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Sumedh Jan 15
Everything I've tried but I've always failed,
Judging myself through all these strange eyes,
I can't stand I don't talk I've lost my voice,
But I will bear this dispair;
Rage pumping up my vein it's
Left alone lost my phone outta zone,
Can't contact feels detached,
Ain't no one to help I know I'm on my own,
Though I'll try I won't cry;
Searching known faces in this rain it's
Feeling hungry but I know I've got no money,
Empty jars empty drawers no refrigerator,
Feeling faint it's all same since I lost my mater,
Stealing food, raw or stewed;
Getting caught up in this chain it's
No motivation not literate no education,
Not employed jobless life feels like vacation,
Jobs interviews but no news so disappointed,
There's no earning empty wallet empty pocket,
Lost identification left with hesitation;
Can't survive financial drain it's
At the end I got nothing to say,
Choose your path walk along make your way,
Give your best your hardwork will pay,
Don't lose it don't you ever give up;
My life's over but don't get caught up in my stain it's
It's PAIN living through all your hardships but that's life, have no regrets.
Hope y'all like this one
Sumedh Nov 2018
I was staring at the stars,
I could see my shattered dreams,
I walk alone, a lonely path,
Making my way through all the screams................
I have changed
I washed my sins
I regret
My whole world spins
I wanna turn back time to make things right,
To the start, where it all begins.

Going ten years back,
It was raining that whole day,
You were piercing through the crowd,
When you stumbled upon my way................
You were in hurry
You were late
You were sprinting
Towards the closing gate
You were a transfer student, we were in the same class,
I still wonder, if our meeting was a frail fate.

I hope after all these years,
I could feel that warmth again,
Today we're meeting, can you hear the thunder?
It's raining, yes it feels like the same rain.............
I am incomplete
I've lost my beat
I'll win you back
Today's gotta be it
I finally see it, your shadow towards me it's heading,
I am determined I am calm, I see you're still beautiful you're still warm,
All these years we were apart, our lives deteriorating..............
For us both I'll make it count, I promise it'll be worth the waiting.
I tried something new, changed my stanza pattern a bit this time,
Just a complicated story, quite relatable. I hope my poem reaches you all and you enjoy reading it !
Sumedh Nov 2018
I was flying in the air,
I was walking on the water,
I had overwhelming power,
I couldn't get any better.

All of a sudden I heard uncanny voice,
It looked like it was dragon,
It was burning down the city,
I couldn't leave him slacken.

I asked him to leave in peace,
He said "kid just stop the prattle",
I didn't really meant to hurt him,
But it was time for us to battle.

We used all of our powers,
And exchanged some 100 blows,
I was losing my conciousness,
As I felt my heart beat slows.

Suddenly it got lil weird,
Dragon pushed me to and fro,
He started yelling in a woman's voice,
I felt someone tickling my toe.

The voice got much more louder,
I saw my mom and brother,
With a frown I soon realised,
That it was all my dream none other.

I requested my mom,
I was feeling kinda nettled,
"Wake me up a bit later
I must go back to sleep",
Coz I had left a battle unsettled !
Everyone had their own silly fantasies as a child and vague dreams and thoughts....
That thought brought me to write these few stanzas... Happy Children's Day y'all !
Sumedh Nov 2018
One **** two *****,
Three ***** four,
I just have to give the *****,
It's always less or more.

I really can't help it,
If it's the person I adore,
I just have to give the *****,
Even if it's **** *** or *****.

You can always count on me,
Just try and give a call,
I just have to give the *****,
Whether it's matter of peace or brawl.

I don't really give a ****,
If you're dead to me lol,
But I just have to give the *****,
For my family, friends and all
Haha this was a really quick poem made my me for my friend who tagged me in a post...
I hope you like it....

— The End —