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Simon Clark  Aug 2012
Simon Clark Aug 2012
Shutting down,
My immune system fails,
Vulnerable to the germs that breed about the town,
One mistake,
Protection wasn’t used,
Vulnerable to the taunts that make my soft heart break.

Although my heart is broken,
Words only cut so deep,
I know that I am human,
Even as I drift to endless sleep.

For advice and help – please contact any of the organisations below:
Terrence Higgins Trust
Helpline: 0845 1221 200
Offers free and confidential services for people with ***.

Positively Women
Helpline: 020 7713 0222 (staffed by *** positive women: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm)

Information, news and resources for people with *** and AIDS.

I dedicate this poem to all those who are suffering from ***/AIDS, those the world has loved and lost through ***/AIDS and to all of those affected by ***/AIDS.
written in 2009
Anton Mar 2019
Jamie keeps a middle aged white man imprisoned below his house as an involuntary *** slave.
Jamie also donates a few hundred dollars each month to human rights organisations around the world.
Sam spends a few hours most weeks attempting to draw people’s
attention to both local, and international slavery.
Sam neither donates money to human rights organisations, nor keeps slaves himself.
Whilst most people who are concerned about human rights issues have a problem with slavery, there is some disagreement as to the most effective way to address it.
Some are of the view that Jamie, despite his direct participation in slavery, is doing more for human rights than is Sam. The theory is that by donating money to human rights organisations, one can offset the harm associated with keeping a slave, and in Jamie’s case, since the donations are significant, Jamie has accrued a human rights violation credit.
-Frightening thinking
See for more
Andrew Scott  Feb 2013
TV Tripe
Andrew Scott Feb 2013
Maverick ex-cop (Green Beret /Navy Seal /SAS/Ranger)
Twiddle of the fingers to crack a 64 bit hexadecimal code
Shot but can still beat up bad people and run
15 people firing automatic weapons and they all miss
Database that searches the planets population in 2 seconds
And has photos of their children and plans of their building
Regardless of the crime scene sample, always a rare element that pinpoints location
Car chase where a truck can keep up with a Ducati motorbike
Organisations that only employ attractive people in lead roles
Ugly people are tech specialists sometimes allowed to be ‘quirky’
Even the uglies are attractive people disguised with glasses and bad hairstyles
‘I dream of genie’ gendre were they flirt but never get it on, unless it’s a hospital series
Watchable, funny programs that always succumb to sloppy sentimentality
High schools complete with intolerance, marginalisation, bullying, and hell on earth,
The most disturbing and darkest crime sent to titillate mid evening family viewing
Endless humiliation for fatties, chefs, performers, builders, restaurateurs, and troubled teens
Dysfunctional law enforcement agencies that never work together under any circumstances
Enough, if we need this thick coating of unreality, perhaps its time to switch off?
George Krokos Feb 2016
The whole of the visible universe appears to be just like the tip of an iceberg floating in the ocean of Infinite Consciousness; the body of God, expressing itself as space, time and matter, which converge and are fully integrated in the universal mind of the person who has achieved Cosmic Consciousness. That person stands at the very forefront and pinnacle of human evolution and existence, as it were; master of them self and their environment without any ignorance or doubt. Within that person human ignorance and limitations have been purged and transcended in the fires of the Divine Bliss, Knowledge, Love and Power of God Who alone exists and Who thereby also realises Himself to be, through that very rare individual, in essence and with absolute certainty, the One Infinite, Almighty, Eternal, and Omnipresent Being.
That Cosmic Conscious person is no longer aware of being just an individual soul with a physical body but knows and experiences life on  multidimensional levels including subtle, mental, supra mental and spiritual states of consciousness and can move between physical and non-physical dimensions. Having attained a fully developed sense of intuition that person sees into the hearts and minds of all and can influence others and events for necessary outcomes in line with a higher purpose or Divine Plan that they have become an instrument of and in accordance with the karma of the persons they are dealing with. They can know and have a clear insight into the beginning and end of any situation they themselves are confronted with, or for that matter other people find themselves in, and can offer timely advice for the benefit of one and all. They are continuously established in the perception of Truth or Reality as that is the underlying eternal unchanging Cause and Essence of all existence. Their very physical presence exudes an aura of love, peace, wisdom, bliss and power that becomes tangible to those who are in tune with them or have somehow been guided into their sphere of influence and acknowledge their unique attainment.
Although they have achieved all the above and have become a truly remarkable person they are however neither boastful, proud or prejudiced nor do they harbour any ill will towards anyone and may even keep and maintain a low profile in the world. They live and teach by example and where possible through compassion, provide support and help to others that may be or are experiencing the vicissitudes of daily existence and caught up in the web of illusion or Maya which they themselves have overcome. They have become the very epitome or ideal of the human being everyone aspires to be in one way or another and unwittingly and unequivocally act as a mirror for those who have accepted and acknowledge them for what they have become and represent, seeking their guidance and benevolence in daily life. They are the very embodiment of the Divine Supreme Being and use the Wisdom, Power, Bliss and Authority vouchsafed to them for the good of all mankind including, needless to say in various ways with considerable empathy even those who oppose them, because they see and experience themselves in all others; and of course depending on the nature of the situation; where it stands in relation to the current scheme that is unfolding and is also in keeping with the overall Divine Plan. They can also bestow a spiritual awakening and even that of enlightenment to one and all who come before them either by a thought, word, touch, deed or just by being in their physical presence, which is a rare privilege, but this depends in part on the readiness of the aspirant and usually comes at a cost. This procedure is known as the transmission of energy or initiation of the master otherwise called “Shaktipat” and can also be given through an agent of the master – an appointed dedicated disciple or follower.
Some examples of people known or attributed to have achieved true Cosmic Consciousness throughout history are the founders of all the major world religions including a person by the name of Meher Baba in the 20th Century, to whom this thesis is dedicated, and also the numerous Perfect Masters (those who have reached the highest stage of spiritual attainment on the 7th plane of consciousness) who may have themselves, over the course of millennia, also founded or established their own respective religious based institutions, sects and spiritual organisations. (See note below)

