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Shaded Lamp Sep 2018
Flicker, flicker
Your envious, green emerald flame
Flick her, flick her
Away and erase her painful name
Flick a, flick a
Page and any evidence of blame
Turner, Turner
Iridescent emotion full skys
Turn her, turn her
Into any hideous disguise
Turn a, turn a
Corner to a cul-de-sac of comprimise
Flicker , flicker
Green flame burns up your history
Flick her, flick her
Escape from her laboratory
Flick a, flick a
Torch to lead yourself from this purgatory
Shaded Lamp Mar 2018
So, did pity end?
Did it see or touch a friend?
Did pity fly before it died?
So, did pity end?

And, what became of luck?
Did it ever give a ****?
Did luck know how I cried?
And, what became of luck?

Ambivalence:- In heaven or hell?
Fluctutation occassionally rang a bell
Indecision always lied
Ambivalence:- In heaven or hell?

So, did pride be born?
Did it ***** it self on it's own thorn?
For only pride knows pride
So, did pride be born?
  Feb 2017 Shaded Lamp
L Seagull
Down the line
You stumble over
Stumble under
Crawl along the border
Limitation borderline

Other side
You're undeserving
Of the better
Served yesterday on the
Sorrow platter
Bitterness grows
Negative space
Devouring and expanding
Pulsating void

Emptiness devoid of
Without -
The world
Is waiting
To be included
So often we stop ourselves from growing. Fear of being undeserving to be better... our own worst enemies
Shaded Lamp Feb 2017
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag"
And don't forget to ******* smile,
March to death with a jolly tune in your head
Don't question if it's all worthwhile.

Your misery is designed by people out of reach
so blame your pathetic self instead
Be reassured, the undertaker shall paint a smile
on your face when you're dead.

A 'Memento mori' of a Facebook page will remain
like a lingering **** in an elevator
An uncomfortable reminder to the still living
That smiles are the mask of a traitor
Tuning in to  a bygone me.
  Feb 2017 Shaded Lamp
Bob B
When humankind is out of control,
The world suffers a giant loss.
Threats of mass extinctions aren't
Difficult to come across.

More than half of the world's primates
Are on the verge of extinction due
To agriculture, logging, mining,
And hunting. Where's the hullabaloo?

Lemurs, chimps, orangutans,
And lowland gorillas are under threat.
When we endanger others, we also
Endanger ourselves, don't forget.

Habitat loss, climate change,
Wildlife trade…. Scientists fear
That if these are not halted, many
Primates will sadly disappear.

We're talking about numerous species--
A couple hundred, not just dozens.
What is wrong with **** sapiens?
How could we do that to our cousins?

-by Bob B (2-6-17)
  Feb 2017 Shaded Lamp
phil roberts
Never trust the establishment
They do not exist for our benefit
For they believe  that we exist
For their convenience
Their only purpose is self-perpetuation
And they think that our only function
Is to accommodate that purpose
Whereas our true cause should be
To get rid of the *******

                                        By Phil Roberts
(20 minute poetry)

Her hair hangs like untied shoelaces across a well worn pair of trainers,
rain has no friends in the fading night  .
I drip and aware if this is being aware shake my head in despair.

I bark
if I behave like a cur why then not act like one.

After the rain has gone and inside a tube train the heat is on there is always the smell of dead sheep to keep me company.

I love her woollen jacket
( must have cost her a packet )
but why wear it on a wet day?

Anyway while dead sheep weep I keep busy, head down, London Town tends to bend people like me to its will,
no quill?
a cursor
a damp notebook

'Look Ma, top of the world'
Cagney wouldn't care about this
not when a grapefruit says more
than a kiss
I miss him.

The shoelace girl gets up to go
and just so you know
we didn't speak.

The thought of daffodils in the spring
bring me back to my senses.
dead sheep aside I'm only here
for the ride
and mine's the next stop.
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