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smokesMbowls Feb 2017
Have you seen the fishes of the deep blue sea,
Have you swam through the stars and galaxies,
Ive been keeping track but baby dont ask me,
Ive been slipping in between realities,

Staring right into the sun for way too long,
Grasp at all the little thoughts before their gone,
Steal a smile from the moon and then move on,
The seasons still seem to change so how could i go wrong,

What if i start to laugh before you talk,
Have you even had a chance to read my thoughts,
Its hard to stay even when youre odd,
Ima go ahead and loose myself before im lost,
smokesMbowls Feb 2017
Ive been told im loosing my touch,
Im afraid ive taken too much,
Does all love fade from lust,
Does my soul gather dust,

Ive been thinkin quite a while,
Ive been rollin past the pile,
Of reckless wrecks in denial,
Am i next in line for the fire?
smokesMbowls Oct 2015
I look for you in rainbow spectrum,
In osprey feathers as i collect them,
A shamanina, you bring the light,
A forest fairy, a mystical delight,
When crystals shine and bright moon glows,
I hear your voice in a soft echoing tone,
A gentle heart and a powerful soul,
Let your magical path unfold.

Take it in the physical essence of prair,
Lets fill out lungs with inscented air,
Pour another glass of that red animal wine,
Ill listen to your stories, if you listen to mine,
Sit infront of the fire face to face,
Lets fall asleep in a warm tangled embrace,
I feel your heart, i count the beats,
Sleep to your rhythmic remedy.
smokesMbowls Sep 2015
just like a rainbow cast over stormy seas,
you shined your light and it just surrounded me,
illuminating life's pure beauty,
earth and seas, and stones and trees, and birds and bees,
i stumbled bumbled right off your buzz,
your honey kiss, sweet sticky lips cant get enough,

and i know im not falling in love,
i dont fall down,
not when you're around,
im rising up up up,

just like a light inside of crystal caves,
the more i watch you the more the darkness fades,
and i let your sweet voice lead the way,
it leaves me dazed for days,
maybe its infatuation,
caused by recent separation,
my situation's even testin my own patience,
now im sittin waitin,
for some kind of new creation,
im blamin' fate and, i find im hatin',
way too much and way too often,
need new touch, escape this coffin,
my heart is stoppin, and surely droppin
i miss your fresh perspective,
smart and consciously selective,
perfectly hectic,
thats how i expect it,

and i know im not falling in love,
i dont fall down,
not when you're around,
im rising up
this is actually a song, heres the link if you wanna listen:
smokesMbowls Sep 2015
The sun and the moon dance and conspire,
withholding the secret of loves great desire,
condemned to look but never to touch,
chasing each other, each dawn and each dusk,
to watch all eternity and never to hold,
to think of their love but never to know.
smokesMbowls Mar 2015
this vanity's insanity,
i never planned to be,
so obsessed with material excess,
except, my best threat,
is physical express,
through next flex,
haven't you guessed yet,
i never knew id be addicted,
fame and ******* is more fun if you can pick it,
depicted as something we should strive for,
1% pedestal is something most would die for,
the dark side of reality is,
this **** is target at kids,
since i was a year old,
all of my heroes,
were straight cut lookin like this,
aint that a *****,
never even stood a chance,
as a man,
that you dance,
plan in advance,
hold the hands of the girl you call your world, *******,
then never even teach you,
how to be people,
how to live equal,
mind, heart and soul,
body comes loses control,
don't you know, its just a show,
every where you go,
fitness is a sickness,
im **** at this business,
i just wanna be rid of this,
fictitious **** is all i ever see,
its poisoning my brain, poisoning me,
poisoning the,
way i live my life,
every single night,
sleepin with strife,
cuz the T.V. told me whats right,
whats next,
coat check protest,
cuz were all spineless like broke necks.
  Mar 2015 smokesMbowls
Tame the river,
build a dam.
Plow your fields,
control the land.
Build your homes
and towns and roads;
Tell the river
where to flow.

Man is stronger.
Man is smarter.
You know this to be true.
So the challenge the Earth
with all your forces;
Show her what Man can do.

Boundaries don't mean anything;
Not up against Man's machines.
Mountains crumble,
deserts bend
to Man's will,
means to an end.

Shatter the forests.
Suppress the tides.
Tear the soil.
Rip the skies.
Concrete kingdoms--
build a perch
from which you'll watch
as you destroy the Earth.

You show the Earth
what Man can do.
You make her better
but jokes on you.
For Earth is the substance
from which you're made.
If you poison the world
you won't be unscathed.

The Earth is old and wise
and patient.
The Earth will persist
even if you don't make it.
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