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I tried to write a-
But then ran out of room, So-
I let my words play.
Harleen Dhunda Feb 2018
They tell me "This is life"
you've got to thrive  
no matter what you face
have to survive          
no matter what you interlace
have to stay alive  

so with fake grace
I pretended to fit into
this hive
that they call life
even though i've lost all of
my drive

but If they'd just glance
into my eyes
they'd realize,
i'm not "dope"
They'd see
my lost hope.
They'd see
through my lies.
They'd see my disguise.

and the fact that I no more shine
to be revealed on the shrine...
is what terrifies every single cell of mine
nom de plume Apr 2017
my head feels funny so i thought i'd write
a sonnet in an attempt to get sleep
tired eyes meet heavy thoughts meet long nights
lonely hours breed thoughts of hearts sworn to keep

why do these thoughts always come back to you?
oh, all the things i would give to forget
me swearing to you my love and time too
when do promises become cursed debt?

maybe i am not the best with my words
i have a disposition to sadness
does that mean you can cut my heart in thirds?
tearing me apart in your cruel madness?

though still confused, i'm glad you ****** off
though i'm without sleep, i am moving on
we were volatile, a **** molotov
now i can move peacefully into dawn

though lacking you, it is still a new day
i would not have it any other way
Denel Kessler Apr 2016
I practice Being Peace
out here by The Artist Colony on Hood Canal
collecting treasures and Bright Dead Things
the moon snail nesting in the Flatland  of my palm
a Gift from the Sea carried ashore
on The Torrents of Spring
it may take A Thousand Mornings
to attain a Mind of Clear Light
to transcend earthly Crime and Punishment
to consume knowledge hidden in the Weathered Pages
of this Book of Luminous Things
but I carry on - Skinny Legs and All
Burning Daylight street preaching
The Teachings of Don Juan
"looking, looking breathlessly"
for internal coherence in this
*Brave New World
NaPoWriMo 10
Prompt: write a book spine poem.
Book titles in italics
ruorou Feb 2015
vicious revenge feel its strain.
Engrained forever on a decaying brain.
For its a plague with no andetote. No cure.
Nothings sacred. nothings pure.
No honor here to gain but a grasp of guilt, sorrow and pain.

A trench deep seated with animosity.
Hearts too blinded by hatred to see.
Its walls engulfing like vines round a tree.
But no vegeance shall set you free.

In realising its errors and fate
The soul desperately searches to escape.
Weary, hollow, it longs to retire
But hatred enslaves as its walls grow higher

For this is one prison sentence that will never transpire..
If you fight fire with fire.
Faith Fong Feb 2015
He walks amongst you
Smiles at you
Yet trusts no one,
Not even himself;
How can he?

As a child, you hide under the covers
But he tosses and turns to the rhythm of gunfire.
Dreaded dreams of fallen comrades,
Within his mind, he can never be

Waking hours are no comfort
Plagued by demoralizing daylight exposing the death,
Witnessed in his wake
He numbs his emotions instead of heartache

I walk among you
I try to smile
Yet I’m drowning, reliving that nightmare
I don’t even trust myself
How could I?
Erm... School Project
Fancy Dec 2014
The pain inside her demanded to be felt
Heartbroken as she already was
Her body lying like a lump of flesh
Trying to find solace
But what was she expecting?
For she had committed a sin
Wanting to break out of the guilt that surrounded her
One day she decided, decided her fate
Instead of fighting she surrendered to the darkness
The darkness took over her
Trying to refresh her wounds
Betraying someone was what she had done
That someone who was her light
Light of hope, of love, of life
Crestfallen as she already was
The darkness found its home
Buried itself deep inside her
Leaving her all alone....

— The End —