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Sarah Boon Apr 2017
I've played this game for far too long
to consider quitting now
The consumption of anxiety for breakfast,
The lethargic depression on my plate for lunch
The constant debilitating fear of life for dinner
Will not break my core
I would eat scrap metal as a snack, and my body would howl with laughter at me,
How foolish to think that that would do anything to my bones
my body,
my poor, poor body,
absorbs everything I toss into my mouth,
sharp nicotine and old pomegranates
***** raspberries and foaming beer
black mould and cheap sugar
My heart is still standing strong even though my shoulders don't register
I will fight this life if I have to,
I will live it if I can.
Spinal cords can break;
Blood cannot.
Eleanora Ilene Apr 2014
reminders of you are everywhere
in my mind
on my lips
on my fingers
as they curl up in frustration
why can't i just forget
every time i think
think i hear your voice
it brings me back to a day that used to be
a day that i shouldnt be letting play over and over and over and over and over again
until all i want to do is cry
because it hurts
it hurts so much
it hurts to know that you don't think of me a one hundredth as much as i think about you
and then i think about how you are touching them
with the same hands and mouth and words and feelings you touched me with
and i want to scream.
i want to scream so loud and so long
because you knew exactly what to say to make it better and what if it all was a lie
one that you fed my hungry soul
because you said yourself you know
exactly the right words to say
and you use it to your advantage
you’re so ******* smart
and i couldn't keep up
you ran circles around me until i was the one out of breath.
Cordelia Copson Apr 2014
first pay homage and pay your ******* dues
**** knows when it comes it'll be worth it
elbows ******, knees permenantly bruised
you'll get your glory but firstly you sit
and kneel and kick and scream and tear your way
through one end of oblivion and out
the other you know that you used to say
you wouldn't need to break and hurt and shout
to get it all across but here you are
knees ****** like i told you they would be
in the scheme of things it isn't to far
or too much to pay for the true and free
here is the pain you begged for from the floor
here's the life you paid your heart and soul for
how the **** can you survive it

— The End —