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Nov 2020 · 111
WTF Now!
Shaded Lamp Nov 2020
When you can laugh at loss
Throw ******* up to fear
Find comfort in discomfort
Normality in the odd and queer

When you're warmed by the cold
Thrilled by protracted boredom
Find patterns in the chaos
Naiveté and dignity in whoredom

When you hear a choruses in silence
Then silence in bird songs
Find love blossoming in hatred
Nothingness amongst the throngs

When you come to terms with conflict
Then make confusion from clear-sight
Find innocence in the ******
Now damsels save distressed Knights.

When you come to ease with the end
Then worship the beginning
Find nothing is real but the now
Now that you are winning
Sep 2018 · 290
Singed pages
Shaded Lamp Sep 2018
Flicker, flicker
Your envious, green emerald flame
Flick her, flick her
Away and erase her painful name
Flick a, flick a
Page and any evidence of blame
Turner, Turner
Iridescent emotion full skys
Turn her, turn her
Into any hideous disguise
Turn a, turn a
Corner to a cul-de-sac of comprimise
Flicker , flicker
Green flame burns up your history
Flick her, flick her
Escape from her laboratory
Flick a, flick a
Torch to lead yourself from this purgatory
Mar 2018 · 342
Sordid senendipity
Shaded Lamp Mar 2018
So, did pity end?
Did it see or touch a friend?
Did pity fly before it died?
So, did pity end?

And, what became of luck?
Did it ever give a ****?
Did luck know how I cried?
And, what became of luck?

Ambivalence:- In heaven or hell?
Fluctutation occassionally rang a bell
Indecision always lied
Ambivalence:- In heaven or hell?

So, did pride be born?
Did it ***** it self on it's own thorn?
For only pride knows pride
So, did pride be born?
Shaded Lamp Feb 2017
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag"
And don't forget to ******* smile,
March to death with a jolly tune in your head
Don't question if it's all worthwhile.

Your misery is designed by people out of reach
so blame your pathetic self instead
Be reassured, the undertaker shall paint a smile
on your face when you're dead.

A 'Memento mori' of a Facebook page will remain
like a lingering **** in an elevator
An uncomfortable reminder to the still living
That smiles are the mask of a traitor
Tuning in to  a bygone me.
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
The other half
Shaded Lamp Feb 2017
The atmosphere is atomised fear
Your cant full of four letters
War decreed and now we bleed
Forgiveness owns two debtors

Just hanging on a hangover
Begin the counterclaims
Each a zeppelin filled with adrenaline
Ready to go up in flames

We've been here before you / I
And this mirrored glass
My ugly reflection devoid of affection
Always a snake in the grass.

Trapped with another violent prisoner
Who torments their cell "mate"
Full of sin but, which would get in
To that approaching pearly gate?
Oct 2016 · 329
Nothing to be affaid of
Shaded Lamp Oct 2016
Before yesterday's news
Before I bought you shoes
Before teenage angst and blues
Before understanding "humane"

Before seeing girls and boys
Before playing with toys
Before words were just noise
Before feeling any pain

Before any disgrace
Before the human race
Before time and space
When I no longer remain
Oct 2016 · 458
Far from orange lights
Shaded Lamp Oct 2016
Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity

How I miss that feel
That concrete, glass and steel
Suited enslavement
Trudging down the pavement

Oceans of faces consigned
Microwave meals on their mind
Future holidays in the sun
Oh, the anticipation

Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity
Apr 2016 · 414
Shaded Lamp Apr 2016
The published discarded tweet
The sunken dimple not the ****
On your back not on your feet
The shadows are the light

The clouds creep on the ground
Still hidden after being found
A deafening absence of sound
Midday becomes midnight

This screaming riot of tranquility
Molding impotence into ability
Odds on to a far flung probability
Courage born from mother fright
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
The Shaded Lamp
Shaded Lamp Mar 2016
Lost in an unfamiliar home, deep inside a book
In the comforting glow of that lamp that stood...
Standing to attention in that gloomy nook
The words jumbled & spun on that page
So I slammed shut the book

