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May May 2021
Aren't we all dreamers
With minds afloat
And souls abandoned
in moors of hope
to reincarnate our
dead smiles,
in the form of glittery eyes.

Aren't we all dreamers,
denying fantasies brought to life
by our own wounded hearts?

With stretched out hands,
seeking help that'll never arrive.
Spiralling like specks of dust
amidst the glory of a dawned sun,
until we lose ourselves
in the abysmal depths of our own selves.
May May 2021
I fell for the elegant lull of your heartbeat,
it thumps within you
but why can I feel it beating in me?
deep in my bones and etched onto my lungs?
Your love suffocates me,
its sinister grip unforgiving as it chokes me.
—oh, is it blissful.
**** me, love,
throttle my bleak soul
who never knew of a love so exquisite;
then see me reborn,
with each touch you grace my body with;
with each syrupy lie which spills past your mellow lips.
Greetings! It's been long.
May Sep 2019
Those old town roads
They are still the same
Muddy,uneven and rough
Those musty memories
They are still the same
Gloomy,blue and harsh
Don't ask me why
Don't ask me for any
Reasons,Oh darling!
Just breath in
The lies and darkness
Of withered flowers of old times
When you stepin
And the beauty of crumpled promises
Lying dead along those shabby roads
Where you took my hands
And walked…
The roads of this old town...
It's been a long time since I've last posted....hope you all are doing fine!!!
May Jan 2019
who stole all these colours
emerald,midnight, amaranthus
off the canvas and left it dull
lost and alone
"rainbows ,what a colorful mess"
old quotes said to impress kids
it's a hopeless world
inside my mind
aspirations and inspirations
scattered into pieces with no lights of hopes or wishes
lost hopes I inhale
emptiness is oozing from my gaze
when I stare to see
where my world
May Jul 2018
In the bleeding twilight
that dripped down like nectar
and fell like summer dews
and honey dusted petals,
before the emerald washed meadows
under the moonlit ecstacy
could caress my lungs,
murmuring sweet nothings
with warm breath caressing
rose blushed cheeks,
orange pink gazes
igniting rosy flames of love,
dearest, your warmth
that smelled of fresh lisianthus
in the baby shades of the
first sun lights of the early dawn
just disappeared as the autumn breeze
stealing my heart away with it
in the bleeding twilight
that blew past,
soaking the warmness along…
May Jul 2018
they spit venom
— past their devilish lips
— the evil
and smile a frown
— on a devastating mask
stare with eyes
— cruel and harsh
speak words so sweet
— soaked in bubbling jealousy
throwing my heart
to an eternal downcast
and stabbing my back
making me kneel;
they laugh a monstrous laugh
piecing my lungs
of love and bond
and forgetting my mind
the blossoming smile
of true friendship…
May Dec 2017
blossomed periwinkles
with hues of rose
beneath the silver veil
and atop the emerald diamonds
danced with the zephyr
for the dead silence
paiting the coals of darkness
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