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Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2014
An awesome book
a sumptuous chair
plump cushions
my perfect
Sunday afternoon
I sit here in silence
beneath candles glow
my body is missing
where my mind does go

I travel to cities
where I have never been
and I wonder the sights
that I haven't yet seen.

I love many women
that I will never hold
I am covered in Riches
but I do not have gold.

Adventures I've relished,
the future I've held.
Climbing peaks of high mountains.
Watched as forests are felled.

I have flown through the planets.
Visited deep below seas
even been into honey combs
just to visit the Bee's

There is nothing on earth
I have not undertook,
all from this armchair
and all from a good book.

— The End —