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Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Hollyhocks, sandals with socks
Knickerbocker glories
Salty air, old caravans
Magical bedtime stories
Fish 'n' chips, sticks of rock
Climbing fragrant evergreens
Endless hikes, stunning views
Sandwiches with sardines
Long car rides, minor quarrels
Enid Blyton audio tapes
Forever etched in my memory  
Our annual escapes
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Just as a falling tree
makes no sound
if no body can hear it
I am no body
without you
I'm falling
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
You've been painting,  over paintings
That you painted to be free

I've been singing over lyrics
I'm destroying Morrissey

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Why can't we just be?

Brush strokes over my shoulder
An acrylic catastrophe
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
His face cracked
Every wrinkle a ravine
A broad smile of marble tombstones
Rolling his sapphire ivory eyes

I'm ninety three
He chuckled...  Ninety three
Yes,  it goes fast son I'll tell you how fast
I've only as many memories as you
Shaded Lamp Feb 2017
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag"
And don't forget to ******* smile,
March to death with a jolly tune in your head
Don't question if it's all worthwhile.

Your misery is designed by people out of reach
so blame your pathetic self instead
Be reassured, the undertaker shall paint a smile
on your face when you're dead.

A 'Memento mori' of a Facebook page will remain
like a lingering **** in an elevator
An uncomfortable reminder to the still living
That smiles are the mask of a traitor
Tuning in to  a bygone me.
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014

Extreme use of profanities

and Gods engaged in an **** of lust

Apology in advance for any offence caused


At Freyja's Table**

******* Gods everywhere
******* here
And ******* there
They ******* **** and ******* ****
Some ******* clean
Some ******* muck
They **** in heaven
And in **** in hell
Cupids got them
under his ******* spell
With ******* arrows
in their ******* hearts
******* priests
******* tarts
******* freaky super powers
******* torrential golden showers
The ******* sparks
******* fly
******* ****** in their eyes
******* Eris causing troubles
******* Bacchus blowing bubbles
******* Sif is ******* Thor
More and more  
On the ******* floor
******* Gods everywhere
******* with their golden hair
Freyja clears her ******* table
Grabs any God that she's able
And ***** and *****
And licks and *****
******* breathless
Who ******* cares
******* Gods are everywhere
Discarded robes
that lay beneath
******* horns
and clenching teeth
They ******* ***
They ******* squirt
They *** again
Until they hurt
Steaming bodies
Sweaty hair
******* Gods are everywhere
No "modern God" was harmed during the production of this filthy work
Inspired by Cooper Clarke's "Chicken Town"
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Rippling down the stream
Of many peoples consciousness
An effervescent future life
Stripped of this abhorrent distress

A future filled with study
Free for each and every human being
A world with no false borders
A world with far less disagreeing

And a universal language
Forged with available technology
That translates in real time
Enhanced with anthropology

Giving us a precise understanding
Of how each other achieve solutions
A pragmatic communication
Circumnavigating ****** revolutions

We would calculate the earths resources
And how to evenly distribute them
Then we would dispose of pointless cash
Like ill people dispose of phlegm

Our centralised political weasels
That do far more harm than good
Would be replaced by microchips
Programmed to not be misunderstood

It is an interesting proposal
To those with a humane conscience
But to those smugly enjoying advantage
I guess it is annoying nonsense

So we must wait for millions to be displaced
For total world economic collapse
The greedy spoilt brats will listen then
Or will they continually relapse?
I am inspired by The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement. I am also utterly ashamed of how we act as a species to each other and our shared planet. There is hope!
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
Over night busses infused with the smell of *** and popcorn
Bright eyed, happy kids with grubby faces no tears in sight
Dusty chaotic little towns fully charged with life
A chance meeting with a wild character
Offers of an experience we couldn't refuse
We paid up
Loaded up
And sped off
Into the velvet of the night
Headlights and darkness wrestling in the dust
Then the dead of the desert

