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10.5k · Jan 2015
Sofia Virensjö Jan 2015
Cause when the lights go down,
and the volume goes up,
I can only think about how we partied
and how we enjoyed our youth.
581 · Dec 2014
Overrated #1
Sofia Virensjö Dec 2014
I don't believe in love at a young age.
I think it's just completely overrated.
451 · Dec 2014
Sofia Virensjö Dec 2014
Because when you feel sad and lonely
There's no better way to get over it
Than by falling in love.
321 · Jan 2015
Sofia Virensjö Jan 2015
Stop fooling around with my heart.
It breaks even more each time.
I don't know how long it will resist,  Cause I've grown sick & tired of your ******* lies.

— The End —