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Octavian Vidican Oct 2019
I heard that love would be a kind of a date,
a chemical one,
between me and you.
I heard that love would be a kind of an explosion,
an atomically one,
in which our elements,
are intertwining,
are changing everything,
are destroying the cages and the chains
of our minds,
are creating joy,
are provoking re-freshness
and are giving hope.
If from this amalgamation
of heterogeneous elements
results... life,
only then,
our hearts start to beat at the same pace.
What did you hear about love?
These lips retain their colour interlocked with yours;
Seal them,
And let not our colours fade.
Colm Mar 2017
You want to know a secret about me?
I'll share it with you and only you
Some days I wake up on this earth
And question nearly everything
That I'm trying to do, that I'm trying to be
Every feeble minded song that I sing
Which's created by another set of strings
I question it, I question me
Not to try and fully understand what I see
But because I'm constantly redefining the self
And trying to better understand this man
This amalgamation known as me
Yup... That'll about do it...

— The End —