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Mar 2016
I wanted to fit in
To be a normal girl
To be the best
To be the greatest
To be a star

I lived for years like that
Wanting to be something
Thinking I was lame
Thinking I was

Then something changed
I had a life changer
That experience showed me
Something that I never could have learned
On my own
From anyone's teachings
I learned

It's great to be different
Everyone's abnormal
Stop trying to fit in
Start trying to be
Outside the box

Just stop being the same
You are unique
You are magical
You are

Now I realize that
I realize that
And now I'm being

Being abnormal
Is the greatest thing
You could be
This was also a song I wrote!
Grace Van Dyck
Written by
Grace Van Dyck
       Sharde' Fultz, CA Guilfoyle, ---, ---, --- and 7 others
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