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We went to the movies and I didn't bring a sweater.
But the night was coldly filled with goosebump raising weather.
There were goosebumps on my skin but I didn't have my sweater.
I thought it would be better if we sat closer together.
You wrapped your arms around me and were my warmth spreader.
You made my heart melt and now I will forever be your debtor.
Nassif Younes Aug 2016
One look
And I am stripped bare.
My goosebump coat
Does not cover me.
It lights me up like a neon sign
And my water thin soul
Glows like white crystal
As it spills into a pool
Below the moon.
You touch me as the light fades.
It is pitch dark
And now I have nowhere to hide.
Jesse Osborne Mar 2016
The skies were clear the day after he died.

I peeled off my clothes by the river
and watched the water breathe,
folding into itself like a chest wound.
It trembled at my touch,
as foot became current,
kissed thigh and naked breast,
warm cheek and curled lip.
The water was soft
and the world sighed beneath me.
My skin was built of goosebump
I floated on my back and my body became the water cycle.

Evaporation is just another word
for rebirth.
Infamous one  Nov 2013
Infamous one Nov 2013
The night was right it ended wrong
Heard something that hit a nerve be strong
No more self destruction cope with the pain
Good memories drown out not much to gain
Trusting the wrong want to believe it ends right
You can leave won't be around forever
Eventually say whatever find the confidence to start over
Not settling for less all I want is the best
I'm not perfect but want to be close to doing so
Lots of personal growth seeking closure
Hurting find the power within to forgive
I don't want to give up sometime you have to move on
Tears of relief and new beginings just believe
Don't blame yourself its not you
Sometimes lies are mistaken for the truth
MdAsadullah  Nov 2014
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Path less traveled, Path unknown.
Mountains, Sand, rocks and stone.
No water, vegetation so scarce.
Sun at its ugliest, sun so fierce.

In this wilderness I fear I'll get lost.
I dread I'll be ruined, I will exhaust.
Some say this road will never end;
More I travel, more it will extend.

Soothing sound tells me to continue;
Sun is yet to set, travel miles few.
The heat forces me into a slump.
Solacing sound gives goosebump.

Very soon the blazing sun will fade.
I search tree with hundred years of shade.
They say to give up in this dusty heat.
I seek Gardens with rivers underneath.
v=702vPGJy4Zw - - > After watching this video on youtube
KiraLili  Oct 2016
Body Talk
KiraLili Oct 2016
She speaks
with her body
and it’s so
to see her
curves and
instincts in conversation
those automatic
pulsing movements
responding to
caressing dialogue
goosebump murmurs
felt under my hand
triggered by
physical pleasure
******* heave and expound
clenched fists pontificate
while I respond to
the most rewarding
and tell tale
loud screaming arches
as she wriggles
her lower half
and her thighs
Just before
Her whole body yells
Bedroom Conversations
M Solav  Sep 2018
A Springlapse
M Solav Sep 2018
​Explosion of the white tree,
A synapse in the damp air.
The fluid around the corsair,
Ambassador of the secret;
The perfume of a comet
Descends upon the wetland.

A goosebump stretches my hair;
Ripples forming across the sea
As nostril and flowers meet
Miles and miles without end.

The green flame always return
In a frenetic haze, a burst of fire,
As the solar waves caresses the earth
At welcomed glances, so soft a fur.

A last effort renewed forevermore;
Delirious poison continually brewed;
An elixir against the veil of dusk;
Cause and effect from dust to dust.

