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Jake muler Oct 2015
Hot latte, with some chocolate dust sprinkles on top. Man I will be frank, Americans got it to easy, to easy. That's the american way. To many American's now have it to easy, ******* off of government funds away from the one's who really need them. We got a ghetto every 5 or 10 miles. A suburb every few miles, a mansion 1 to every five burbs. We got It easy with groceries, a store we get food from! Dont need to grow food anymore really, everything is manmade poisoned and antibiotic shots in your chicken and beef. We have dudes who wanna buy women, or men that wanna buy men. Even men who wanna buy trannies ( transexuals) or dudes who buy woman who are really men. but what countrys not that way. We got all different creeds breeds all here. Doctor's you can pay 200 bucks for the illegal way to get scripts, prescriptions for the not knower's. We have mad alcoholics here like no tomorrow. And serious ****** and dope addicts, We have jocks, idiots, goths, strippers, musicians, the best actors in the world. Along with the best movies. We have the old western U.S. we have the east coast where oceans you can get from the south to the east to the west. We have hillbillies, rednecks, gangsters, wannabees, liars, thieves, killers, rapists, city boys, country girls, Mercedes Benz, old pickup ford, motorcycle gangs -baddest ever.. We have everything here to get you in jail, hell and heaven. We can make you sin. Or make you want to repent. Come to us. Come to the united states of america. Forgot a big thing! The soilders. We got the best marines army navy all soilders in the world here.we have the most weapons of any country in this weird place. We have soilders who lose their lives for things they think their fighting for when really its rich overshadow government money their fighting for. We got huge graves, big tombstombs. Mostly marked with men who died unrespected from world war 1 , 2 and possibly three sometime in our sunny future. Welcome to America. Heaven and hell in one slice.
Bri  Dec 2014
Bri Dec 2014
Revolution is nearing faster by the second

Justice is gone and never to be found

Darkness and madness is beginning to spread

They say the government is corrupted and I do think it's true.. We've been blinded by the lies they fed us through news.

Most of us think the insane are clueless and completely unaware but they know more than those of us who appear to be "sane".

It's time to change the world even if it leads us to revolution because a world filled with darkness is going to ruin our evolution.

The end is approaching but don't be afraid the ones who know justice are proved to be saved.

We're known as outcasts if we're a different race, religion or sexuality.

What a load of absurdity!

In the eyes of the government we are nothing but pawns on a game board made to be toyed with like dolls.

But it's time to start acting like soilders and fight for a cause so put on those masks, raise up those signs, the march for true freedom beings at dawn.
With everything happening in ferguson and protesters and stuff I've decided to make this in hopes some people would understand :)
She deserves recognition
For her work as a technician
Who's expertise is ball bustin
Who majors in *******

Excelling in the field of advance
Hot air production
A profession heckler who
Composes an orchestra conductin

A firework show eruptin
With colorful rants red, and purples
She's acclaimed for rhetorical
Questions that repeats in circles

An elite linguistics scholar
Who's sarcasm is an accomplishment
Very gifted at making
An insult sound like a compliment

And Her stamina to do so
Is like an Olympian who's pleased
Only when her track and field
Meet of slander makes ur ears bleed

A masters degree in belittling
A graduated philosopher for the bitter
Must be a psychologist the way
She attacks my sanity to litter

Insecurities, and doubts and I
Heard she has a phd in hypnosis
Until u start to believe her *******
And this psychosomatic is ur psychosis

A world class magician who's
Tricks leave u perplexed in thought
A novelist who narrates to taunt
Controlling all characters and plot

She wrote the book on torturing
A man and emasculating him so
He may never move forward and
She was in the military I'm told

Historically known for her
intellectual Warfare
Manipulating soilders and utilizing
The grounds to ambush u there

A social tyrant who's brilliant
Political ties help her achieve
Her plan like constituents are
Biased so they're all after me

A paralegal who's unfair and lethal
And to her it's titalation
Unfair is her terms but like a
Perm ull get burned in litagation

A degree in early childhood
Education so she acts like a rebel
Perfecting being childish and
Unaffected by ur feelings on levels

Only a schoolyard bully could
Match, she's my jailhouse warden
Who's power is focused on me
Relentlessly constructing like a foreman

With Her future blueprints to
See what the hell she builds for me
Will look like, and she's also a director
In the ******* industry

So she tells in great detail
Just how I'll be ******
She must have been taught by
Peter pan how to never grow up

Trained as medic who specializes
In one area over them all
Nudering human males
So surgically she removes my *****

After she breaks them and
So I am the constant fool
This exceptional jack of trades
Makes me wish that I stayed in school
Cameron is real Nov 2014
Lord forgive me for I'm about to sin my wickedness has yet to begin better line up those hearses cause I'm killing mother ******* with my verses this world is so ****** a cops defends by shooting a black guy and everyone loses there **** mind they riot and fight for there right but when you say our soilders have to live on the street they won't help and never make a peep learn before you speak and don't pretend to defend the weak
Larry B  Apr 2010
Larry B Apr 2010
She waits for him to call her
But the phone just doesn't ring
A knock on the door, shatters her soul
From the heartache that it brings

There stands two men in uniform
They ask her to be seated
Her heart weighs heavy with sorrow
Her hopes dreams depleated

They tell the woman, "He's not dead,
He's only missing in action"
But for a soilder in Afghanistan
This brought her no satisfaction

This was his second tour of duty
And was schelduled to get a leave
This news that her husband was missing
Was impossible to believe

She's heard about the horrible things
They do to a captured G.I.
She falls to the floor in a puddle of tears
As the woman begins to cry

Three weeks later, and still no news
She's numb, for there's no more tears
She hears a knock, for the second time
Could this be her deepest fears?

