of hardship
his eyes glisten like galaxies
colors swirling into something
something big
and his smile
is the sun
that burns with brightness and warmth
and leaves you with stars in your eyes
he is endless
and he is space
and like space,
he takes your breath

— The End —