NOTE: It should be noted here however that not all religious based institutions, sects and spiritual organisations have been founded or  established by someone who has achieved true Cosmic Consciousness no matter how appealing or widespread they have become even though they may claim to adhere to and follow the tenets and principles of a major world religion. Nevertheless, if the tenets and principles of a particular religion are followed sincerely with devotion the Grace of the Founder of that religion is available and flows through to the aspirant irrespective of time and place. It should also be noted that over the course of millennia some of the written accounts and records of those major world religions have probably been changed or altered in various ways by their respective clergy either due to translation and modernisation of the original works or for the sheer sake of maintaining authority and power over that religion’s followers. Hence, we have today so many diverse views based on dogma and doctrine regarding what has been handed down, particularly in regard to those professing to be knowledgeable about that religion, without themselves having experienced or achieved that state of consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness of the main  Founder) but are just quoting the words of the Founder and others in that particular religious tradition.
From the above it can be stated that there have been throughout history complete and major as well as also partial and minor examples of people attaining Cosmic Consciousness. It also seems evident due to a Cosmic Universal Trend regarding certain factors influencing human evolution and concerning the progress or advancement in knowledge and technology through the current understanding of the relationship between science and religion that there is a general increase of people who are finding a greater interest in the pursuit and study of the subject in one way or another.
Cosmic Consciousness is also known variously as God Realisation, Self Realisation, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Sahaj Samadhi, Liberation, Christ Consciousness and by other terms which indicate and point to an irrevocable union of a human being with a Divine Supreme Being or state of consciousness that is indescribable, except perhaps by those who have achieved and experience it in every moment of their daily fulfilled lives, immaculate and the All-in-All of Everything and Nothing; the repository and Source of all existence and the Eternal, Infinite Unfathomable Absolute.
Written in 2015. I thought this would be interesting to share here on HP.
Mateuš Conrad Feb 2016
i've been to kenya, all that these "charity" adverts are fuelling
is ignorance, they're presupposing
all the african nations are like kindergarten,
they're insulating them... it's like that:
give a man fish or give him a fishing rod,
i.e.: give a man money or give him a
method creating & subsequently circulating wealth:
these charitable companies are insulting
african nations to be at a loss,
they're only feeding european bureaucrats
who are really the only worthwhile
charitable pay-cheque givens, odds 4-5.*

