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shivani Jun 2015
Wondering what you must be thinking,
Do i cross your mind when your'e dreaming.
  sunshine burns through my skin,
I feel cold, in this summer am about to give in.
summer boy and winter’s daughter
It may not affect you but to me it matters
Each day coldness grows within
I have forgotten the touch of your lips on my skin
At 3 am when I wake up startled,
I turn around and close my eyes, so they don't sparkle
The memory of you dies in me day by day
That’s how long you’ve been away
So please, would you catch me?
Before the darkness consumes me
Lying next to you face to face
I want to feel your embrace
shivani Feb 2015
Don’t ask me.

I haven’t thought about it.

Am not even sure if i want to talk about it.

It is not important,

It isn't even fair.

To put someone in such a scrutinizing glare.

It’s hopeless, its useless and even merciless

to the point, Mad-hatter says I’ve lost my muchness..

You better stop this pestering really soon.

Or you’ll regret your decision for many moons.
shivani Feb 2015
Moves like a kite in the clear skies,
gliding around with no ties;
Like roaming in the streets at night,
runs like a gazelle in wild;
Sometimes she falls down,
like a tear from child's eyes;
only to get back up again with a frown;
has big dreams which she dreams in her wake,
not of kisses and sweet cakes;
laughing like a child playing colors for the first time
shining on bright like the sun,
no matter if the skies are grey or white...
shivani Jun 2014
Let’s dream of a place,
In between spaces of space
In this whimsical hour
Watch how time devour,
Our lyrical tryst
Amidst the winter mist

Sharing dream amid the flowers
for a couple of hours
The dreams in which I'm dying
Or rather just denying
Deluding the petty mind
Of the worldly grind

It’s a beautiful day
So dazed, we just lay
Birds and bees won’t disturb us,
While our thoughts turn incongruous
We’ll forget that we are even real
It’ll all be too surreal.

You open your eyes to say
Out comes only a pray
Slowly the dusk beckons
Breaking your heart it’s gone;
Gasping desires
Dreams on a pyre.

— The End —