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annh  May 26
The Navigator
annh May 26
Beyond the shanty town of Midtendrift, where the moneylenders ply their trade among the aimless and avaristic, lie the ice prairies of Ensomfelt. The region is a barren wasteland whose boundaries are flanked to the west by the bottomless crevasse of Issorg and to the east by Lake Hjertestorm.

Those who come to wander this no-man’s-land may find that they disappear from the earth for a time - from themselves, and from the memory of others. Relying only on inspiration to guide them, they pass this way unseen, their weary feet making shallow graves in the freshly fallen snow.

The rocky outcrop at Engeldrøm marks the gateway to the in-countries. Nestled beneath the foothills of Mount Håp, this is the place to which souls lost to the world of ego and ambition return to take up their torch and remember.

During the long northern winter, the sky above Håp is an expanse of indigo ocean punctuated with an infinity of lamplights. Among these lanterns which float free of the earth, the North Star shines the brightest. It is here that you will find your journey’s end and a treasure trove of truth, forged in fire and sealed in ice.

Apologies for the bastardised Norwegian:
Midtendrift - Middle Drift
Ensomfelt - Lonely Field
Issorg - Ice Sorrow
Hjertestorm - Heart Storm
Engeldrøm - Angel Dream
Håp - Hope
Sam Hawkins  Jul 2017
To Action
Sam Hawkins Jul 2017
Let this be spark to collective action!
The exercise of natural freedoms and equality.

Sever attachments, break from your safety,
from the shores of who you think you are.

Set sail with faith,
placing ideologies in abeyance.

Set sail with soul songs,
join with saints and strangers
harmoniously singing.

Be ALL as One
in open repartee.

Brothers and sisters, all of a wild nature–
none left uninvited.

Friends at heart all, all welcome!

Who shall be chief navigator?

Trace sensitive fingers on contour maps the Universe makes.
Apply improvisations; as we navigate, we invent.

With tiniest of maps (the same is the largest
with infinite pathways) we are destined exactly
to found and inhabit New Earth.

Who brings gifts of intuitive sensing?

Shall we draw straws?

Any can buddy up with the experts
at the rational sextant.

Every single she and he of us
is a guiding star.

Accordingly, let’s begin
convergent conversations of stars.

Of the humans who choose to stay behind, let us love them.
Let us love them and let’s be on our way!

It is enough now that many have had good intentions,
have spoken authentically, enthusiastically.

Yet they do not wish to enter in.
Each in his or her own time.

Others have voiced opposition,
demonstrated resistance.

Some others — stuck in apathy,
in numbness, powerlessness.

Is fear of ****** death
the ultimate stopping?

What is living if living itself
is death?

Are you one who has ears
to hear?

Are you that very passenger
ready to disavow, to disembark?

Have you awakened
to your own alluring whisper?

Let us begin.
Faizel Farzee Sep 10
Completely spaced out again
When will this endless voyage end
The cemented past does not want to bend
Tired of trying to will the impossible i'm spent

I'm just a feather on a breeze, going with the flow
Life is the navigator, it's steering the boat
Erupting emotions about to blow
Missing again, i lost hope

Thoughts spinning, caught within the eye of the storm
Separate from the world, my pen refuse to conform
To the sadness and chaos it is magnetically drawn
I feel the worlds pain, in my soul it's still warm

Words of wisdom i spew
From a broken winged mind it flew
What i preach, please don't misconstrued
These words come from the heart, a place of truth

Let's take a second and realize what to the world we have done
It's beauty a hostage, locked in cages and paintings for our fun
This worried message is a global concern, its for everyone
The world is decaying, Armageddon has silently begun.
Truth bombs exploding from my sleepy mind,
i have to write, these feelings are not kind.
forcing me to capture these words on the pages
wrenching every word from my minds cages
please let me go, i just want to sleep
Not until you capture the worlds pain,
It continuously  whispers to me
Star BG  Dec 2018
I AM (#1)
Star BG Dec 2018
I am that I am.
An avatar of compassion.
The distant traveler inside human form.

Who am I...
A sage on mission of dream.
A warrior of light.
A spark of The Divine.
The sacred one who pulsates with song.

I am that I am.
An Avatar for peace and joy.  
The grand vessel wrapped in sacred light.

Who am I...
much more than human.
A navigator of stars.
A creative being who sings with grace.    
The one inside eternal quest to free soul.

I am that I am.
An avatar of love and light.
A seeker with gifts to share with world.
A mirror of everything.
The one who bows toward all.
And star-seed here to aid humanity

Who be you? Who be you?
inspired by  RJ and Lori Jones McCaffery
One of three poems
Pyre  Aug 2018
My Body, My Ship
Pyre Aug 2018
My chest is my mast
My eyes the crows nest
and my mind the pest

My rib cage is the hull
My jaw the figurehead
and my mind the blockhead

My ears are my anchor
My eyes its chains
That my mind all stains

My Spine is the keel
My veins the crew
And my mind is askew

My soul is my captain
My heart the navigator
and my mind the perpetrator

My name is the Crest
That my mind will infest

— The End —