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Emerging and engaging
Merging and integrating
I see my Africa
Rising as the sun
After a seemingly endless night

Propelled by the rising sun
I glimpse the eclipse in the horizon
Compelled by the morning songs of the African birds
I spread my wings ready to fly like an eagle
Dark clouds dissipating giving way to light
Just as I was anticipating it’s time to fly
To freely fly in the blue sky
Without treacherous clouds threatening my graceful flight

Hovering in the heavens
Visualizing all inhabitants
Working towards one goal
As I play my spirit given role

Happy and at peace
I sing the African song
You have blessed the sun
Now in light, I swim
You have reduced the darkness
Now my light prevails

Development is imminent
Upon the African Continent
Africa is on the verge of a tremendous economic transformation and all Africans should get hungry because an economic boom is imminent over the African continent.
Lost is the African pride
Gone are those who could ride the tide
Left are those who drown beneath the wave
Prone to dehumanization because of greed

I see burning buildings
Mutilated bodies
Escalating violence
And social unrest

Lost is the Spirit of Ubuntu
Left is a society deprived of its integrity
Selfishness and poverty is at the core of our society
Is the real Africa lost to antiquity?

Crime is rife as people strive for a decent life.
A decent life earned through decadence
Should we stone foreigners because the government is failing to provide employment?
Or should we burn down buildings so that our voices can be heard?

I am ashamed of the profanity we breed
It’s a calamity for us to be xenophobic
It’s a taboo for us to call Africans foreigners in their motherland.
It’s not who they are.
It’s not who we are
It’s not who you are
It’s not who I am

Together we are the Africa that has survived slave trade
The Africa that has survived apartheid
The Africa that has survived colonization
The Africa that is surviving westernization
We don’t fight for employment
We create employment
We don’t breed resentment
We translate sentiments

Let us evoke the Spirit of Ubuntu
And let’s behave like men not animals
Let us ignite the Spirit of Ubuntu
And let’s stand like men immortal
The Spirit of Ubuntu is what separates us from animals
Terrorism shouldn’t exist in Africa
It’s a disgrace for us to be unethical
Xenophobia shouldn’t be heard in Africa
Animosity is not our portion
If Africa is united it can outgrow the nations pampering it with lies and donations. RIich people don;t need donners they need planners and executioners.

— The End —