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Realize the people' heart
Realize everyone
Ignore the people, not everyone
Ignore the people, who are talking with you and texting you just for the time pass.
Start ignoring them.
Ignoring them will save you from crying for them in the future .
Ignoring them will save you from the feelings for them in the future.
Because, anyway, they'll ignore you one day
They'll feel that you are boring.
They'll break the relationship one day.
It's not for hurting them
This ignoring is for saving you from the hurt in the future.
Ignore it, whether it is love or friendship.
Because it will break one day.
I hope u people like it. It's for the encouragement. Adjust my English. Sorry if I had any mistakes.
I'm arrested by the depression
I'm arrested by the hurt
I'm arrested by an anxiety
I'm arrested by the fake people's love
I'm arrested by the addicted to some people
I'm arrested by some people's reply
I'm arrested by some people's phone calls
I'm arrested by some people's fake tears
I hope...
I will get released as a "Free bird" by them from the prison of my heart.
I am dedicating this to the people who are handling these kind of problems. Be happy always. Free from everything.
Vinolin D May 27
You born in the world
To cry
To feel
To fall
To get hurt
To get a depression
To handle ups and downs
To handle the distractions
To handle all the hates
To experience all the bad moments
It's a normal thing of every humanbeing.
If you cried, you wipe your tears
If you fell down, wake up again
If you got hurt, don't care about it
If you got a depression, try to be calm.
If you met ups and downs, handle it happily
If you got the distractions, try to handle it
If you got hurt, try not to keep it in your mind
Experience all the bad moments
To realize all the good moments
Have to meet everything for achieving your achievements
Try Try Try...
Try endlessly
Everything has the end in the world
Nothing is permanent
Not only about the people
It's about the bad moments too
Nothing is impossible
Meet everything happily
Think who are you!
You see the fire in your heart
You can do anything
Keep on trying...
"Do or Try"
Not "Do or Die"
God only has the rights to finalize our life.
Throw all the problems and Achieve your "Achievements".
Vinolin D May 26
I'm not sleeping
I am just meditating to remind everything
It's just for funny. I hope you all like it.
Vinolin D May 26
People say,  "I'm not alone, because loneliness is always with me".
I am saying, "You are not alone, Because your goals and the commitments are always with you".
All are busy
No time to reply for others
No time to talk with others
Time is there sometimes
Because they are busy
They are busy with their people
They are busy with their commitments
They are busy to build their career
They are busy to create a wonderful life
So they are busy and not alone
They don't have time to give reply
They don't have time to give the priority for you
They don't have time to wipe your tears
They don't have time to hear your voice
Because they are busy
When you are going to be busy?
How many days you'll be like this?
Why you are not thinking about us?
Why you are feeling and crying?
Why you are feeling alone?
"The goals and the commitments are  looking at you and asking these questions".
And saying "You are not alone".
Vinolin D May 24
I'm happy when some people talk to me
I'm happy when some people text me
I'm happy when some people call me
I'm happy when some people search for me
I'm happy when some people share their things to me
I'm happy when some people call me for an outing
But my happiness is like a passing cloud
It's stayed only knowing the truth before,
Yes, "I am a time pass"
Today, maybe you are the time pass for others
Tomorrow, they'll know your heart.
True people get the true love later.
I hope u all like it. Pls Excuse me if Is there any mistakes.
Vinolin D May 23
I cried
I felt bad
Some people left me
I became fine when I realized the truth
They gone away from my life
To make my life shine like the sun.
I hope you all like it.
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