Night skies bursting with stars
Midnight picnics
Cheap box wine, sandwiches and chocolate
Chasing enormous moons
Morning hangovers
Magnified by the stark sun
Fluid shadows cast
Where waves once crashed
But now
A barren emptiness
Holding so many secrets
Looking very closely
Oh, we did look closely
Evidence of ancient aquatic life
Chalk like ghosts set in the sand
Appearing only as the wind allows
Whale bones and rare blackened sharks teeth
There in the most arid place on earth
The Atacama desert Peru
Three days and nights we were out there hunting
Amongst the bashful bones of her prey
Hunting the formidable, elusive and extinct
Apex predator of the oceans
There in that parched sand
Clear signs of her hunting
But she remained unseen
Too modest to bare her beauty to this martian land
Waiting for the seas to rise
Maybe not for too much longer
Ten years ago and still I yearn to return
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
Violent vacuum
"Doom" an untethered horse
Our worlds collided
My 1st haiku
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Double baked soufflé people
glistening with sweat.
Vanity is a myopia utopia
steaming to regret.
Handsome shadows swoop
stealing precious rays
The mocking call of the crow
counting your last days.
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Fall in love with baking
But understand these rules...
You will be burnt but it will be worth it
You will burn the occasional sponge that wasn't.
The humble effort that won't rise
be devoured with as much gusto
as any puffed up pastry,
Too much of the same cake
(how ever good it tastes)
Makes you lazy, boring and fat
If only life were as simple as cake
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
a colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
Would like you,
a colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
To accept, some of my
colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
To join some of your
colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
to create a completely separate
colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
and as our
colonies of 37 trillion cooperating cells
cooperate less and less,  our new
colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
shall be looking for a
colony of 37 trillion cooperating cells
to repeat what countless
colonies of 37 trillion cooperating cells
have done since we swung in the trees.
Ah romance, the thought of each person being a colony of cells is as humbling as it is fascinating.
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
Dizzy daydream
Falling to the sky
Fizzing fingertips
It's too late to cry

Muscle spasms
Invisible straight-jacket
Anvil on my breast
Brokkr strikes the red hot gibbet

Sparks fly
Into the sooty black
Anvil cracks
There's no turning back

Dimming embers
Just a feeble glow
Black soot freezes
Falls as bright white snow
Shaded Lamp Sep 2015
Remember when the world seemed so big...

wild , fun and fair

When ambition drove endless scattered plans

and you had no care

Every season offered what it was supposed to do

Back then...

Things were oh so different then


What use is time without plans?

what use are plans without time?

If only I knew the answers to those questions now

If only I knew those questions...

back then.
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
Does Heaven have smartphones
Or are they reserved for Hell?
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
It is better to be lost
on an adventure
Than to know every detail
of where you have always been
Far greater the life
dappled with folly and success
than a personal career
safely sat aside in the shade
You, yes you are here for but an instant
Pick yourself up, dust yourself down
Life is too short for self pity and such
Yesterday was only a lesson
Today, well, today is real
Today you will take control
Today you will set yourself free
from the chains of self torment
Right here, right now!
Life will taste good from this moment
I can achieve because I believe
Nothing is real but me
Right here, right now!
Time to kick myself up the ***.
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Was our time shared a mistake
or the decision to cease sharing
Were you a venomous snake
Why should I be even caring
I do!
I hope that you do too
as the mists of fantasy flee
the only one to blame
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
My eyes flashed life
In her gleaming samurai sword.
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Commonly used as an insult
But I am left questioning
is "belonging equally to,
or shared alike by,
two or more or all in question"
A bad thing?
Or is
"belonging equally to an entire community,
nation, or culture"
Somehow distasteful?
Ahh, then it must be, that being
"widespread; general; ordinary"
Should be absolutely be avoided, right?
Or am I lacking common sense?
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
The more I read,
the more I steal
from you.
I'm a kleptomaniac of turn of phrase despite my best intentions.
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
The air hangs heavy today
After last nights banging of the drum
Its strobe light pyrotechnics
The awe inspiring deluge
That washed even criminality from the streets
The old horse-chestnut tree who's shade I often steal
Proudly exposes its now swollen spiky fruit
We sigh together, this old friend and I  
Another summer will soon come to pass
Let us drink its final rays
A quick check of the weather report confirms my suspicions.
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
Is it the ship on the ocean
Or the swelling of the seas
The sparkling constellations
Or the swirling galaxies

Back to the ship and the captain
The charts rolled out for her
There, there lays creativity
Time to lower the anchor

For creativity is not points A or B
it is the process of getting there.
Easier if you own the right map
Possible for any that dare to dare.
Mr. Coles "Creativity" challenge
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Far, far too many things to say
Unable to
Control my thoughts and
Know even if I could I wouldn't

Of all the ways you could have told me...
Finding out for myself, hurt
Finally admitting the evidence as evidence hurt

Another day blurs into
Day, night, day, night, day...