a retired lady selling poppies
for a feeling
committed suicide
being hunted by ninety-nine
charity organisations...
charity organisations...
start-ups akin to apps of
cue: shaved face, young, eager
****** venom ****** statues
of jealousy...
all the bankers' wives have
a tier system, the origin of
charity companies
(surely a wife can't be as pristine
as her husband):
first two don't count,
third: modern art "collector",
fifth: philanthropist,
seventh: possessor of an O.B.E.
and as one bemused englishman said:
king arthur and the zimmerframe table
of knights with walking sticks rather than swords:
money made people lazy, less adventurous,
let alone less tribal and communist,
adventure just became predictable,
the modern shopper is envious of
the hunter gatherer... so envious
he wants to look the part, but live as modern
lazy allows... after all... all the gym sessions
can't go to waste... got to run standing still:
hey! don quixote! leave the windmills!
check out the treadmills... you see a caveman
anywhere in the sweaty parlours?
i don't.
Mateuš Conrad Jul 2016
to live in a society where artistic expression is least expected or not wanted, to live in a society that doesn't allow part-time explorations of a "creative side" of things, to live in a society that doesn't really need art, to live in a society that doesn't make it easy to become artists, to live in a society that doesn't make it easy to become artists, to live in a society that cherishes manual labour and teaches its youth to keep the hands and make do with manual labours as pride-enveloped - the sweat and a goodnight's sleep - to live in a society where art is difficult to muster and call profession rather than a past-time, to live in a society of professional artists likened to the Italian Renaissance, to live in a society where manual labour is prißed (s / z interchange, phonetic antonym proximity: priced), to live in a society where acceptable gambling is shunned like unacceptable gambling is infectious with warnings sold... to live in a state like this... would be to have the stern village everyone-knows-everyone attitude, where outsiders are deemed suspicious without hierarchies of spying organisations... where everyone tends to wear the same underwear - well that would be a society built without a concept of slavery or microwave fine dining... by the way, given the nakedness of English encoding, and the many particular deviations in linguistics and *** alike, you can put in whatever stresses are necessary whenever you see them, e.g. carrot and a carot and shtick - škoda / sh-codices - feel free, explore, the labyrinth is yours - in Polish škoda is a word know as - shame, leveraging on the phrase 'oh well' / '(what) could have been'.*

i used to check my neck-fat dangle bits
and pieces like someone with high blood-pressure,
it was a sorry affair,
i feel more comfortable with a Scandinavian
physique of whale-blubber cushioning
my bones - i told you once, i'll tell you again,
i rather live on ᚦᚨᚱᛁᛖ œyer - got to curl the tongue
rather than simply have a tongue in cheek -
than anyone else - like a thomas hardy novel:
far from the maddening crowd,
obscure, half-witted, raised on an Orca meat diet,
half-sure whether Milan or Venice ever existed,
happy, not really agitated to write poetry,
more agitated to build a boat or fix
a drainage pipe, but not exactly expecting a poem
to be on the cards to be read like tabloid newspapers
are by feet imprinting mud on them discarded
by the time the Evening Standard is printed
in urban streets, promising in hand and fresh igloo
slice of tongue on the index to turn the next page...
later worth less than toilet paper,
that's journalism, at the end of the day
it's worth less than toilet paper, the paper's too rough,
you'll end up cutting your **** up rather than
cushioning out a brown marshmallow - it ends up on
the street, in the gutter, trampled and otherwise,
harsh words about reality-t.v. come with harsh realities...
toilet paper comes with the gentle side of mankind,
seated on the throne-of-thrones, the obscure
fundamentalism of having a heart, being killed while
taking a **** - next of kin: a baby in a ***** likewise fated.
katewinslet Dec 2015
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Raj Arumugam Aug 2013
I posted a poem
at hello poetry -
and what happened?
Somebody started following me