Above me burned a coil of tungsten
Blazing bright
And from it
Every angle burst its miracle of light
Beams/ waves destined for far off places
But shackled by the shade
Mocked by the tasselled trim
Harnessed by the braid

My mind wanders...
It is a marvel of our age
That we choose to create lamps so bright that they need a shade
That they need to be shaded
Those lamps can't shine so bright
For without the shade the dark won't creep in and we wouldn't be aware of the night.

I step outside
Into that night
Shadows cast by the city street lights

Down that dank alley
Lives an uncelebrated man
In a tattered box with faded damp
Barely noticed
To most he's just another jaded *****
If only they could see
Individually tailor the shade for our lamp
Privately (inside translucent shields)  we all burn bright.
Shaded by fear and notions of what's wrong and right
Right and wrong
Wrong and right
Creations of those that had the strength to fight
Not by the humbled, battered and bruised
Too shaded to raise a blazing revolutionary fist
Too fractured, hungry and confused
Afraid of the attention caused from cries for any justice
Inside my head
I imagine I have my own bed
A good book
An cosy reading chair
And a lamp standing to attention with its thousand-yard stare

Staring out to the ever rising seas

Cometh the great submerging eviction
Mass migrations fleeing war, famine & filthy camps
Oceans rise and tears fall with whispered benediction
How many of you will become degraded tramps
But we just keep insisting that it is farflung fiction
Back to my box and its faded damp

Silhouettes of four impatient horses appear on an windswept horizon.

This false paradise we live in with its twisted ergonomics?
Should we really sit and wait for the catastrophes to appear?
Surely we are collectively able to create a smarter economics?
Or is it just easier continuing to accept living in fear?
Because when all is accounted for
All the pros and cons have been weighed
What matters most
Is not the brightness of your lamp
But your choice of shade.
Mar 2016 · 760
Restore the balance
Shaded Lamp Mar 2016
Bring back the wolves, nature's balance has gone astray
The ancient flowing water is carving a new way

Reds and Roes are rampant, stripping blade, stalk and leaf
Diversity is dwindling, the knife is in its sheath

Bring back the wolves, not those that shoot for "sport"
Untame mother nature with her sharpest retort
Mar 2016 · 452
Shaded Lamp Mar 2016
Cheap flowers in the sink
A card with lies cast in the bin
Beers are frosting in the freezer
Shivering next to the ice cream
I scream
You scream
The neighbours bang the wall
A framed photo whizzes past my head
A family behind shattered glass
I turn to leave
Insults fly
I want you in my past
Exit hysteria
Outside another world
The curtains twitch across the street
What are they looking at?
What have I become
Sirens in the distance
Run you idiot run
Door crashes behind me
I spin to see that maniacal grin
Thrusting your fists toward my gut
Something sharp breaks the skin
The world slows on its axis
Just like the first moment I saw you
And as I slip from consciousness
Your enraged blood splattered face
has never looked more beautiful
So full of life
Farewell my valentine
Mar 2016 · 499
Reflections on a cloudy day
Shaded Lamp Mar 2016
These twisted train tracks
This spiraled clay
Wretched tormentor
Self handicapper
Cowardly clown
You haven't climbed
Still, you fall down
Mar 2016 · 401
Shaded Lamp Mar 2016
Angelic choirs spring from the silence
Gravity comes from your presence
Shaking off my prudence
Sail towards my coast

Surely there is more to it than this
Trying not to fall into the abyss
The echo of an unmet kiss
Joy a passing ghost