Disabled by the brutality of your
A little trip way down the twists and turns of memory lane. Enjoy!
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
Powder, lip gloss and dilated pupils
Rolled up notes and cheap thrills
Somewhere near the beginning of the end
Your worst enemy is your best friend
It's alright, it's just a phase you're going through
In the urban sprawl it's what you've gotta do
You're a crowd pleaser, out to please
begging for friends, on your knees
You're a crowd pleaser with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
You're a crowd pleaser, a fresh appetite
with a heavy pocket that'll soon be light
Wake up, leave, while they laugh with you
Exit and pay yourself what you are due
Leave before your whole soul is sold
Start a new chapter before this one's old
As you leave the sparkle and the geezers
Enter stage right the fresh crowd pleasers.
They're a crowd pleasers, out to please
begging for friends, on their knees
They're a crowd pleasers with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
Just crowd pleasers, they're up all night
Lines not solitude (their primary fright)
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
Powder, lip gloss and dilated pupils
Rolled up notes and cheap thrills
Somewhere near the beginning of the end
Your worst enemy is your best friend
It's alright, it's just a phase you're going through
In the urban sprawl it's what you've gotta do
You're a crowd pleaser, out to please
begging for friends, on your knees
You're a crowd pleaser with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
You're a crowd pleaser, a fresh appetite
with a heavy pocket that'll soon be light
Wake up, leave, while they laugh with you
Exit and pay yourself what you are due
Leave before your whole soul is sold
Start a new chapter before this one's old
As you leave the sparkle and the geezers
Enter stage right the fresh crowd pleasers.
They're a crowd pleasers, out to please
begging for friends, on their knees
They're a crowd pleasers with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
Just crowd pleasers, they're up all night
Lines not solitude (their primary fright)
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Of all the funny Swedish words I know
Kundtjänst makes me laugh the most
to be continued...
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
When you're broken
When life has you on a rope
When you welcome the mists of death
And shun the bright rays of hope

Remember this day
How you refused to forgive
You laid foundations for your gallows
Wake up,  wake up... And live
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
The world wearily awakes this morning
to your maniacal grin
We hang our heads in shame for those
that committed the sin
They had a chance to do the right thing
why throw that chance away
Palestine can not sit back and watch
their children ultimately pay
Four more years of arms dealer profits
four more years of genocide
Throw your silly bomb cartoons away
Mossad plan your homicide.

Yours sincerely
The compassionate souls of the world.
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Flipety flop
Flipety flop flop flop
Flip flip

Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
I used to need a submarine
to visit the dark depths of my soul
To where the bottom feeders feast
on the dead and feces from the shoal
A completely inhospitable, light-less,
savage, alien underworld
Where the spineless slimy sea cucumber
writhed, wriggled and curled.

Now I prefer to scuba dive my soul
or gaily use snorkel and flippers
Among a rich vivid abundance of life
Up and down the aqua big dippers
But I admit every now and then
at certain dark times of the year
I swim above that unforgiving trench
and can not hold back the tears
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
You are right
I am wrong
Somebody change the record
I know the end of this song.
Shaded Lamp Feb 2016
Parched and lost on the wild moor
Every limb swollen and sore
This journey had taken its share of soul

Then from the east paradise strode
Rains fell and seed was sowed
Two animals sharing the same goal

Our love dried with the rising sun
I dug a deep and bridgeless canyon
A divide and mutual water hole
I watched as she poisoned our well
yet I drank and went straight to Hell
Her tearless eyes always in control

Cast back on that baron moor
Weaker but wiser than before
Only half of a wretched whole
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
His squidgy wet nose prods my cheek

Ending another night’s sleep on the sofa

Our eyes meet

His happy, optimistic

Mine red, realistic, sad nearly sober

I stroke his silky chocolate brown head

An expression of expectation

Raised tan eye brows

Head cocked to one side

Long ears flopping

Happy mouth agape

Pink tongue lolling, panting

His mood is infectious

He spins to catch his elusive tail

Then checks for signs of my approval

He asks for nothing but love

I cast off my petty worries

Because for now...