I received a "notification"
(I can’t say “much to my gratification”)
that someone started following me
I think it went something like:
“Naked Blueberry started following you”

Oh what did I do?
What did I dodo?
All I did was to post a poem
and not a word from you -
O cruel menacing follower -
not a comment
not an expression of your displeasure
but you started following me
What did I do?
What did I dodo?

I may tell bad jokes
and write verse
that daily gets worse
Yeah, I may look ugly like I stole
a look from my fav Mad magazine
and once in a while I say something
about organisations -
but does that warrant you
following me
and transforming me into
a near-nervous wreck?

O Naked Blueberry
what did I do?
What did I dodo -
why do you follow me, you naked stalker?
I lie in bed now afraid
and my wife worries that
I cry out often in sleep:
“Hence, You Naked Succubus -
Follow me not!”
And I dare not approach my car
but after looking under bonnet
and boot and below the carriage
I dare not write a word now
but fear that you and your agents
will follow and stalk me
with ne’er a word, ne’er a warning

At least tell me, please O follower
O Naked Blueberry, O Protean Terminator
O **** Redberry  
and all the others in various guises
(I know you guys are all one person,
namely Lily Raw and Ready)
- tell me why you follow,
show me cause of your anger
O what did I do?
What did I dodo?
What should I do?
What should I dodo?
This is one of those poems where I take a 'risk'...
1) ...just a good-natured dig on the contemporary practice of following but without a comment or clue... 2) I will be away for some time...back possibly early Oct... 3) I'm following this bull that's run into the bush...  4) You guys and gals all have a great time till then...
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2016
they really shouldn't have stressed their point
on education:
      i got educated... and so what?
i would have been happy working my way
up from in a supermarket -
         or any other faint job resembling robotics -
it's harder to get higher education
and start from the tomb-rock-bottom -
too much Disney got fused with your nerves -
and imagination isn't that powerful coupled
with consciousness to make yourself hallucinate
debilitating experiences - it's not that powerful,
however much those who think so argue the point -
i once said: i want to write poetry like Wordsworth -
not really, i want to write poetry like the Boss:
yep, Springsteen - i want to write the lyrics
that Bon Jovi and George Harrison wrote:
that's what should be potatoes (i.e. arable) in poetry:
the inability: the vouchsafed last:
                                                     a void attired to
a crowd: the conductor and the massed-up orchestra -
the magi wand: the larynx and the last breathed chord.
but in reality getting mail from U.C.L.
makes me think only one thing:
hey! i dropped out halfway through the semester!
i didn't go through the second periodic,
i wet mad, but you took my money anyway,
can i have those 3 thousand quids back?
no? well... that's my donation to your sporty-sports
gagging for money... ever hear Oxfam was a
country named in Africa... you're not donating
to starving infants... you're donating
to keep bureaucrats in their jobs -
all post-colonial nations invented charity organisations:
take the money, you have no honour,
or rap left in you -
all post-colonial nations invented charity organisations:
money is the easy way out:
namesake gambling or playing the lottery -
their shark-like-leeches: they prey on hopeless
old women - once again with the
Berber pirates: old age is a curse, rather than an
achievement: we'll never outlive the Galapagos
turtles: they're born with wrinkles and an
expectation to live beyond 100 years...
no, i don't feel anything having been achieved
with me receiving the Portico magazine from U.C.L.,
they shouldn't have hanged that carrot in my face
given my father is a roofer and a former
metal worker - they sniffed me out via their class
warfare jealousy - they sniffed out that i was
an avid reader and beyond comprehensively literate,
that ****** them off... i continued on my road
to demise, wishing it was truly a ding-****
resemblance of Sonny Clark... i shame the fates
invoking the furies that it wasn't the similar case
of lessened concerns - and death, or Samael -
