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Nick Feetchi Jan 2018
If only one kiss from my dearest lips,
I'd sail the seven seas,

Dig down deep just to take a peek,
It's with you I'd rather be,

If only one kiss from my dearest lips,
my love will always be true,

I surrender my heart and give you my Love,
In hopes this story ends with you.
Nick Feetchi Jan 2018
Barbie the doll with her own home,
         Lots of friends and a guy of her own,
She has a Tele a car and a pool,
         Lots of accessories and her clothes are cool,

The fairytale life of glamour and fashion,
         A pretty doll for a girl who lives in mansion,

Soon to be lost among the toys,
         The day will come when the girl choose boys,

Look at her on the floor in the room,
          With her head detached in the path of the broom,

Not taken care of and left behind,
       Because the little girl finds love and looses her mind,

Take the time to remember your toys,
          The times you forgot them over the boys.
That time when you just start smiling as you’re writing.
Nick Feetchi May 2017
I dare to dream of unthinkable things,
which are definitely beyond my means,
to escape to a place,
but never explored,
the beauty of you,
the one I adore,
to relinquish the feeling,
in need of healing,
wondering thoughts of where you are,
desperate measures,
simple pleasures,
still, I dream of those unthinkable things,
beyond my reach and yet ------- still I dream,
Nick Feetchi Dec 2016
Spread love like an infectious disease,
To rid malice, strife and negativity with ease,
Let your light shine like the summers rays,
Embracing your fellow man creating better days,
For starters pay it forward without acknowledgement or compensation,
Spread this germ generously and watch the loving mutation.

Love Wins…..
  Dec 2016 Nick Feetchi
Denel Kessler
It is not enough to see
a soul will manifest
what has been sown
immortal purple flame
gnarled roots in stone
the truth of nature
an external blooming
expression of the world

a flourishing vision
voraciously spreads
animating the meadow
with honey-scented breeze
steep slopes sweetened
magnificent blossoms
open lavender wings
to conquer the sky

here the air is thin
windblown seeds
so carelessly thrown
to harsh alpine soil
become willful weeds
persistently untamed
internally unchained
forever wild flowers
Lupine are symbolically associated with imagination, inner guidance, self-reflection, and the development of wisdom that sees beyond polarizing dualities.
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