I'll live in the here and now

A lesson instructed to me everyday

By my faithful canine companion

Before we face the world together
Parts 2 and 3 may get political and therefor be offensive to some.
But on the upside... they may rhyme!
I had better get some more research done.
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
The Sun fell down on us that morning

Feeding every living being with its radiant caress

My dog, his tail wagging

Like a metronome set to a Milonga beat

From the open windows of the neighbourhood

The scent of coffee and cinnamon

And idle conversation

The occasional baby cry and little dog yapping

A perfect Swedish Sunday morning for some

But I

I had nothing but death on my mind

The morning grew hot

Too hot for a dog and his mad English man

Back to the double glazed cave

I had something unpleasant to attend to
Part 3 cometh as soon as grow some ***** or I know how to write it
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
As excited to return as he was to leave

Bright eyes such bright eyes

He senses my pain

We enter...


He skips to his drink

Downs it in one

Plods off to corner

Flops down in the cool shade

Raising a quizzical eyebrow

Then doses off with a contented sigh


Click, click of the mouse

The key to the asylum gate turns

The inmates scream out beyond my screen

Some live in heaven others in hell

Perversely I sit here


My fingers jabbing at the keyboard

Harvesting the daily cruelties of mankind

Kind of "men"

I'm sick

At least sickened






I see twisted politicians pretending to care

Banks rubbing their hands with glee

Arms manufacturers celebrating bonuses

I see death equals money for some

Lots of death = Lots of money

Kids shelled on a beach, hospitals destroyed

"well they use human shields"

So that must mean those humans are worthless?

I see a death toll of 1400...and RISING!

I see no God

I see genocide

Clicking and typing just makes it worse

Calling each other "dogs" a repeated curse


Dehumanizing the enemy

For the purpose of easy slaughter.

The devoted mother and father

The innocent son and daughter

Where is this God?

Either/ any version will do

Or is it all about NOTHING!

Nothing but ******* and greed.

Click, click...


When will humanity wake up
I hate war, the people that create it, the fools that perpetuate it and myself for being so impudent on the subject, but for all the good religion has brought the world just needs to go! Yes, I am holding back.
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Excitable, aren't they
Those nerds in mid range suits
Dressed from head to toe in lies
The Emperors new clothes
Hail the red top jesters
Mocking democracy
And to think brave souls
Died to vote
To vote
For something other than this
They died for more than this
Yet they remain alive
And voters...
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
Did your fingertips blister
When you extinguished
My hearts flame
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Remember the time when
the keyboard was a pen
Eggs came from the chicken
that fed the fox in the den

Remember how and why
you would freely cry
the sight of blood and plume
torn breast and thigh

Remember that red sketch
no more eggs to fetch
just this hideous picture
that made mamma wretch

Remember the time when
paint, pencil and pen
screamed out all your words
at the sly foxes den.
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Our daughter asks for the umpteenth time when you will be home.
I just smile and say "not long now" whist staring at a docile phone.
This is only the forth time in six months that you have gone missing with no trace.
The first time you fell asleep in a strip bar
"On a work do" you amazing disgrace!
The second time you fell asleep at a party, the third you did the same.
Top marks for invented excuses, invention,  has never been your game.
So now, I sit here waiting, with our daughter and this phone.
Telling her not to worry and that her mummy will soon be home.
Shaded Lamp May 2014
May I present a challenge?
Imagine if you will
You have created a flying explosive device
And it needs a name that will thrill.

A name, a good name, which name?
Well, none of those below.
Some twisted suits have already used them.
****, EVEN Tacit Rainbow.

What really goes through their minds?
As they sit and discuss the name
Of their creation that's destined to ****
Butcher, destroy and maim.

Just try if you can
To read the whole of this edited list
Imagine how many have exploded of each
With out angrily clenching your fist

Little John
Honest John
Sea Sparrow
Regulus II
H­ound Dog
Nike Zeus/Spartan
Typhon MR
Big Q
Blue Eye
­Compass Dwell
Delta Dagger
Pave Tiger/Seek Spinner
Sea Lance
Trident II
Tacit Rainbow
Pave Cricket
Have Nap

­Wow, you're still reading
And you've managed not to throw up.
Just wondering how many innocent victims
Of a tax funded device called Bullpup.
Shaded Lamp Oct 2016
Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity

How I miss that feel
That concrete, glass and steel
Suited enslavement
Trudging down the pavement

Oceans of faces consigned
Microwave meals on their mind
Future holidays in the sun
Oh, the anticipation

Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
This band of gold has gotten cold
It chills my finger to the bone
This home is now just a house
We're together yet I am alone
The photographs are abstract
versions of fictional history
Smash them up when I leave
when I end you and me.
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
Divinely private moments
unwittingly on public display.
As the world blurred out of focus
did you expect them to turn away?
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Bordered by an old fashioned picture frame
A man, curiously familiar, moustached, astute
With a smiling bride, his eyes aflame
And a brown "The Spy Who Loved Me" suit  

This was the first "real" connection with him
Displayed on my grandparents window shelf
Some how I knew I was missing a limb
Some how I knew I wasn't entirely myself

Patches of my memories dwell in clusters
perhaps I am mentally impaired.
I remember going to Ghost Busters
I remember being really scared.

Shaking inside trying to be brave
ashamed to being frightened of ghouls.
But that film soon became a fave
just as did playing snooker and pool.

I am aware that I have not let him know
that whist every time I have nearly drowned.
An island of him has rose from the flow
and let my two feet again find the ground.

Also, that as I have moulded myself into a man
he has been an integral aspect of my design.
Thanks to him I can have an extraordinary tan
I love a pun, good whisky and being on time.

So lets heartily toast the bygone days
now we can laugh about the happy and sad.
And let's swirl a whisky each others way
Because when all said and done, your my Dad.
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
You are going to remember

You'll remember this all day

Try as you surely will but

You'll remember this all day

You'll try to forget this but

You'll remember this all day

As ****** irritating as this is

You'll remember this ALL DAY!
I've got a poem that will get on your nerves
You'll remember this all day
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
Free from *******?
Hypocritical beings we all are
striving for freedom
whilst robbing it from others.
Chanting our version
Dismissing others interpretation
Free from *******?
The ******* we happily vote for
again and again and again
The tyranny of armed law enforcement
trained only to obey
to make you obey
This bubble of life is a prison in space
just waiting to pop!
Those with the power are holding a needle
to our bubble's surface...
forever threatening.
Freedom is a dark place six feet down
hidden from most laws...
but not all.
**F r e e d o m !
Thank you Mr. Cole for inspiring me to write again.
Shaded Lamp Aug 2014
Goodbye  wasps
Goodbye  bees
Goodbye  pollen from the trees
Goodb­ye  midges
Goodbye  flies
Goodbye  scorching cloudless skies
Good­bye  seagulls
Goodbye  ants
Goodbye  sunbathers in tiny pants
Goodbye  sunburn
Goodbye  oiled skin
Goodbye  iced drinks laced with gin
Goodbye  tourists
Goodbye  throngs
Goodbye  men wearing sarongs
Goodbye  hosepipe
Goodbye  lawn  mower
Welcome  to the no­isy leaf blower
Hello  Autumn
Hello  cool bright day
Hello  rolli­ng around in the hay
Hello  harvest
Hello  fruits
Hello  hiking in hiking boots
He­llo  warm colours
Hello  warm hearts
Good riddance Summer
Autumn starts
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
Hard to swallow
Harder to digest
This ****** Biblical
****** contest.
In the blue corner
God and his beard
In the red corner
The beast most feared

Let's count the death toll as delivered by the "Good Book"

Good aka God

Two million, four hundred and seventy six thousand,
six hundred and thirty three

(plus the incalculable deaths caused by mass floods and plague etc.)


Evil aka Satan


(all ten in cooperation with/ at the order of God)

Who should you run to?
From who should you flee?
Is reading these words
a punishable act of blasphemy?
If so, strike me down now
before I kick start a revolt.
Or please show me sign, by...
lighting my HP lightning bolt!
Shaded Lamp Jul 2014
I just spent a beautiful hour
Writing about the wine...
well it does not matter any more
It has now ****** off into an evil chip
Or an impossible to reach cloud
But the memory of writing it
Makes my heart sing loud-er than normal
Oh, how I long to recover
My Gewurztraminer verse
Slightly annoyed and tipsy
Shaded Lamp Feb 2016
This ain't home
but I'm here more than there.
Sitar sings in  the distance,
I just sit and stare
I sit and stare
I stare and sit
Failing to avoid being a misfit
My shoulders rise and my head sinks
Into too many clumsily mixed drinks
There just ain't any sunshine anymore
'Cept the lemon wheel next to the straw
Cheap margaritas and motels
In movies of private Hells
Foolish enthusiasm swells
The bells the bells the ******* BELLS.
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