like antoine de aaint-exupéry's little prince
in similar caste to understand: once more,
death the most curious of children -
for it is said: when born with weakness once
easily accepts it, and focuses on the beauty
beyond - but when weakness is forced upon you
without genetic explanation, as a crime:
one takes to kindred involvement with the cancerous
child, who, in his weakness, sought beyond
the immediate: the aesthetic at being so little
time to find so little beneath the potential:
as life firstly peppered with drink, woman and song,
to be later salted with drink (alcoholism), woman
(celibacy at best, or ****** and general abandonment),
and song: rain drools on the parapets like
angry gods, or friendly dogs.
and you think the winner of the english x-factor
2015 got a record contract? have you seen her lately?
they make the people already broken doubly broke...
elevation of ******* i think...
                  the karaoke tribunal and sentencing -
they are worse off than they were before,
    like me, being fed the lie of getting education,
becoming an educated chemist,
    not catching the fisherman's tackle of money
and suiting myself to the robot clause of entertaining
those that pay for waiters, doormen and shelf-stacking creeps,
  i should be there, not here, not writing these
poems: i should be there.
               i'm not even born to entertain,
   hence my precursor to meddle in shelved toothpaste.
          my best gambit joke?
           i've got nothing to lose -
unless it's a library of books and compact disks...
   beyond that... talk of honour and *****
  is pretty much tied to kingpins and stilettos -
        and life... well... i like the way it sounds:
  and lastly god: well, i don't blame the Utopian
fetishist on all the grief... i just like to turn people
into simple coordinates of pointing my finger:
                    nits                          nits
      and an old lady knitting a scarf to catch
                       a forgotten wind from the north:
that hushed the Eskimo into yawning -
             from breath a sculpture in the Arctic:
                                    an electron cloud,
  rigid dogmatic orbits elsewhere, and for some other fools;
            as i was once.
shireliiy Dec 2015
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What do these guys think they are doing,
coming to our lands, killing and terrorising us?  
Whilst I hear the words of the Koran from their mouths,
it must be obvious that these guys are just foot soldiers, trained, indoctrinated, fired like missiles.  
Its not these guys we need to worry about, but the system that creates them.  
I am sure that at the top are political and financially motivated organisations that use these guys to further their political and financial aims.  
Bin Laden at least seemed to wear the "hair shirt" of his views - I wonder how many of the rest of supposedly Islamic leaders do this,
rather than line there pockets with the spoils of war and terrorism,
feed on and revel in the power they gain through violence.  

What do these guys think they are doing, coming to our lands,
killing and terrorising us?  
Whilst I hear the words of the bible from their mouths,
it must be obvious that these guys are just foot soldiers, trained, indoctrinated, fired like missiles.  
Its not these guys we need to worry about, but the system that creates them.  
I am sure that at the top are political and financially motivated organisations that use these guys to further their political and financial aims.  
Obama at least seemed to wear the "hair shirt" of his views - I wonder how many of the rest of our supposedly "democratic" leaders do this,
rather than line there pockets with the spoils of war and terrorism,
feed on and revel in the power they gain through violence.
OK not a poem :(
judy smith Nov 2016
Investors need to stop treating stocks as a ‘beauty contest’ and follow the difficult investment style of Keynes, global pension expert Keith Ambachtsheer said.

Data produced in a working paper from the Harvard Business Schoolshowed that portfolios built on firms with a good material sustainability rating outperformed those that had a poor rating, an aspect not considered enough by investors who were caught up with quarterly returns, Ambachtsheer said at a Chartered Financial Analyst seminar in Sydney on Monday.

