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stopdoopy May 2019
Clerks (and the)
(and) A Serious Man

12 Angry Men (sit)
"A Few Good Men"
(in the) City Of Men

The Fugitive (seems)
(stands with a) Smile

"Scent Of A Woman"
Presto (he says)
(and there would be no) Law Abiding Citizen

"The Gods Must Be Crazy"
(to let) Someone Like Him
Getaway (free)

The Sting (is that)
"Cell 211"
(remains) Empty
The sequel to "The Crime". Once again made from movie titles.

They are definitely gross and specific poems, a comment on society.
The voices pierce my thoughts like lightening bolts
Filling what could be silence or ideas
Loneliness and need leave holes in my psyche
Though I'm alone, I'm still beside myself
My few friends are "acquaintencess"
Though I do love them dearly
The Spirit of God is so abiding
It makes me wake early
Eager to misister to the souls in hiding.

— The End —