Lonely island in a featureless sea
Unnoticed as you sailed passed me
Standing detached in the library
Dreaming of almost
Feb 2016 · 370
Here Again
Shaded Lamp Feb 2016
This ain't home
but I'm here more than there.
Sitar sings in  the distance,
I just sit and stare
I sit and stare
I stare and sit
Failing to avoid being a misfit
My shoulders rise and my head sinks
Into too many clumsily mixed drinks
There just ain't any sunshine anymore
'Cept the lemon wheel next to the straw
Cheap margaritas and motels
In movies of private Hells
Foolish enthusiasm swells
The bells the bells the ******* BELLS.
Feb 2016 · 585
Shaded Lamp Feb 2016
Parched and lost on the wild moor
Every limb swollen and sore
This journey had taken its share of soul

Then from the east paradise strode
Rains fell and seed was sowed
Two animals sharing the same goal

Our love dried with the rising sun
I dug a deep and bridgeless canyon
A divide and mutual water hole
I watched as she poisoned our well
yet I drank and went straight to Hell
Her tearless eyes always in control

Cast back on that baron moor
Weaker but wiser than before
Only half of a wretched whole
Dec 2015 · 343
Shaded Lamp Dec 2015
Sit there
Eyes shut and drift away
Gaze not at the falling sands
There is no upturning the hourglass
What use is time without plans
What use are plans without time
Sit, enjoy the breeze and dancing grass'
Flutter and from flower to flower
unaware of their minute lifespan
Feeding from buttercups centuries old
Sit there
As your ancestors did and as your children will
focus not on the sand that has fallen
nor the sand yet to fall
instead, consider the beauty of infinities "hour" glass.
Dec 2015 · 587
Monsters (part 1)
Shaded Lamp Dec 2015
In the darkest hours of the night
The old house was filled with hush
Heavy rain splashed in moonlight
and a fox sheltered under a bush

Thunder clouds stalked overhead
Crashes and flashes of lightning
The old man sat upright in his bed
Each of his senses heightening

The wind groaned with mournful unrest
Thunder boomed like a kettle drum
Shadows loomed over the man so stressed
His eyes darting, his body numb

The brass door knocker rapped slowly
Fear suddenly gripped the old man wholly
Then rang the twelve chimes of the clock

As he began to chant "please leave me alone"
The door knocker rapped three more times
Electric shocks ran the length of his back bone
There was no escape from the clocks chimes

The portraits on the wall made their demand
He could not look into any of their eyes
Remorsefully he obeyed their command
Getting dressed to avoid his demise
Nov 2015 · 607
You are quick sand
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
The tide is out
I'm left on a lonely coast
foolishly dancing in a puddle
such an impatient host.
Nov 2015 · 429
The End
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
On your knees and toil
***** little citizens
Drill it from our soil

Paid and displayed
Only in our dollars
Why are you dismayed?

Nuclear war tools
Only safe in our hands
Not those other fools

Downed "allies" jet
Spilling over borders
The old existential threat

Billions of figures
Streamlined explosives  
BOOM the gravediggers

Prime Ministers
Scratch each others backs
With the severed hands
Of poor souls in the barracks

00 00 00 00

The End
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Cardiac arrest
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
Dizzy daydream
Falling to the sky
Fizzing fingertips
It's too late to cry

Muscle spasms
Invisible straight-jacket
Anvil on my breast
Brokkr strikes the red hot gibbet

Sparks fly
Into the sooty black
Anvil cracks
There's no turning back

Dimming embers
Just a feeble glow
Black soot freezes
Falls as bright white snow
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Crowd Pleaser
Shaded Lamp Nov 2015
Powder, lip gloss and dilated pupils
Rolled up notes and cheap thrills
Somewhere near the beginning of the end
Your worst enemy is your best friend
It's alright, it's just a phase you're going through
In the urban sprawl it's what you've gotta do
You're a crowd pleaser, out to please
begging for friends, on your knees
You're a crowd pleaser with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
You're a crowd pleaser, a fresh appetite
with a heavy pocket that'll soon be light
Wake up, leave, while they laugh with you
Exit and pay yourself what you are due
Leave before your whole soul is sold
Start a new chapter before this one's old
As you leave the sparkle and the geezers
Enter stage right the fresh crowd pleasers.
They're a crowd pleasers, out to please
begging for friends, on their knees
They're a crowd pleasers with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
Just crowd pleasers, they're up all night
Lines not solitude (their primary fright)
Oct 2015 · 378
The Plagiariser
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
I woke up this morning
Oct 2015 · 317
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
Out there beyond the horizon
you will discover yourself again.
Past the valleys and the mountains
through the emptiness and pain.
Way past the rhyming stanzas
And that common beat...