As the mind steps out back further,
It finds itself returned at the core,

Til all of Spring elapses.
Written in July, 2016.
Lappel du vide  Jan 2014
Lappel du vide Jan 2014
naked skin,
sun-baked brown and sunkissed freckles, and ***** white, an olive from overseas.
we traipsed down the road, the never-ending black of concrete.
we yelled. we screamed like there were marching bands in the cages
of our ribs.
we drew in smoke and our instruments played the music
of lit tobacco
“you're a hurricane”
one of the best things ive ever been called

cut skin,
as blackberries slapped our legs,
leaving marks of red and purple,
as we ran through secret forests,
our laughs rising into the sunshine,
filtering through the leaves,
like chiming bells in an empty sky
we started a fire, dancing as earthy smoke
slithered on our skin.
we lit cigarettes in the flames.

icy skin,
as we stumbled,
springs bubbling inside us,
down the brown, mud painted hills,
and cried in wonder as we saw a treasure in the thicket of trees;
a frozen lake staring us straight in the eyes like an
antarctic cyclopes,
daring us to take a step closer.
first, tentative,
then we went rawly, crashing through the undergrowth
like small houses,
headfirst onto the ice,
with all our skin for its one eye to see,
our clothes in a mountain,
and our vulnerable bodies free
on the cold surface of a
secret winter in the middle of a
sun coated town.

warm skin,
as we raced down asphalt mountains,
like goosebumps on the skin of the earth.
we ran like tigers and cougars and cats and
roaring in the afternoon sun
as we embraced the completion,
of a four piece puzzle of our
as throat burning brandy from the womb of my couch,
and burning pain
as we poked holes into our skins,
red tattoos of a flamelike

red skin,
as blood dripped down through the
cracks of the Balcony,
as we painted the walls with it,
laughing squeezed between every
long drag of our cigarettes,
burning like two new stars in the
oncoming night,
tattoos and shapes appearing on our skin
faster than bruises
showing a young girl the ways of our corruption was almost as
fun as learning them

goosebump skin,
as we sank into reality again,
halfway in,
other half still shaking
hearts beating fast
i trembled
as i screamed across at a cat eyed girl
i was too shaking to fight like this,
and you are too lovely to cry like that,
and my dear sunshine,
your blue hair is almost as soft
as your voice floating in the
after dusk darkness
assuring that things would be

tired skin, as we lay on my sheets,
and kissed one anothers soft cheeks,
tired skin as we dragged our drugged up
all the way home,
in a careless sack.

maybe “three ****** up girls”
one tall, soft words,
one kneeling on the pavement,
one shaking like an
but thats what makes it like

wouldnt you rather be a tornado of impulsive decisions
raw twilight words
whiskey ridden breath like summer
sunset tears
and icy skin painted with shivers?

alive skin.
Beryl Starkovic Nov 2011
Luscious ruby red lips, tell me white lies,
gorgeous supple ****, there I hide my alibi's.
My eyes can't see anyone else anymore,
my life isn't the way that it was before.

Her womb welcomes me, her sin invites me.
She violates me, and I, hurt her too, willingly.
Her warm tender fingers ****** what they will,
every touch is the chilling goosebump overkill.

Feet fall on golden cobblestones, never alone,
'cause I always know just where she is.
Luscious ruby red lips, tell me white lies,
gorgeous supple ****, where I hide my alibi's.
Deborahlee Jan 2019
Outside the backyard windowpane
owl's clover beckons a butterfly
to feed in the wildflower meadow

silver tree bark and naked branches
stand lining edges on two sides
songbirds sing symphonies in flight.

Opaque shadows mark the horizon
in a blink, blurs eat blue from the sky
and as clouds circle back sunshine dies

winged creatures grounded, insects too
with no moonlight -no critters can fly,
cicada shrill to a coyote pack's howl

little hairs rise in a goosebump dance.
Heartbeats pound- pulse rate climbs high,
a scream -glass breaks -then silence

purple is devoured inside a chilled fog
as lights 'round the world pass me by,
weep with the willow- sob to the breeze

darkness yanks and dew kisses flesh,
curls, clothes, and soaked skin drip dry.
Body shakes- lips quiver- teeth rattle

my grey view bleeds into ebony,
no Seraphin cradles me in a goodbye,
tunnel lantern holds no oil for the light

too dark to lift me or for us to fly.

— The End —