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Vinolin D Aug 2021
He left her for someone
Just for the luxurious life
But someone left him
For the better luxurious life.
I hope u all like it. Please comment about your opinion friends.
Vinolin D Aug 2021
The hurtful word is a weapon
For breaking the heart
The pain is a weapon
For making you strong
The heart is a weapon
For loving the people
The love is a weapon
For melting the stone heart.
Vinolin D May 2021
The net is for the fishing
To bring the fishes
The net also brings the trashes with the fishes
But we take the fishes only
The life brings all the people using your emotions
Also, the fake people with the good people
But Choosing with the good people only is an intelligent.
Vinolin D Mar 2021
Daily messages
Daily phone calls
Daily, I am thinking of you
Daily, I smile on the phone
That Daily process gave me
The Expectation
The Expectation became,
Daily expected for the messages
Daily excepted for the phone calls
Daily expected you to think about me
Daily, I cry on the phone
That Expectation process gave me
The Realisation
The Realisation made me to wear
The Shield
On my Heart
Vinolin D Feb 2021
The people take the flowers
By their hands from the plants
to end that life in a single day
You broke my heart by your words from my body to end my feelings in a single day
Vinolin D Jan 2021
The Leader in the country, who doesn't care about the people' needs
The police who don't care about the crime
The Richman who doesn't care about the poor people
The MD who doesn't care about the employees
The people who don't care about others' struggles
The friends who don't care about their friends situation
The person who doesn't care about breaking others' heart after getting their needs
Are the leeches, And stick on the skin to **** the blood to improve their selves.
I hope u will love this guys...please comment your feedback.
Vinolin D Jan 2021
"I love you" He says.
"I love him" she introduced.
"God bless you" he says.
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