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Arcassin B Jun 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

"Amazing Lisa"

**** all your evil intentions,
I want your love and your wishes,
Not a victim of manipulation,
But I can't control my desiring thirst for you,
Latching on quick,
Falling head over a ledge for you,
6 hours go by and you just won't shut your mouth,
But I'll stay and listen for you,
More power to you lovely one,
You deserve a ******* Oscar,
By the way how is he?,
Heard he bought you car and it was bently,
Forget that,
I'll love you gently okay,
Pull your hair,
Should I say more that I'll display,
Still don't care about all your evil intentions,
Brass decisions,
Harsh mentions,
About ******* that you work with for the moment,
Love you Lisa.


"Ghost Rider"

Muddy boots,
Biker jacket,
Flames everywhere,
Watching all my enemies seal their fates,
Like cut steak on crystal clear plates,
Wash it down with the bubbly,
Ain't a **** thing funny,
Killing you with my bare hands,
Send you back to hell with daggers all in your tummy,
Skid marks in the streets,
With a side of broken windows,
Hell coursing through my veins,
How you figured,
Step on the gas a little harder,
Due to my anger,
I hate changing into him , they see me as stranger ,
And just when you thought things in my life couldn't get any stranger,
I should have never signed the that God dammed piece of paper.


"Community Service"

Seminole stickers on the wall,
And their not even mine,
Scratching my skin,
Starry eyed at the static tv sitting on my floor,
I have no door,
So privacy is limited,
Life takes a toll,
So I gotta pay it,
Although , I don't believe everything comes with a price,
Barricading the corners of mind,
Bordem strikes hard,
Letting down all your guard,
Sometimes I wonder what It would be like to be on LSD,
Will I break into tiny glass pieces all on my mothers floor,
Enter different relms by opening doors,
Life's not easy when part from yourself,
That's why you know yourself,
To be in the comfort and arms of someone you love,
please don't kid yourself.


"Che­rish You"

So much to take,
please be awake,
Before love,
There was you,
And for that,
I cherish you,

Digital characteristic gal,
I would make you smile,
Who knew one day you'd be my pal,
And even the one,
Looking for fun,
We could see the rising of the sun,
That's today in society,
Don't care about things just the love and gleaming irony,
Screaming love me like you do when you're high!
Up in malibus,
Ripples dancing,
Making compilations,
We're not use to,
This isn't what you use to,
But there really only.....

So much to take,
please be awake,
Before love,
There was you,
And for that,
I cherish you,
Another mix of new **** lol
FallingTrilliums May 2015
Nonchalant swipes, a branding spark.
Colons, dashes and asterisks - carefully arranged.
Soft whispers, quiet water, steamy breaths seen.
Smooth bellies, tender lips, musky smells imagined.

Alike paths cross, then twist away.
I miss what I've never had.
chloe hooper Nov 2014
today, my best friend’s
boyfriend pulled a bag of
coke out of his jacket
pocket at the restaurant
table. i asked him if he wanted to
himself. he said drugs have never been a
dial tone, the only people they
do any damage to are the ones who don’t know what they’re
doing. i was born holding these names in my
mouth: river, jimi, darby, amy, jim… and
i’ll die knowing how much they
weigh. drugs aren’t a
privilege. i knew this long before my best
friend found her boyfriend on his bathroom
floor, blood dripping out of his
mouth like a lost
lifeline, like a wounded
animal she could never have
saved. i know i’d rather kiss junkies than
angels but i don’t want to taste that
pain, i don’t want my
mouth to mean something more than it
does. drugs bring you to the
top of the tallest thing you know
of, then strike you like a lightning
bolt until you crash into the
ground like the grey sisters in nyc
did once. i asked if he wanted to ****
himself, and he never even
heard me.

— The End —