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The last time we spoke,
I forced a smile.
Forced myself to say hello.
No eye contact.
From 6 feet away.
Even though I know,
your smile was fake.
That string holding my heart together,
And the past 3 months
I'd spent
Forgetting every touch
Every love
completely disappeared.
Both smiles were forced.
I wish I knew
the explanation
behind his.
I know we both know,
What's behind mine.
are you

still there?

I’m sorry I’ve kept you wondering,
Sorry that I can’t be
what you wanted.

are you

still there?

I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting,
Believe me I’ve been waiting
a lifetime and a half for this to end.

are you
still there?

Because I feel so alone now,
so broken how,
Can you go on without feeling?
Without breathing and thinking?

are you
still there?

I think I know now.
Presently, I am alone,
But once you were always with me.
Lifting; You raise me,
My entire life to you,
Forever in debt.
I can hear the wind chimes,
and it keeps time,
Like it's giving me a sign,
a way to find,
What will happen next.

The sunlight on the trees,
Just right and glistening,
Makes me want everything I see,
to stay and keep me company,
forever in this moment.

On my table I see raindrops,
The sun is out, the rain's stopped,
From each leaf the rain hops,
Drips and drops,
I wish it would continue.

I can still hear the wind chimes,
You, once, were mine,
But so you know after all this time,
I'm afraid I will never find,
somebody like you.
About to light up,
Wait just another minute,
Now it's Four Twenty.
So limited,
Yet living so free,
Give me a reason not to be,
I am what I am,
And you can,
Take my hand,
And leave me the way others have done.
I'm limited,
But it won't stop me,
Won't slow me,
Won't sadden me,
For I do not stress,
Over what I cannot change,
I can't change who I am,
Though sometimes I wish I could,
I'll never forgive,
The one,
Who limited,
But I won't ever,
Let it,
Define me.
(Verse 1)
Guess I just wasn't it for you,
had me waiting around, set me up to lose,
Don't know what I expected from you,
Just a little understanding,
You're taking your time with putting me down,
And I guess I'm still trying to figure you out,
But I think I'm sorta over it now,
Just gotta steady my rocky landing,

I keep trying to find my bearings here,
But it's hard when you just disappear,
Honey I don't have the patience,
So don't you keep me waiting,

So make up your mind,
I keep running out of reasons to give you more time,
Maybe you're already gone,
And you didn't have the ***** to tell me all that was goin on,
All I know is the thing that's tough,
is knowing I won't be good enough,
for your love, so baby
Please be friendly
I'm not looking for love,
but my heart is on empty,

(Verse 2)
You haven't spoken one **** word to me,
And I understand you need time to think,
But I didn't think it'd take you weeks,
Guess it wasn't worth it,
I thought I knew you better than that,
Such a strong connection when we met,
Didn't think you'd wanna leave just yet,
But then again you were a little *******,

I keep trying to find my bearings here,
but it's hard when you just disappear,
I don't have the patience,
So don't you keep me waiting,

So make up your mind,
I don't wanna keep wondering if you will be mine,
Maybe I want you gone,
And it's good that we didn't work it out,
So now I can move on,
All I know is what's gunna ****,
is thinking I'm not really good enough,
to keep you,
but baby I won't fight fate,
and when you realize I'm gone it'll be too late,
I realize now I don't need your love,
but that doesn't mean you can set me up,
and make me think,
this would actually work,
I'll find someone else who will see my worth,

So open your eyes,
and try to realize, how much you lost this time,
I won't be back here again,
I'm sick of you, and I can't believe,
that we couldn't even be friends,
All I know is what I'm gunna do,
and that's find someone thats ******* better than you,
and I, know now, that somehow,
I'll find my guy,
and he won't think twice.
Make up your mind.;=g-upl
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