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Caterra Jackson Aug 2019
reflections of me,
while she sleeps,
I watch and pray,
so peacefully,
my responsibility,
a gift,
a blessing,
new to society,
a dream come true,
something unique,
my new favorite color,
the pain left as soon as you came,
I'll protect you forever,
so many reflections of me...
Caterra Jackson Aug 2019
Will you call me when you make there?
What part of that do you not understand?
I just want what's best for you.
You'll understand when you get older.
Now, I'm here.
Now, I understand.
Caterra Jackson Aug 2019
Comparison is a risky game that people play,
But when you’re least expected, it will happen one day.
She’ll walk in, and you’ll begin to feel some kind of way,
and the contaminated thoughts that are down on the inside,
which cannot be seen,
will make it difficult to recognize a natural born Queen.
This battle between your thoughts and authenticity,
Will make it difficult to recognize all of your insecurities.
All of the beauty, capabilities, talents, and dreams,
Become ideas, determinations, and just things,
that you’ll probably work on later.
There are so many things you just can’t hide,
But you’ll never come out on the winning side,
Playing the game of comparison.
Some people struggle with this everyday. Stop comparing yourself to other people, and just be you! You are beautiful!!
Caterra Jackson Feb 2019
Some people hate people of color,
But they love the rainbow,
Depending on the color,
It can sometimes change,
Our demeanor or the way we view
The person, place, or thing,
Like being colorful or pale,
Like feeling neutral or something stale,
Colors make people and things more creative,
In fact, they help to control our mental,
In so many ways,
So, could it be the color of our minds?
Or people who don’t want to understand and see,
That everyone should be treated equally,
No matter what their race may be,
But then again, that's just me....
Caterra Jackson Feb 2019
I want more of you,
I hate to be selfish, but
I want more than the usual,
your love helps the pain go away,
I’m so grateful for you,
Your beauty, your style, your class,
I’ll be sitting here for a while,
just thinking about your smile,
and the way you handle things,
so open-minded, yet fully aware,
so assertive, in fact you care so much,
the conclusions always surprise me,
you listen, and pay close attention,
to the feedback that I give,
then the conflicts go away,
Just like night and day,
Meanwhile, I want more of you.
Caterra Jackson Feb 2019
And still, I LOVE you.
Even when you say things
that seem to suggest otherwise,
Even when the tears fall from my eyes,
You realize that,
It wasn't even worth our time,
To try and identify the problems,
That seemed so true,
Still, I LOVE you.
Like the soft breeze that blows through summer trees,
You’re always there for me,
It’s only when we’re going through,
When I feel as though, I don’t even know you,
Like echoes in the dark,
Like arrows shooting through hearts,
Beautiful, and painful to see,
At least you belong to me,
And still, I LOVE you.
Just as the waves go up and down,
Like roller coaster rides,
We imitate, we impersonate,
What they do,
But still,
I LOVE you.
#relationship issues
Caterra Jackson Dec 2018
Communication is the key,
and making a relationship a top priority,
even when you see,
the flaws and all the insecurities that come with me,
the funny traits that you embraced all so gracefully,
Helped create a sense that we could overcome anything,
Even when problems arise, your smile surpasses mine,
The different things we do for love and passion,
Are so attractive!
We do it together.
That's how we communicate.
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