Hell is worth a visit
Understand the paradise you live in.

Paint a picture of yourself
Burn it
Paint another
Burn it,
pack them in an envelope and
Post them to yourself for your birthday
Light a candle
Burn it
For yourself.
Reminder:- Don't drink and write
Oct 2015 · 905
Crowd Pleaser.
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
Powder, lip gloss and dilated pupils
Rolled up notes and cheap thrills
Somewhere near the beginning of the end
Your worst enemy is your best friend
It's alright, it's just a phase you're going through
In the urban sprawl it's what you've gotta do
You're a crowd pleaser, out to please
begging for friends, on your knees
You're a crowd pleaser with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
You're a crowd pleaser, a fresh appetite
with a heavy pocket that'll soon be light
Wake up, leave, while they laugh with you
Exit and pay yourself what you are due
Leave before your whole soul is sold
Start a new chapter before this one's old
As you leave the sparkle and the geezers
Enter stage right the fresh crowd pleasers.
They're a crowd pleasers, out to please
begging for friends, on their knees
They're a crowd pleasers with the latest bent
pleasing friends that are just for rent
Just crowd pleasers, they're up all night
Lines not solitude (their primary fright)
Oct 2015 · 685
Standing next to a metaphor
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
Another urn filled with ash.
Spirit steamed, left with trash.

How did that one leave so fast?
Is it worth trying to be the last?

Up turned lives for 6 weeks.
Raw, reddened salty cheeks.

Full, half then empty glass.
Oh, what a beautiful glass!

How the light breaks through it
Scattered rainbows, raised spirit.

Oct 2015 · 561
A piece of string
Shaded Lamp Oct 2015
His face cracked
Every wrinkle a ravine
A broad smile of marble tombstones
Rolling his sapphire ivory eyes

I'm ninety three
He chuckled...  Ninety three
Yes,  it goes fast son I'll tell you how fast
I've only as many memories as you
Sep 2015 · 346
Cascading grains
Shaded Lamp Sep 2015
Remember when the world seemed so big...

wild , fun and fair

When ambition drove endless scattered plans

and you had no care

Every season offered what it was supposed to do

Back then...

Things were oh so different then


What use is time without plans?

what use are plans without time?

If only I knew the answers to those questions now

If only I knew those questions...

back then.
Apr 2015 · 518
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
This jacket is anything but...

Whats in the pocket
Apr 2015 · 625
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
Close to "around the bend"
Proud to call a wall a friend
Posting letters others wouldn't send
Caring too much about the triple word score.

The trend or what's trending
What the be jeepers are you befriending
Could it be any more condescending
I guess peacocks are misunderstood

Remember when you had a list
You know,  when you were not ******
When we were all Swedish "tyst"
Drums, glitter,  blood and filo fax

How did it come to this?
Writing words on a padded wall
With ****...
Apr 2015 · 828
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
How I long to understand
Why we are so underhand
And throw away our lives for ownership

Who owns blossom on the tree
The gardener or the cherry
Should the bumble bee own the scrip

Twist your tendons and minds
Embers fly as the axe grinds
Just to avoid tongues cracking whip

Drunken on your earned credit
The latest "must buy" on Reddit
Who knew owning could be so hip

Time ticks and you get old
Till the day your body's cold
Then all your stuff cast in the skip

The bee flies from the tree
Pollen laden to the colony
Careless of your past "ownership"

The dollar turns into a cent
All you "owned" was just for rent
Space owns time, which owns your little blip.
Apr 2015 · 720
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
You've been painting,  over paintings
That you painted to be free

I've been singing over lyrics
I'm destroying Morrissey

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Why can't we just be?

