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Xallan  Feb 2
Xallan Feb 2
This is the end of a long rope
Frayed and worn from my traversing it
Always reminiscing
A lot of whispers
A lot of pixels
A lot of good memories in between
But also some hazy, hazy regrets
Of time-ropes ripped through my head
Blistering like it was dragged through my hands
Fatigued cells with no implosion
No mind-growth, no life-growth
Only heart-growth-
Which always seems to occur
Only at the expense of breathing this oxygen
Better to create it, then,
Than consume it-
Instead of living, become life.
Instead of breathing, become breath.
Let my body ferment and fallow
Instead of existing, let my soul become energy
And let time leave my record
Along its rope.
I want to die, but I don't want to end my life. Oh, the irony!
Anya Oct 2018
When spring time comes...
couples naturally come
the stress of
finding someone
to go to the dance with

An exothermic reaction
Releasing energy
into the environment
By forming

with the help of
events such as
jealous ex's
bad grades
losing teams
The couples are
to break

An endothermic reaction
Energy is added
break bonds
If you find quirky analogies to science interesting check out my collection, "science poems".
Juan Bot Feb 23
Your lustre is like a metal.
Your dreamy looks make me dissolve.
Like throwing 10 M HCL on a prison inmate.

Your love radiates like a uranium-235 atom,
But not toxic.

You and I are meant to be together
We form a strong bond like hydrogen gas.
It takes a lot of activation energy to separate us.

But what if we are separated.
We become an exothermic reaction,
Releasing 200 kJ of energy.
At everyone around us.

I will overpower everyone else to become the king because I am a strong acid and I make every other guy a weak acid.

We are a covalent bond.
You are my electron.
You zap me with joy.

We have the correct geometry for each other,
But I only date real chemists!
If you don't know what Avogadro's number is,
You are dead to me.
I will freeze you with liquid nitrogen.

I only date thick girls.
Thick like ununoctium.
When I snap my fingers like Thanos,
you will dissolve,
because you are soluble.

I will steal your heart like a strong base takes the H+ of a weak base.

You are the catalyst to my happiness.

Iodine, Lutetium, Vanadium, Yttrium, Oxygen, Uranium,


— The End —