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Damaré M Apr 2015
I know I cannot have your sympathy
I just ask you to understand

The truth is
I understand the land
But I'm tired of standing under another man
Only to be perfectly misunderstood purposely

Inside of my ferociousness
It's hurting me
Because I know there's always a start, but never an end
Have you ever fought a continuos fight that you can never win?
You can never understand
You knew beforehand so there's no emergency to you
Steven Hutchison Apr 2015
Bad blood
More blood
Bitten dust
Angry eyes
Lots of eyes
Story fires
History bleeds
Baltimore streets
Burn in madness
When asked how we should mourn him
Freddie didn’t speak
Scott Garrison Mar 2015
I’ve never been in love

Ben said, if that’s all you have to worry about
then you’re doing pretty **** well

After some consideration
I decided that it’s okay for now
you should know yourself
before someone else
could ever hope to reciprocate
and the biggest lie I can tell myself
is that I have it all figured out
at twenty two

I feel like all I am capable of writing about is love
and cliché lines like
her eyes could stop freight trains
or some nonsense about
how she moves like the phases of the moon
but there is one thing I have realized:
you do not need pretty words for your poetry
to have meaning

All I know for sure
is that I like root beer and whiskey
and the way I know spring is coming
by a scent in the air that I just can’t put my finger on

I know I have a hint of north Baltimore accent
and just because I couldn’t make it at a university
I am not a failure
dorm life isn’t for everyone
and sometimes I would rather drink alone

I’ve never been in love
for now that’s enough
Phoebe Seraphine Feb 2015
I wanted to make him something.
Empanadas are ****, right?
Out of the oven, the hot corner
of a baking sheet singed a sketch
into my left forearm, an inverted triangle.

My friends claim I am more cautious as a philanderer than baker.

In bed. Entranced by his willingness to waste time
with me, I take off my bandages.

His mouth parts over my wound,
lipping its lucid resin,  sticky with pus,
he says he doesn’t mind

He tells me I am a most curious
female, that he adores
every crest and crevice,
sore and slit.

I believe him but say,
‘You have the wrong limbs near your lips.’

My scar sears as he turns me loose,
but I enjoy his playful punishment
as pain for pleasure.
as rinku hf Jan 2015
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Tupelo Aug 2014
The gunshots ring out from Baltimore,
I pray you are not tonight's target practice,
Young kings with concrete kingdoms,
Raging war against the parts of the sidewalk they cannot see,
Please stay safe another night

— The End —