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SkittlesDarken Jul 2018
A life worth fighting for is a life full of trials and hardships. Trials that feel like thousands of miles and tears that will never end. A heart that will mend through time and happiness.

Dreams are being chased and faith is being challenged every step forward feels like 3 steps back. Walls feel closer and reopen like a beating heart. As if a part of you will never be lost.

From dark days, to a new beginning. All wounds from my past are just healing I feel as if an old life is peeling away with nothing to hold me back.
SkittlesDarken Jul 2015
One small hand wrapped around my finger.
Beautiful brown eye's, opening and seeing the world for the first time.
A little girl brought into the world, I can finally call mine.

From the first hand hold, to the first small kiss.
To crying nights that have now become my bliss.
So no worries, my little girl mama is here to help you through the world.

As I number the days and watch you grow.
So many memories come to flow.
From the day I saw you first.
Was the day my life was reversed.

Big brown eyes, little red bow, and a smile white as a pearl.
Even when you're older, you will still be my little girl.
SkittlesDarken May 2015
Scars on her wrist that will never fade.
Her life story in one small space.
Tears in her eyes, and pain on her face.
Her broken heart will never be replaced.
Her dreams that were once here to stay,
has now been chased away.

Scars on her wrist that will always stay.
Scars that remind her of her past pain.
Tears like rain and anger like thunder,
she tries her best not to be pulled under.
The time has come, and now it’s to late,
her tortured soul can now reach her fate.

A tortured soul that has never been forgotten.
A red covered blade, has played it's deadly game.
With scars on her wrist, she finally took that risk.
Now her answer has been known, no more candles
to be blown.
Now an angel with a smile on her face a broken heart,
that has finally been replaced.
SkittlesDarken May 2015
Pain in her eyes, her constant cries.
All the lies that seem to satisfy.
The constant beams of light has disappeared.
Everything she has feared, is greatly coming near.

In her eyes, there is nothing but sorrow.
With the loss of hope for tomorrow.
Her dread of day, watches her wash away.
While the night, makes her feel alright.

In her eyes, she has reached her fate.
With one question that is still a debate.
To stay or to go?
Her answer is still unknown.
SkittlesDarken May 2015
A mother so caring.
A mother so dear.
A mother who wipes away every single tear.
A mother who is kind.
A mother who is strong.
A mother who has been strong for so long.

A mother who is a blessing.
A mother with such a heart.
A mother who has stayed with me through the dark.
A mother who has come so far.
A mother who shines bright as a star.
SkittlesDarken May 2015
What is this? this new experiment I have started.
Is it my fault? or something more?
I sit on the floor, and bow like I'm praying.
Only to be displaying, a sight I have been anticipating.

My hair pulled back, and music in.
I close my eyes and count to ten.
Can I really do this?

Temptation starts to take over.
My battle of thoughts has now been lost.
The cost of this experiment, never crossed my mind.
Once, twice, three, nothing but food coming from me.

The damage has been done, nothing left to do.
Except live this new life with my new found friend.
SkittlesDarken May 2015
They say silence is "Golden", silence is "key".
But is it when it's not supposed to be?
Silence can be deadly, Silence can hide the unknown.
Silence can keep you feeling alone.

No words, No screams, only unpleasant dreams.
Your hands around my neck, are evil and mean.
What do you see, when you pull away from me?
Black? Blue?
Well, that's nothing new

Evil in your eyes, are the last thing I see.
Before I lay my head down to sleep.
Why do you ever make me wonder, if I would ever wake up from my slumber?
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