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Michael Humbert Jan 2017
My grief was only ever her fault insofar as it was "her fault" for falling asleep in my arms.
Michael Humbert Dec 2016
it's the car crash that nobody was around to see, nobody to call for help
it's the drop from the precipice that never ended
that sensation in your gut of sickening weightlessness
forever in perpetuity
it's this daily unanswered call
an echo unreturned
it's this constant hesitation
this wavering sensation of incompletion
a melody with no conclusion, unresolv-
Michael Humbert Dec 2016
Arms clasped around the small of your back as you stared up at me in the elevator
My heart was ready to burst*

"You were the best thing that ever happened to me," I said. "And then the worst."
Michael Humbert Nov 2016
Two strangers grazing hands on a crowded train, neither saying a word nor pulling away, simply acknowledging each other's warmth
Michael Humbert Jul 2016
An irrational fixation, an aberration of sense and reason, a heart committed to treason, betraying the self and the pursuit of peace
Michael Humbert Jul 2016
Hello, I miss you
Sometimes I tell strangers about you,
Sometimes you're still all I think about
And sometimes I wonder if all I have left is a really good story

The things you left in the past could have changed your life
The things that wouldn't last, still alive, just barely
A tempestuous undeath unto your frail memory
Just trying to make it through another day
Michael Humbert Jun 2016
Imagine loving someone with the diligence and care of a blind person reading Braille, fingers scanning bumps, tactile derivation of understanding
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