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Landybby Nov 2018
As love becomes synonymous
With the feeling of fear
I fear the love I once had
The love I want

Ruining everything
With my habit of overthinking.
Landybby Nov 2018
Everything so tense
Wanting you
And only you
Giving up my inner desire
All I want is you.

Do I say it?
Yes, maybe then I’ll have you
Or lose you.

Lust on the miracle round,
Love never to be found.
If I lose you
Do I lose me too?

Scared of the words I’m dying to say.
“I want you”
Please never go away.

Saddened today
Or perhaps
Euphoria forever.

Maybe one day I’ll know, or we’ll know.
I promise to never go.
The reality of not knowing how to tell someone you love them. That is what I tried to embody within this poem.
Landybby Nov 2018
I used to believe in diversity
until I was taught conformity
they installed a new identity
they made me follow uniformly
they took away my creativity
and expected me to embrace my individuality
I ask myself about their animosity
and wonder what it means to have equality

You see equality means
That we are all equal
It means we are treated equal
Given the same and equal chances
But no one is the same
But unique in their on way
There is beauty in our uniqueness
And that's why we should inspire
Individuality and not make people behave uniformly
Give people a means to express their creativity
And not be put down just because of their diversity
I want a world where equality is reality
And we all have our own identity.
Growing up in South Africa and going to school here a lot of one's creativity is limited through students having to wear uniform and having so many different cultural backgrounds. This poem was written in order to express my feelings on this matter and to express the beauty in diversity.
Landybby Nov 2018
I love her,
But she doesn't understand
My bestfriend
the one I want.

She says I love you
I reply I love you too.

I wonder why
I hope please
I wish for you to love me,
but no.

Not in the "friendzone" ,
but we're friends

I care , I adore, I want :
Why? Because,
I swallow my words,
too many beautiful words in which.
I can describe you.

I love you without restraint,
I adore you.
You and only you, why
can't you
realize that I want you.
Te quiero

It's hard to love you sometimes
But I still want you

I can't tell you, nor will you ever realize.
Maybe you like me too,
but the time isn't right ;

Heart broken - I want you.
Boys cry too, if only that was a
Written to express the feelings that want to make me cry, feelings for her. I love you, but you'll never see this. All in good time, someone else, not you, maybe you.

I love you.

— The End —