Brush strokes over my shoulder
An acrylic catastrophe
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Dear Future Self
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
When you're broken
When life has you on a rope
When you welcome the mists of death
And shun the bright rays of hope

Remember this day
How you refused to forgive
You laid foundations for your gallows
Wake up,  wake up... And live
Apr 2015 · 1.7k
Miss understood Machiavelli
Shaded Lamp Apr 2015
She drew back the velvet curtain
Flashed her wicked smile
Wild jet black locks cascading
The judge adjourned my trial

She's a reluctant ****** addict
When she's not on crack
I'm her eager means to an end
Achieved on her back

Condensation on the mirror ceiling
I'm not unique ****
"Times up' you ***** big **** *******"
Flattery helps me come

Both her and I thirst sedation
from this clinical love
Lights turned to blinding bright
An angel from above?

I often forget I'm in love with her
Reality makes me wince
I turn to see her ("now, *******!") face
over her copy of "The Prince".
Mar 2015 · 436
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Bottox for your buttocks
Gold on your coffin
You've got a list of wants
That I find a sin

Hand painted toilet roll
The latest apple phone
"i" this and "i" that
The latest killer drone

Investment in divestment
An electronic bee
Social displacement therapy
Why do you want me?
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Excitable, aren't they
Those nerds in mid range suits
Dressed from head to toe in lies
The Emperors new clothes
Hail the red top jesters
Mocking democracy
And to think brave souls
Died to vote
To vote
For something other than this
They died for more than this
Yet they remain alive
And voters...
Mar 2015 · 940
Empty (egg box)
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Remember the time when
the keyboard was a pen
Eggs came from the chicken
that fed the fox in the den

Remember how and why
you would freely cry
the sight of blood and plume
torn breast and thigh

Remember that red sketch
no more eggs to fetch
just this hideous picture
that made mamma wretch

Remember the time when
paint, pencil and pen
screamed out all your words
at the sly foxes den.
Mar 2015 · 524
Scorched earth
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Hot salt laden rivers
Crystallise they crystallise
An arms length and light years away
Your injury my disdain
Beautiful white pyramids
crumble 'til
only foundations defiantly stand.
Should ancient Rome be rebuilt
or remain as a building site?
Mar 2015 · 4.0k
Black Parrot
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
Double baked soufflé people
glistening with sweat.
Vanity is a myopia utopia
steaming to regret.
Handsome shadows swoop
stealing precious rays
The mocking call of the crow
counting your last days.
Mar 2015 · 462
Dear Mr Netanyahu...
Shaded Lamp Mar 2015
The world wearily awakes this morning
to your maniacal grin
We hang our heads in shame for those
that committed the sin
They had a chance to do the right thing
why throw that chance away
Palestine can not sit back and watch
their children ultimately pay
Four more years of arms dealer profits
four more years of genocide
Throw your silly bomb cartoons away
Mossad plan your homicide.

Yours sincerely
The compassionate souls of the world.
Dec 2014 · 390
Shaded Lamp Dec 2014
Your words flutter in my mind
Creating swirling eddies
Painting beautiful horizons
All wasted on me
For I
I am just
Just a slab of meat
With a pointless point of view
How I trembled
in our final embrace.
Too lost to look in your eyes
too ashamed of my face.
Nov 2014 · 700
Passing Clouds
Shaded Lamp Nov 2014
I never have nor ever will
be jealous of your hills.
They only serve to lie
between my eyes and the sky
Boasting their sheer gloominess
knowing nothing about finesse
of the ever changing cloud
they conservatively shroud
whilst stealing precious sunlight
from the day
It's been a while.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Shaded Lamp Nov 2014
Lurking near the brown ***** river
a soulless beast with hollow heart.
Its contaminated red and blue blood
is directed by its masters flowchart.

