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I believe I have more to say.
I’ve been quite for a while.
But not today, Time to play.
I’ve been going out my way.
Yes! I’m big a little over weight.
Traveling from state to state.
Enjoying delicacies, Yum their great!
Yo, getting off track let’s set it straight.
I have my truck now to transport freight.
Wait!, here I go again babbling towards the end.
Like you can relate we’re the best of friends.
Just because you read this,
You don’t need this!
This isn’t medicine you don’t need sh*t.
I’m just babbling again battling with in.
The monster is my adrenaline.
Hungry for Benjamin’s!
Yes! I’m craving it still, the craving is real.
We all have to eat, A snack or a meal.
Just a couple of thousands to a mill period.
A person can dream or wake up delirious!
This coronavirus is crazy it’s too serious!
We walk about it oblivious.
Put our life on the line mysteriously.
It affected others it won’t get to me.
I’m covered by the blood, Jesus Christ!
If I get infected he will save my life.
What if it’s your time to go?
No one knows when their debt is up.
You may feel alone but what if.
We’re not alone and death is next to us?
Upon (die) re rhea ding previous poem
     All In The Name Of "Progress" zen
a glaring, leering,
     and twittering left par wren
     dared to a right (i.e. bribe)
     corrective punctuation measure
     slyly slipping Special Ops symbol ")"
     for so many yen,

thus see slipped thru my excellent
     proof reading, when
lo and behold consternation,
     inconsideration, and perturbation
I thought to take a page
     from playbook of Sylvia Plath,
     and stick my head in the oven
but lo, a sardine recipe

     (though a bit fishy),
     could be found necessitating cauldron
     only available for purchase in Turin
thus donned with a shrouded cape,
     aye didst make whoosh,
     hence, went there and came back
     and frankly tubby earnest,
     thence began stir'n

a bubbling concoction brew
though duration for perfect consistency
     aye lacked any clue
thus, needed to contact
     Hannibal the cannibal
     asper what to do
in order (I explained)
     to sever livingsocial,

     and forever hang my head in shame
     cuz, accidentally omitting
     one right parenthesis too few
hence, esteemed flawless glory,
     (sans error free grammarian
     reputation pitched downward
     where careless evinced
     Kamikaze nosedive, where

     matter of fact gross humiliation
     instantaneously grew
and the only viable option
     forced me to hew
admitting to egregious, fatuous, abhorent
and readily confesses
     compunction viz, grievously
     blatant Anglo Saxon

     Horrifying transgression
involving backward curved "C" sin bent
a most execrable,
     incorrigible, and unforgivable
     literary faux pas incurring
     major cosmic event
stripped of title special
     Das Scribe double bubble "A" gent!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Upon complying never to err again
Matthew Scott Harris since
     accepted plea bargain
accepting sentence resting his chin
til indelible necklaced "U" lettered grin
forever visible to kith and kin.
aura Sep 2014
i think we're both afraid.
i don't know what you're afraid of
but i'm afraid of putting my heart out on the line
it's been broken before even when i wasn't trying
and if it makes any sense i feel like if you broke it
it would be beyond repair
because i feel more for you than i've felt for anyone before
i'm afraid of telling you how i feel and you not feeling the same
not because of the rejection
but because i never let people in
and to think that i let you in only for you to decide to knock on another door
seems like too much to bear
i'm afraid because i've never done a brave thing in my life
and i can't imagine taking this step without knowing how the story ends
but most of all i'm afraid
because this could be everything i've ever wanted
and the sheer magnitude of it all
is the scariest thing i can imagine.
svdgrl Jun 2014
Who ever thought brooks should babble,
should really sit down in a public space for bit.
Because the sounds of cool water
slipping past patchy grass, pebbles and soil,
is not remotely comparable
to the grating voices of middle-aged women
discussing fitness gear, dinner parties and wedding plans.
I've become taken with silence.
I finally understand why it is coveted and cherished.
Silence is when life tries to speak to you.
This is something I didn't entirely grasp when I was younger
and noise was the only validation of living I had.
But the thing about silence that is much like noise,
is that you can only tolerate so much.
And then it's no longer a validation- but an uncomfortable pause
that won't stop
until you respond
to life.

— The End —