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Nicholas Feb 29
I’m singing my tune
cause it’s a great afternoon.
All these bad thoughts have me immune
so let’s blow up a balloon
and live like we’re in a cartoon.

There’s no time for a prune,
let’s have a big commune
at least the size of a platoon
and take ourselves to a nice saloon.
from there we’ll hit the lagoon
then maybe chill by the dune
where I just might swoon
from thinking this is too good to be true.
staying  here
let me
upstanding to
trust my
asterisk that
mark my
note with
tarter that
laughter brings
my heart
that champaign
pours from
art tonight
that exercise
my right
to express
delisted delight
katie Jun 2015
What year is it in Mississippi?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell,
You’d think in the 21st century,
We’d be able to tell time well.

Talking slow and taking it slow is okay
At least for most of the time
But there’s a big difference in drawling what you say,
And never reaching your prime

What year is it in Mississippi?
I don’t think it has its own zone.
Surely it’s impossible for the entire state
To have their watches on loan.

What year is it in Mississippi?
They seem so hopelessly behind,
Most other states quickly recognize
That her flag is hatred-lined.

What year is it in Mississippi?
Sorry, but I have to ask,
First in everything bad, and last in anything good,
To even tie with another state seems an impossible task.

Because when you act like you’re still in the past,
You’re going to keep being last.
And passed.
And bashed.
And masked.
And trashed.

No one thinks it’s hopeless yet
Or that the whole state is obscene,
I just hate to break it to Mississippi
That it is 2015.
Those people who thinks of themselves as the ultimate
Thinking that they are those who create

A world without even a single flaw
For they bark and scratch you with a claw

As if you're the most putrid human they've seen
As if this phase was a place they've never been

If I may remind you
You became a newbie once too

So don't talk to me as if
You became the GREATEST
In just a blink of an eye
A little something for those trash talkers in LoL... shiznits...

— The End —