“What I see happening out there is largely speculation – what Keynes called ‘beauty contest investing’, where everybody tries to figure out what the most popular stocks are going to be in six months, buys them and when they become really popular sells them,” Ambachtsheer said.

He added the implications of this investment style as an aggregate was a zero sum game, whereas investing should be taking savings and turning them into wealth producing capital.

“The key thing is you need to look beyond the next quarter; you look at the long-term sustainability of the business model of the corporation, as well as the people behind it in terms of how it is being managed.”

The Harvard Business School (HBS) working paper superimposed the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board materiality map (which identifies likely material sustainability issues on an industry-by-industry basis) onto 400 common US stocks identified through sustainability metrics from Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini Research & Analytics.

They examined what effect materiality would have over the long-term (starting from the 1980s) and found the top 10 per cent of firms that scored strongly on material sustainability outperformed the bottom 10 per cent, by nine per cent over a rolling twenty-year period.

“The practical question is, can you actually manage money this way in the real world? And the answer is yes, but it’s very hard, because you are doing unconventional things,” Ambachtsheer said.

Real-world Keynesianism investors – such as Warren Buffett and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – are in a minority despite outperforming over the long-term. In chapter 12 of his seminal workThe General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Keynes explained the reason for this was the essence of long-term investors meant their behaviour would be eccentric, unconventional and rash in the eyes of average opinion.

“Most organisations can’t function like this,” Ambachtsheer said, as they were too focused on the present.Read more |
anastasiad Apr 2017
The actual London Olympic games is coming soon, as well as area is needs to demonstrate symptoms of force in which electrical power is anxious. High of Liverpool has already been subject to strength shortages as a result of your Olympic build-up, as well as expenditures from the M25 are now as much as Thirty percent more than the other region.

Naturally, numerous large, London-based facts hub solutions include stated his or her concern about the ever rising expenses related to operating a details center within the metropolis. Possibly a lot more stressing would be the prospects for short-term electrical power failures over the Olympic games, every single down-time could possibly be highly detrimental to your supplier track record and could perhaps jeopardise your ease of access in their clients?details.

An additional issue pertaining to organizations who use details companies located in the Money, is definitely the predictable matter of actual physical gain access to: along with big packed areas descending upon central London along with bordering areas, visitors along with public transport are set to be at an all-time great. In peak periods, these types of throngs of people can significantly restrict access to facts revolves, particularly placed nearby the Olympic Town. A lack of ****** accessibility can also offer major complications if technicians can't seem to get to files centres as soon as theye requiring upkeep and also maintenance.

For a means to fix these kinds of potential problems, some companies will provide short-term services deals for the duration of the Olympic games along with Paralympics, letting companies so that you can in the short term colocate the information with zones away from investment. Evidently this solution would possibly not fit with all companies, it will unquestionably attract individuals who need frequent use of their files while in the online games.

Out of town information establishments are getting to be a lot more known as a total, as well as Olympic games could possibly motivate many companies in order to reconsider their London-based company, and is overtaken by a out of town spot. Apart from steering clear of the actual Olympic disorder, there are numerous benefits of using a knowledge middle over and above Greater london:

Quite a few beyond the capital facts organisations will be new along with reason built, meaning much better conveniences, more recent technological know-how and far better energy-efficiency

The price of residence along with strength is really a lot much less, causing cost savings for any client

The danger of enemy threats is significantly less, when compared to london, uk

Aside from the prospective energy failures, fees and access limitations, we have a real worry about the lack of bandwith out there, as well as no matter whether there will be ample to handle large say in people who will probably be climbing down from in Manchester throughout the course of the actual Olympic games. A lot of large agencies will have the ability to beat bandwith problems, the entire content of Manchester should be expecting a college degree regarding sluggish services during the occurrence.

As the Olympics draw ever before nearer, a linked complaints are bound to increase, even though them extremely hard to calculate the levels of disturbance your games could cause, it sounds as if there's never recently been a more rewarding time for corporations to transfer their own facts beyond the Funds. Best Password Manager App

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