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Life can be unbearable and terrible
If you're alone in this life..

That is a really hard word to comprehend because you really don't know where you're actually happy at Till It's gone and to someone take it from you
Then it becomes a distant memory....

That's why you should sit down and treasurer those moments with someone special like you my deer Alyssa ... listen

I take you for granted

I really don't deserve you....

Honestly I shouldn't have anyone...

Because I am a monster

Hear me out

I disrespect you
I dismiss your wishes....

Somehow. you find a way to forgive me. Again every time

But why...
I should be asking that question myself....
Cuz you love me....

I love you too
I just don't show it

I guess I wallow in myself misery that reflects on the people I pose to care about

That makes me a hypocrite
And a coward...

I do not like to admit the
I don't think no one does

But I digress

I've been a coward my whole life standing on my hind legs cowering in a corner preying on the weak...

I guess it's supposed to make me feel strong but I
Feel weak....  because my bezique.. Is rotting through the  corps ...

Once in a lifetime every coward have a. Saviour
That one

The one with a beautiful brown eyes remind me of stars in the night sky
A heart made of gold

With the prettiest smile to make you weak in the knees....

The loyalist person in my whole entire life...

But I lied so many times...
Believe me I'm going to pay for it one day
When that day comes I do not want to be alone in the dark...

I want you to be aside me

For all eternity in Paradise

Please save me from these demons

They are clouding my mind

I'm a lost King who is losing his Queen.....

In the Kingdom of Lost Love....

I stole your heart

Here the key to mine

There's my. Confession
Love you and miss you
Lord lovel
tony lovel Feb 6
you got your back against the wall son situation takes ***** but you find yourself looking at the man in the mirror it looks like he's falling apart....

You stare at yourself with disgust....

Because you are starting to come the monster you say you would never become

You can't defy the things you have done to people you love....

You pushed them away and they pushed you back...

Now you can't go back to them now...

they gave you chance after chance but you denied it with no hesitation...

Now you have burned that bridge and you can't repair ashes..

now you are alone to walk a New path...
but you have questions to ask yourself....

the big question is are you really alone...

it's a woman in your life she says she loves you....
she said she will always have your back...

but you don't know who to trust...

if you leave yourself vulnerable
will she leave you in the sand to die

will she keep her promise...

some promises are meant to be broken....

but you love her too you told yourself you will never love again

you have  lie to yourself again....

now you have a new choice to ask God but he is silent just like usual...

you wonder why he doesn't answer

now you start second-guessing yourself should you try the patch things up with God maybe he might answer.....

that leaves you with two options....

Walk through the tunnel of darkness
Or walk to the light
You don't have to make the choice alone

💞So I will listen to my heart ❤️...

If you break my heart I will die dear beloved..
Tony love l
tony lovel Dec 2019
I remember you said that to me

I didn't know it was still on your plate

Now I know

I've been worried sick about you

I understand you need time to find yourself

Some days it's hard to breathe without you by my side

Those days are the worst

You have a lot of things on your mind I know

I do too

But I've never walked in your shoes before

We walk different paths

But we share the same road

That's how we found each other

I remember that day like it was yesterday

I felt so empty inside that day

But You saved me from that dark cloud above my head...

Like a gift from the Angels beneath the clouds....

The place is surrounded by so much beauty no man ever discovered....

But I saw it that day I was blind
By your love and your perfection...

And no man ever felt that before

A touch from God's creation...

And that is love
A poison can paralyze the body

I'm running out of words here describe your beauty....

But you are so broken and empty and dead inside

It is not enough words to describe your pain...
IMVU my dear
Listen to my words

You are clearly not standing here all alone and these shadow grounds you call home my dear beloved...

I love you because who You are
Don't let no one tell you are not perfect...

You're perfect to me and your friend's...

Keep your head up my love
Tony lovel
tony lovel Dec 2019
when I hear the rain coming down it makes me sad and blue

looking outside my window at this November night
waiting for these eggs to hatch
inside my maternal prison...
is no secret why I'm here...

because I went to greet the spider in the web

to read her a very special bedtime story....

now she sleeps underneath the stone....
Tony lovel
tony lovel Dec 2019
My dear friend

I know how you feel

Life has so many twists and turns leading you
In the wrong direction

but you have to keep strong don't give in to your demons they will **** you

I'm so broke

All the cuts and bruises on my arm could tell a story
But that is the path I have chosen to walk

Sitting here in this dark room waiting for the end

It is so complex I know
But I cannot fall

but I must live another sunrise for you my dear beloved friend

but some days it is hard to breathe

like a dying man who's so far away
trying to fight for every last breath

those days are the worst

some nights I find myself talking to The Man in the mirror

clearly it looks like he's falling apart

I tried to help him pick up the pieces he keeps pushing me away

now I don't speak to him no more

that's another friend I have lost

who do I talk to now....

now I fine my self outside this November night to Greek the Man in the Moon

he is silent just like usual

looking down at me with disgust

but I cannot judge you because you are alone just like I am

I would like to wish you a good night my dear old friend....
Tony lovel
tony lovel Dec 2019
please make sure it's true and you say you love somebody

because it is a sin to tell a lie

I love you yes I do...

I would like to give you something  money cannot buy
is not my soul...

I gave that up long ago a chance for happiness or chance ReNew Life
a foolish idea
but I walked down this path before
am I sell back here again....

without twisting turns leading you into a dead end to your own demise

but I'm done looking at the past
I want to see the future

for me and you my dear beloved...

I would like to give you my heart

I know it's worthless....

only thing I can offer you is my love

it kills me to see you in this place
only thing I can do is stand here all alone without you by my side
my dear Jessley...

if you break my heart I will die...
Lovel tony
tony lovel Dec 2019
my dear Isabella pro

my life my heart and my soul
like a  dying black alley cat
and the alley light  darkness and this work was city I call home

to me life is not worth living  

without you by my side

like a lonely Cub without his mother

to mean you are not just a memory
you are something more

you are my light
at the end of the tunnel of sadness
you save me from myself
I would like to thank you

I will give up anything

to hold you again
and here you giggle
rest in peace dear
Isabella rose
Tony lovel
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