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 Mar 2017 Shaded Lamp
The Dark
 Mar 2017 Shaded Lamp
I once hated the dark,
Because it was not my friend.

We never spoke, and everywhere I went, the light followed me.
Just my candlelit lantern and I.
We were friends.

One day, the light did not go on, nor could I find my matches or a spare.
As I searched, I had also lost with it my favorite of rings.

"I can help." The dark spoke.

"No, thank you." I replied, hiding my fear with bitterness.

"Please, you might hurt yourself."

"I said no!"

Going about angrily, I stumbled and cursed, turned this way and that, stumbled and hit myself into a plethora of things and ended up tripping down the stairs straight onto my bottom.

-at the bottom of the dark and cold.

I hated the dark you see, because it reminded me of the former things.
The lost things.

It reminded me of evil and sadness, of misfortune and all fears and scary things.
It reminded me of my mother who passed and my father who is gravely ill,
It reminded me of being lost without a hand,
Of pain and loneliness.
It reminded me of the nightmares I had and the face in whom caused them.

I cried.
I had never cried.
But despite all my pride, I cried for the first time.

Suddenly a voice came from the silence.
"I never was one to cause such misery, I am the dark yes, but even in the dark can there be good things.
Your mother, don't you remember the night sky you both enjoyed? The campfires and the late nights you spent with her talking and laughing? The fireflies and the warmth of the fireplace as you sat and even went to sleep looking up at your glow-in-the-dark stars?
Then in the dark, you would sit and wait for the goodnight kiss and smile given to you and wake up the next, your father there and alive still. The dark reminding you that there is a new day of light and hope.
The time where you realize that you made it passed that one night, and that you are stronger than before.
You and your friends stay up late, doing this and that. Don't you remember them?
Without me, you would have not remembered even the times you had when you weren't afraid, but brave.

Wiping my eyes I got up and walked back up the steps, back to my room where the voice spoke again.

"Look, underneath there."

My bed stood desolate and cold.

"But I don't like it under there."

There was silence but I didn't want to hesitate no more in it.
With a large sigh I knelt down and looked underneath.

Piles of random things as well as dust, but there I had found them- a spare box of matches and my ring on top.

"Thank you."

"The next time you are afraid, remember who you are and all the smallest things. Without the bad, we cannot appreciate the good. Without the dark, we cannot appreciate the light."

That night, I slept without my latern.
I never hated or feared the dark again.
That night, I slept soundly,
The darkness a comfort.
For those that need it most. (:
It always ends the same another pile of ashes,

That once started as a flame.

Another tragic ending to one of my many bad romances but this is nothing new.

She says I don't see a happy ending even if you grew to a better you,

I still think I could do better boo.

So if you ever see her I advise you to go speak to her,

But call her by her real name it's Peter,

Because the day I said I think I can do better too is the day I seen her petty grew.
Mikey the Poet
I can't do this anymore
No longer will I stand for this
Not anymore
I'll do anything that does myself good
Even if it means to stay awake all night long
To let my dreams come true
 Mar 2017 Shaded Lamp
Took the serpent for another ride
Is it brave to want to die?

For those of you who follow maps
The serpent symbolizes my relapse

His day of judgment he demands
That's if his rider still can stand

His poison venom haunts my dreams
Like the pain of losing a lover brings

I wake up lost deep in the night
Realizing I'm alone in this vicious fight

Letting go can be so hard
For those of us who've gone to far
Traveler Tim
Never posted
11 Years Ago...

Glad that's all behind
Wish the best for those still suffering.
 Mar 2017 Shaded Lamp
In the distant looming meadow
vultures buzz, mosquitoes wallow.
Trees of leaves and bark and blood
touch horizon, grow from mud.
Pyres blaze with fire and fury
deep within the matted and murky
waters which hold more tar than a street
like memories of, special bell peppers, and beef....
Ode to the coolest pair of cats this side of the solar system
I want to dream through the heavens kissed by your wings
and dance with the monsters that spill from the sin in your lips
and then walk through the heart of the devil just to speak your name
and then let my soul burn to ash in the fires of your love
 Mar 2017 Shaded Lamp
Poetic T
No longer do I walk to the shops I voyage on
the motions of the wind and fire...

For lame understanding I cant be bothered to expel
breath in motions of the foot....

I envelope my surroundings in a cage of movement,
Caveman inventions lunge me forward.

Attaining my desired destination, the hunter
gatherer in me finds its prey in the frozen section...

I am man and I bring the bounty back to the hoard,
pleasant smiles, as flesh is devoured on soft rye bread.
bit of fun :)
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