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 Nov 2018 stéphane noir
I was staring at the stars,
I could see my shattered dreams,
I walk alone, a lonely path,
Making my way through all the screams.....
I have changed
I washed my sins
I regret
My whole world spins
I wanna turn back time to make things right,
To the start, where it all begins.

Going ten years back,
It was raining that whole day,
You were piercing through the crowd,
When you stumbled upon my way.....
You were in hurry
You were late
You were sprinting
Towards the closing gate
You were a transfer student, we were in the same class,
I still wonder, if our meeting was a frail fate.

I hope after all these years,
I could feel that warmth again,
Today we're meeting, can you hear the thunder?
It's raining, yes it feels like the same rain.....
I am incomplete
I've lost my beat
I'll win you back
Today's gotta be it
I finally see it, your shadow towards me it's heading,
I am determined I am calm, I see you're still beautiful you're still warm,
All these years we were apart, our lives deteriorating.....
For us both I'll make it count, I promise it'll be worth the waiting.
I tried something new, changed my stanza pattern a bit this time,
Just a complicated story, quite relatable. I hope my poem reaches you all and you enjoy reading it !
The Pig's Head

O lard the porcine god
floods our souls,
under beer we bend,

rough backed backed  before
the head that is not cold,
surprised eyes not gentle.

The real one has fled the rain,
steps in mud break our secret.

The tide might remember.
The moon fierce and scolding.

2. Salt

Scour the pits of saline gut,
fish open like a lust cut.
Strain the turf.

The near sea of salt twins
will cool our palms with the
coins of lost waves.

Dumb the salt pulse.

3. The Church Under The Sea

Perfect under the glass ebb
but not silent.

The Bell
calls us back to the church

of tide and sway, to the
sacrement of **** and silt.

Deep we seek our service.
My teacher gave us an assignment to write,
An essay about someone who inspired us in life,
I wrote about my mother, it wasn’t hard to see,
That if it wasn’t for her, there would be no me.
It enlightened my heart in a special way,
As my teacher read the essay of the day.
She read each line with emphasis and grace,
and all the tears began to roll down her face.
It made my heart smile, and I felt really good,
To know that my teacher really understood,
That raising a child should be an inspiring thing,
Even though you're a single parent, it isn't hard as it seems,
Mom taught me everything, whether wrong or right,
She had an enormous impact on my life,
Through tremendous opposition, but loving connection,
She taught me bravery, and not perfection.
True Story.
 Nov 2018 stéphane noir
 Nov 2018 stéphane noir
bite the bullet
         jump in
to love
        with me

loving me
in me
        with me

it's yours
How does one call out love, when one knows nothing but sorrow with the word love painted on it?
 Nov 2018 stéphane noir
 Nov 2018 stéphane noir
Tears streaming
I'm screaming
Nonstop flashes littering
My brain
The ground
Remind me why you think I'm fine?
the breath
so beautiful
that moment you don’t even know
how’s that
deep ****
are you proficient
maybe the moment you accept
my heart accepted
what will be
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