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Chris La Mar May 2017
Hello, Goodbye
This is my friend, Noname
Noname, meet Goodbye
And Noname can’t stand it when I say goodbye
Because Noname knows not where to stand
Since I am Noname’s only standing friend

Yesterday I taught Noname the Goodbye Paradox
Noname, remember, can’t stand Goodbye
So when I saw Noname, I said, “Hi.”
But since Noname knew what a paradox was,
Noname couldn’t stand it when I said, “Hi.”
Because Noname knew it really meant, “Goodbye”
So Noname stood alone all day today
Since yesterday, Noname couldn’t stand today’s “Goodbye” or yesterday’s “Hi.”

Tomorrow, Noname told me not to worry about today’s Goodbye
Goodbye no longer affected Noname, so Noname assured me not worry
So I stood by Noname today, since yesterday Noname stood alone
And Today came and when Today was through with Noname,
Noname could not stand Today since Today said Goodbye
Just like Yesterday

And therefore, the paradoxes were doubled that today- from yesterday and today
And Noname could not stand it even more
Until Yesterday I stood by Noname
And Noname could not stand it
Because I was standing by Noname Yesterday
And Yesterday, Noname knew Goodbye had already come
So Noname could not stand me
Since I stood with Noname

But Noname thought about the paradoxes
And tolerated them
Noname actually stood on them
Because they brought Noname comfort
When they cancelled out
And Noname stood on their cancelling out
Yesterday and Today Noname stood on them
And told them, “Goodbye”

And then they returned
Hello and Goodbye
Today and Yesterday
And Noname could not stand it
And I could do nothing about it
Since I did not know how to console Noname properly

Because Noname never told me her name
Lucas Ennis  Feb 2019
Lucas Ennis Feb 2019
It feels like my wrists are burning
Blood is dripping down my arms
My head keeps screaming
I shouldn't of self-harmed.
My mom is going to be mad.
She's going to hit me again.
Give me another bruise.
Now my scars have some friends.
Just wash off the blood.
Dry off with the towel.
Wrap up your arms.
Go back to your personal bubble.
Isolate yourself for another week little girl.
Take you medicine.
And jump off the hill.
Just a little vent cause I feel icky.
Peter Balkus  Apr 2016
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
They call me
a man,
a poet, a tree,
a river, a flower, a bird,
a stone. Rain
and sun.
But none of these names
is mine.

My name is Noname.
I was named after nothing
and no one.
Thomas Davies  Mar 2016
Thomas Davies Mar 2016
We all feel a bit insecure at times
With society watching our every move
It's up to us to make things better
Oh so difficult to do right

The world always try to knock us down
But don't give up, even if you're down
Just stand up stronger than before
We can show them we're not weak

Society judges us, so we hide
Put our masks on and hide
When all we want is to be free
But people deprive us of the priviledge

We must all stand together
We are as strong united, but we are weak apart
No matter the circumstances
We will rise to victory!
Created by Thomas Davies and Kobus Landsberg. I will not take credit alone ;)
Nuha Fariha Jun 2019
Gather your books, your notebooks, your pages and pages
Barely legible Catholic school cursive, oil crusted papers
Coffee stains, cheese danish crumbs, ink marks on your thighs

Use your mother’s brain, your father’s tireless oxen energy
Your sister’s bravery, your grandmother’s mix of mango & tajin,
Your grandfather’s home grown guavas from the rooftop gardens
You come from a legacy, a star doesn’t explode in isolation

At my funeral play Jamila, play Nitty, NoName,
Rihanna, SZA, Mahlia, Kamaiyah, MIA, Nina,
Light a votive in the shape of Beyonce and baby Blue
Sing your blues, the chorus never sounded this good
utmost nadir of despair found
this atheist craning his neck skyward
hearing resplendent August
choral symphony may sound absurd,
but...mine supreme auditory sense

(compensated with poor vision,
i.e. extreme myopia) genetically injured
acute undoubted gifted courtesy,
viz cochlear ability crystal clear
also heard kindled melodious Lord

and lady joyously plucked harp strings,
which did lyft spirits seared, moored
anchored of me, one who demurred
coyly being graced with
exquisite hypnosis got lured

into cerulean celestial vault,
where I acquiesced and murmured
after a lifetime of hardship inured
every cell in my glob bully
warmed weatherbeaten body

sought salvation, thus poetic urge averred
this skeptic (nee nihilist), no matter
faith no more,...perhaps
soul asylum desperation secured

tenuous linkedin thread of hope
barely connecting yours truly, whose word
not necessarily claiming
to be the gospel truth,

nonetheless sought to nimbly aire
asthma tried and true valued metier,
vis a vis thru write of springiness declare
ring nothing sacrilegious,
nor decried as Harris say (ad) aware
no matter Doubting Thomas's (donned

as trumpeting English muffins)
may suspiciously questioning - dare
faux authenticity atop wobbly
shaky, and noname spear
such antithetical blare
nee as the rhyming ranting

of a harmless maniac
with mediocre ability to scare
heavenly visualization -
secondarily as a zealous
Earthlinked aspiring balladeer,

who immediately chucked
delusive fastasical notions
earning degree as an engineer,
thus setting sights, and
virtually figurative crosshair

to cackle like Chanticlear,
which discordant aural
debacle tortured ear
piercing decibel threshold of unbear
hubble pain for
those unfortunately subjected

and forced to endure such screeching
a result of budget cuts - profoundly severe
that perilous, seditious, and viscous tear
into webbed, whirled, and wide statecraft,
hence melodic reverberation mistaken
as mock apple pie "FAKE" fakir

begging intercession qua spiritual guardian,
wrought mine overactive imagination
conjuring smug cockle doodle fledgling cheer
shoring temple mount reverse fortune,

whereby by fanciful fatefulness, I fell victim,
tomb eye own dim eyes, poppycock did ensnare
riotous, roisterous, and ruinous roostering
essentially roused, grounded,
and distorted nightmare!

— The End —