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I've always had my eye on you...  
Did you get that? Ion?  
It's not like you're all that beautiful,  
It's just all the good ones Argon.

But like Oxygen and Potassium, you're OK  
And you'll find I can be quite caring.  
I'd really like to bond with you  
But not covalently. I don't like sharing.  

I've dropped an electron, but I'm feeling positive,  
I'm prepared for living large,  
Maybe you're feeling a little negative  
But at least on dates there'd be no charge.

I know that you're oh so Noble  
So I've not much need for tact;  
No matter what I say or do,  
You probably won't react.

This happens periodically  
And shows no signs of ceasing  
My face is going exothermic,  
My enthalpy increasing.

I find you so sublime  
Though I hope you don't disappear  
I know together we'd be golden -  
A! U! Get over here!

My soul is blemish-free  
So I'm making no apology  
I know that we've got chemistry -  
But I'd love to have biology!
:) <3
Shadows fall as light retreats
Away from all my heart I'll keep
In darkened corners may it hide
Till it lay still, my pain subside

But can shadows exist without the light?
Is our hope just hidden plight?

So guard your heart under lock and key
No pain, no hurt, nothing to feel.

Or leave it free to love and fall
Will you survive through it all?
I am attracted to you
Like an electron to a proton
Together we form an ionic bond
Though we are opposite charged ions
I am drawn towards you
Our love is unique as an orbital
For only two electrons can fill this space
As my love for you increases
My energy level rises
I am in this excited state
Increasing the tendency to form a chemical bond
I was an element
It took you to make me a compound substance
Falling in love with you is a chemical reaction
Which cause my love for you to grow
Ours is an exothermic love
Each for giving off love not just absorbing it
Sometimes you do something especially nice
Which speeds up the chemical process
Like a catalyst in my increasing love for you
I realise we have our inhibition periods
And sometimes I am selfish enough
To be an endothermic reaction
Only absorbing your love
The feeling I have for you is so intense
It cannot be measured in kilojoules
Often I have to make a qualitative elementary analysis
To understand and love you more
But I don't expect to know your empirical formula
You are too complex a person for that
When you are gone
I am a noble gas
An inert substance
When I am without you
The world seems still
And I am at equilibrium
Like a chemical bonds,

we tide together,

closer to one another,

anytime & any place.

You are my ions,

and I'm your protons.

Unchained bonds can leads to,

unrequited priority,

So don't lets it happen,

because I'm half of you,

and your half of me.

How to balanced the equation,

the prototyped,

have to be builds up,

to know the stability,

of both bonds,

it reaction,

will it implode,

or will it remain unchange,

even the hardest element put together.
We keep balancing place :)
My love for you is number divided by zero its undefine                                        
It is not the squareroot of negative  not an imagenary                                            
It has an absolute value its always positive                                                      
The domain of my love is equal to nothing but greater than to positive infinity                                                         ­                                                                 ­
I want to solve the range between you and me I dont have a function but a relation with you  oh yeah  :)
saving integral

— The End —