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Black Apr 2017
Crystal eyed warrior, jaded heart *****,
the toad and all his brothers die,
they bequeath a rancid stench.
The wilderness is pretty
lots of animals and such,
things that are carnivorous
things with talons sharp to touch.
Poison all to prevalent,
find it deep within the filament
so it's really not surprising how
some really can't catch the sentiment.

Crystal skinned warrior, jaded soul *****,
they cleaned and buried fallen arms
who's souls shall warm the bench.
Existence is a cry from good,
it really is, this **** is wack.
Animals in human skin,
with rainbow brains
and souls of black.

Crystal Blade Warrior
and the
Jaded Crown Prince,
juxtapose scenarios
until your
to bleed.
As scabs and scuffs,
we seeds and tuff,
chase dreams of gold
and platinum touch.
Humans are a joyous bunch
a ***** diamond, in the rough.
Value yourself, but, worthless people are still worthless. Good and Bad.
Black Mar 2017
Eyes of dull with rage to shed,
a hair displayed the crimson red.
Soul of stains like wine on bread,
remove the waste, recall the dead.
Vicious is as Vicious says,
a simple schiz without his meds.
Reptiles dwell where the climates dynamic
fakes only sunbathe and copy the tactic.
Delicious is dread which is born out of sin
such the slyest of styles and guile with grin.
Just remember the words of your elder and kin,
eggs are good for dinner but you're much to small for Dragons.
The Lonely Beast With Hair Of Bleach, Vicious.
Black Mar 2017
In the distant looming meadow
vultures buzz, mosquitoes wallow.
Trees of leaves and bark and blood
touch horizon, grow from mud.
Pyres blaze with fire and fury
deep within the matted and murky
waters which hold more tar than a street
like memories of, special bell peppers, and beef....
Ode to the coolest pair of cats this side of the solar system
Black Feb 2017
A Fish from the river, much dapper, much do,
came to the city, he's looking for you.
I saw him I did,
that Fish, with a Squid.
Dog, I'll Ditch that. Did you, wanna grab a brew?
New things are always stimulating, but the old are always nostalgic.
Black Feb 2017
Blanket the iris entrance where the light reflects our progress,
dashing little punctuation clinging to its functions.
Similar deeds are capable your form is nothing special kid,
finding truth and anti keep the sword as closest ally.
People will deceive and trick it's in their basest nature,
sorta hard to be a saint when the devils your next door neighbor.

The Girl looked kinda ditsy but her stare was firm for wear,
she strolled into the nearest town and found a crier there.
Foxily her lips announced, remember this and take account,
our connection is a deep and dark, cherry tree with singing lark.
Continued on to speak, of humans fickle, small and weak
the mountains children gone from peak.
As of now you are not ready, acceptance to the true of family.
Passing me with grace and speed, I glanced a foreign Deity.

Now It's really very fuzzy, she did leave rather quickly,
memory and sight of color, lack the proper imagery.
How could this have happened?
I seem to have forgotten,
the beauty of a queen or greater,
that Mushi Master, with eyes of wonder.
Fate and the Domino effect. Don't stare at the light for to long, youll probably bleach the sky.
Black Feb 2017
Searching for the past through a million different caverns,
algae and stalagmites like,
a tavern in the daylight.
Empty for the most part, shadows in the dark start,
dancing in excitement; dinners on the house tonight gents.
Master ninja hand signs, kunai skill for knife fights
the eyeballs always closed cause we see it all with foresight.
A Pokeball as my homestead, digital paradise to the unread,
single specks of data lost in hella mice and undead.
A band of boys and girls that masquerade as cats and monkies. But not everyone.
Black Feb 2017
I wish that I could tell you, what it is that wise men do.
But to claim you know another's virtue
is simply much to couth.
You know not of his knowledge or potential, nor his root,
so simply hold your tongue
or it will surely meet my boot.
You gotta think a little. It's the only way to see the future.
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