Once again two men stand in uniform
As her heart begins to bleed
Then suddenly, a third man appears
For her husband had finally been freed

This poem was written in honor
Of the soilders who keep us free
And we should never take for granted
This thing called Liberty
andy fardell Feb 2011
last night i thought my hell was alive and very well
parked in a place that really really smelled
but as I sat there eatin pies and peas
I lokked over me shoulder and changed my very grief

soilders sitting ...having just a brew
no doubting about what they must do
all kitted out in sand style so hostile grounds to be
we pray and wish a safe and happy return

So next time i feel so hard done
so grief and derg inside
i,ll stare out to the sunlight and veiw the other side
be safe my friends be safe
as we stand by your side
VOID Sep 2019
Evil people  live in safe places
With dogs and jobs
With a husband under her control
With children she manipulated  the state to get
Evil people hide in safe places
They are nurses in church
A " hard working mother"
But behind closed doors
They project all their hurt
They pour their trauma into their children like potted plants
They train you to believe  you are the weakest  link.
They morph your brain into soilders fighting for the wrong side
Evil peopl hide in safe places
obaraye Efosa Feb 2017
The creators creation is flawless
But none the less
some think it's okay to treat some less
truth is boy will always be boy
And girl will always be girl

Let her be born into a home of men
Let her learn to live like a man
Let her walk and talk like a man
No matter how much she looks like a man
Deep down she will always be a girl

Let her go to an all boys school
Let her be flogged severally like a boy
Let her eat and dress like a boy
Let her hate boys and like girls
No matter what happens
Deep down she will always be a girl

Let her stay in doors all through university
Let her never have a boyfriend or fall in love
Let her study a course like engineering
With almost no girl but her in her class
Let her become a tomboy
No matter what she does she will always be a girl

Train her to be a soilder
Let the sound of her slap take you out
Let her punch end lives
Let her gun take and save millions of lives
Let her go through the most rigorous training for the most terrible and stubborn male soilders
Let her graduate as the army's toughest soilder
Let her close more cases than anyone ever
Let her travel to hostile zones killing people and making hard decisions
Let her be ruthless and considered heartless
No matter what she does
Deep down she will always remain a girl

Call doctor 90201 or The doctor number 1
Let him take away her heart and replace it with a rock
Remove her blood and inject acid
Turn her into a machine
As long as she is still alive
No matter what he does to her
Deep down she will always be a girl

She will hurt when u do something that can hurt her
She will love hard
Her heart will break when you drop it
She will always try to be right
She will always have what it takes to be a mother, a loving one
She will cry when she is hurt
She will feel the pain when you inflict it
Not because she is not tough or anything close
But because no matter what she does
No matter how, or where or when she does it
Deep down she is and will always be a girl

It doesn't matter who she is or says she is
Civilian or military
Tough or rough
Weak or strong
She is and will always be a woman
Treat her right
Show her love, she will feel like any other girl.
Treat her right, she is perfect irrespective of who she has grown to be.

The creators creation is flawless
But none the less
some think it's okay to treat some less
Truth is boy will always be boy
And girl will always be girl
Manuel Hutchinson  Feb 2017
Knowledge wakes up my dome with bombs thrown down my street.
I wake up, lost in dust & gun shells  
" Shhhh. Be quite. "
As the sound of 1000 soldiers stomp across my heart.
Time stood still.
As my mom gets snatched right in front of me
" MOM, MOM, PLEASE don't take her away!"
I try to get one final word
"I love you. "
But it's heard on the bullet that went threw her brain.
Because of that,
I will never be the same.
America took away the one I adore.
For what. ?
All because of this war. ?
Just because my mom dressed in a long robe that hides her face?
Means she's hiding a terrorist in this place?
My scars
Is ready to enbattle vengeance on the American race.
These open wounds won't stop these open minded bombs
These lies
Won't reverse time
These  open eyes
Won't stop the flashbacks
Of that
And these soilders,
Won't stop this WAR.

I was talking to an lovely kid who was dealing with post traumatic stress disorder was telling me about the condition he was in and that's when I picked up my pen.
Aiden James Roten  Feb 2015
****** night, Stormy night
Soilders perishing
Cannons firing
No one is reviving
And the sound of people crying
No one knows how this started
But there's a lot of blood flying
Airstrikes bombing
Gunshots flying
Its all really terrifying
All peace and hope has been lost
When Cannon shots start multiplying!
MaSHTONdison  Sep 2014
MaSHTONdison Sep 2014
You're always so quiet,
barley speaking out.
Keeping to yourself,
but inside you want to scream out.

I know what its like,
to hide all your feelings,
to be afraid of love,
to be in need of healing,

you're inscure,
just like me.

but my darling,
theres no point for you to be.

to me your perfect.
to me your great.
but you dont feel that way,
only thoughts of self hate.

You and I,
We are the same.
both soilders in the war of life,
playing a cruel game.

but one day, we will meet,
and make each other see
that we are perfect for each other,
we are meant to be.

— The End —