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Sandile JUNIOUR Jun 2015
i feel so missunderstood im
no bad guy i wasnt a villan wearing a mask
i was never a person of lasting lies time flys by day after day feeling so missunderstood
nobody cares about my

my mission wasnt to target and destroy but was to nature and love with pation and grace i wanted to teach you a lesson but it turned out to be the end of our story

i feel so missunderstood because i love you but am taken as a liar a wommerniser im just a boy in need of your love and happyness
i wanna grow with you but you see me as a fool

tried to teach u a harsh lesson it turned out to be that the cadles whr blown out and the smake from the cadles are just our memories fadding up into thin air but the two cadles still stand fermly

i feel so missunderstood
# sj
# keep cool calm and collected
Gabriel burnS Sep 2017
Friendly pokes
***** jokes
Someone has misheard:

-Are you some kinda perv?
-I struck some kinda nerve?

Awkward looks
into boots.

Who will be the first
to change the topic,
pitch of talking?
Can this be reversed?

It was just an impulse.
Yes, it is that simple
when it's not rehearsed.
Who's that good with words?

Smile and let's move on.
Let us not be dull.
Moods will come and go
so on the go we learn.
BSeuss Jul 2017
Bro1: ..... you look like you got hit by a TRAIN!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!
Bro2: I pulled a gun on God.
Bro: ...what? where's the gun?
1: I don't frigging know.
2: you look like you got mauled!! How are you alive?!?!
1: turns out God is just a fighter. Not a killer. I love you.
2: ......what the hell happened to you?
1: I just told you.
2: what did you drink......
1: let's just say I will be hung over for. eternity. I love you.'re scaring me.
1: and you're scaring me too.
What if God is real. But we don't know the truth about it.
Nick Feetchi Jan 2016
The love of a poet in love with a pen,
About love, heartache, mystery or sin,

A chosen few who can tell the tale,
That will inspire, unite, or cast a spell,

Then there are the few  who do not agree,
With the style, format or cant even see,

The love of a poet in love with the pen,
Who shares the tale about something within,

Judge not about what is missunderstood,
expression through poetry is simply good.

I too am a poet in love with my pen,
I hope you enjoy- what I share from within.
Missunderstood medicine man
plant and herbs tight in hand
veggies fruits and and tobaco plants
from tribe to civilized
plants are disected and pillized
while open awake to thrive
pharm free eating pots of honey hive
theres many that help and many that ail
tabaco dipped for death
hospitals smell stail
steel and lumber companies say hemp noway
that stuff is the devils kept
hemp went away because of that day
its back to wear and eat but not to smoke
what is this some kind of ******* joke
l m May 2014
I am poetic and misunderstood
I wonder if anyone notices i'm not happy
I hear myself thinking, ruining myself
I see my family and friends so full of glee
I want them to understand i'm diffrent
I am poetic and misunderstood

I pretend to be happy with a bright smile
I feel the opposite
I touch the faint scars
I worry people will notice and judge or be mean
I cry at the memories of how low people made me feel
I am poetic and missunderstood

I understand everyone has problems of their own
I say if we all knew the deep stuff, we'd treat eachother better
I dream of the good memories and forget the nighmares
I try and strive to be better and stay rad
I hope to become someone I can be proud of
I am poetic and misunderstood
wrote something but maybe nothing idk
Ananth Faszer Jul 2013
she was fooled
she was missunderstood
she  was betrayed
they filled her life with tears and hatred
teras ran down her cheeks like a river
yet there wasnt anyone to stop that pain full river

the meaningless words of other
pricked her heart like fragment of a broken mirror
she walked down the street alone
holding her head down to the ground

as she walked a drop of blood fell from her heart
teras poured from her eyes like a rain
but the people around enjoyed the crumbling pain
no longer could she remain with the painfull past

as her last tear rolled down her cheek
she prayed "let me the last"
and she past away from her painfull life
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
We were born in a place that isn't the best

But still it's much different from all the rest

We were born as people, sharing a same town

Always stood for it, never to let it down

We were raised in loving and caring about our country

We were raised in respect to every guard and sentry

It has always been our precious mother

In bitter and sweet, when it laughs or smother

Our duty towards our town

Never to let it drown

With time going on, many things has changed

Something went wrong that got everything rearranged

Black souls were born and has came

Been using the town and it's people in a way that was so lame

Whenever our people tried to start the blame

They got burned right away like a fire flame

People were scared

The fear was shared

They kept silence while they were deeply dying

They kept silence while they were secretly crying

They kept silence when they knew the government was lying

They kept silence when they had to be complying

And then we thought time has come for one more glee

And then we thought we've got back freedom's key

And then we thought we were no longer falling on our knee

And so it turned out that the grave doesn't seem to be setting us free

New people came

With different masks

New changes in the game

With different kind of tasks

They were using our poor precious town

They were seaking for a chair or a crown

None of them cared about your good

They all claimed to be missunderstood

But the worst part is that the bad people are in power

The worst part is how big they can devour

Our soldiers are dying

Our mothers are cying

Our tears doesn't seem to be drying

Our government is doing nothing but lying.
July 17th 2014
Lex  Jan 2018
Lex Jan 2018
The first time I saw you
I realized you were special
The way you sat quietly by yourself
and you laughed with your friends
The way that even though you've had trials
I could see that you like to smile
When you look at me
When your fingers brush my arm
I feel like a little girl again
Everytime you smile at me
and look down at your shoes
Your cheeks flush red
You're missunderstood, you're incredible
and maybe someday your heart
will be with mine.
zaineb nabi Jul 2014
I was sinking in my own sea

Thought that drinking would set me free

My head was underwater, my breathing wasn't fine

That was the moment i realised, your heart cannot be mine

And so i tried healing scars with many glasses of wine

Every single part of me was damaged even my blood line

Yes i was bleeding, isn't that obvious and clear?

Yes i was bleeding, When ends the wave of fear?

Yes i was bleeding, for not being anyone's dear

And yes i kept bleeding, and maybe yelling but none could hear

Every heart-beat explains my pain

Every empty sheet abuses my brain

And i was slowly going insane

My sources of power i should regain

Yes i've lost my sanity

In a world missing humanity

Full of sick souls hiding their reality

A bunch of fools claiming normality

As i was obliged in being a part of the world

As i was obliged to keep unspoken words, none ever heard

As i was obliged to deal with sick society

With a world of acts full of impropriety

I might've gone insane but all i've got in mind

Are many seperate words i'd like to throw behind

Defines how much human is blind

In damaging all the good he could ever find

Oh **** human

Oh **** people

Always claiming straighness, in a mosque or a steeple

Oh **** human, stabbing each each other in the back

Oh **** human, you never deserve being locked out of black

Oh **** human, you have no arms but a knife

Oh **** human, you've missunderstood the rules of life

Oh how i hate being a part of you

Oh how much you cause me a mind blew

Oh how hard i wish the world was never true

A lame joke, sick lie that we are going through

You think that's too much hate?

You think i over berate?

Try once to walk on my shoe

Try to see the world just like i do

Try to sink with me in my sea

Try to imagine how life should be

Try to see how lame human can be

That way they would **** you... Just the way they killed me.
Alone in the dark
So much more than missunderstood
Your apathy is not lost on me
The truth lies in my scars
It pulses through my veins
Invades my broken heart
Temporarily I stem the flow
Cutting off the Scorce
The relief you see is all I've got
My solemn scars and I

— The End —