The Westmonster's hearing is defunct
it can not detect the public frequency.
Tuned in only to enormous corporations
attracted to the stench of their currency.

The one eye of the beast is almost blind
its corporate master must lead the way.
Feeding off the labour of honest souls
discriminately choosing its next prey.

We, the slaves of this twisted deformity
must rise up against it and its master.
But for now we should just organise
and wait for the next financial disaster.

So prepare yourselves and ready others
we strike at the next financial downturn.
How we will rejoice when we slay the beast
Dedicated to The Artist Taxi Driver
Oct 2014 · 941
I just can't get enough
Shaded Lamp Oct 2014
was much more fun
Synthesisers, leather studded caps
Wayfarers and lipstick for the chaps
Skinny microphones, dubious jerky dancing
Cheap promotion videos of singers romancing
Cfc propelled hair spray, hair gel and dandruff
Child like watching YouTube "I just can't get enough"   Massive LOL
Oct 2014 · 572
I am God
Shaded Lamp Oct 2014
I have died a million deaths
most in the future
some in the past
all fictitious
yet still
I write.
Oct 2014 · 436
Shaded Lamp Oct 2014
Countless uneducated signatures
Marks of criticism
The kiss that makes or breaks a letter
Guide to where the treasure is hidden
We multiplied, and now...
(because we both got cross)
is how we will be to one another.
You'll be mine
and I'll be your
Just a poem, ironing out some creases.
Oct 2014 · 572
In a land not far away...
Shaded Lamp Oct 2014
Was a rusty rocket engineer
With his rusty rocket science
Able to transcend the stratosphere
A master of group defiance

Armed with You Tube, Eckhart Tolle
Chomsky and an awakening population
The rusty rocket could reach its goal
Of starting to build a civilised civilisation
The Trews.
Oct 2014 · 531
Shaded Lamp Oct 2014
Oh O
With no beginning
and no end
You'll never mean nothing  to me
Sep 2014 · 575
Mr & Mrs
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
Not content to be master of his destiny
the young man re-wrote his past.
Convinced his bejewelled version of events
would avoid him of being typecast.
How little a young man knows compared
to how knowledgeable he thinks he is.
Few could have predicted with any ease
that he was destined to become a Ms.
This feels unfinished. Take it and run with it, see where it goes, if the notion  excites.
Sep 2014 · 661
"Discussion" over!
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
You are right
I am wrong
Somebody change the record
I know the end of this song.
Sep 2014 · 955
Three Misunderstood Monkeys
Shaded Lamp Sep 2014
Three wise monkeys from far away
in the mystical ancient east
Their simple message misunderstood
so that the west can gorge and feast.
Mizaru "See no evil"
Meaning precisely just that
to not repeatedly look upon ill deed
Not to "turn the blind eye" of indifference
As the many starve whilst others feed

Simply, the more evil that you see
the less empathetic you become.
Constant destruction in the news
normalises genocide till we are numb
Kikazaru "Hear no evil"
Just like Mizaru, Kikazaru
tries to absorb less evil news.
Refusing to listen to the screams
He retains his compassionate views.

Understanding that overconsumption
of evil, violence and negativity
turns the purest warm heart cold
and breeds dark insensitivity.
Iwazaru "Speak no evil"
Differing from the previous two monkeys
speaking no evil is a consequence
of not seeing and hearing wickedness
delivering this providence

For if vile behaviour is consumed
through your sight and, or sound
That evil inside must be expelled
It can't be just buried or drowned
Note how the news desensitises you
and how violence is sold to your kids
Remember The Three Wise Monkeys
and consider what each one forbids.
Take it or leave it
but violence breeds violence.
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