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Erenn's Collabs
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ryn  Oct 2014
ryn Oct 2014
Collab, collab! Oh thoughtful collabs!
Amalgamation of two unique minds,
Merging of dual thinking labs!
Cerebral workshop of life's diverse grinds!

Collab, collab! Reinforced true!
Melding of minds and honed crafts,
Mounted up with bolt and *****!
Assembled solid in monochromed poetic drafts.

Collab, collab! A trend that's trending!
A fad that now seems ever growing...
Each other's style we will be wearing.
Matching ensembles, yours for the liking.

Collab, collab! More of it please!
Ocean of creativity, pearls ripe for picking,
Journey for two across artistic seas.
Wonder who with next I'll be swimming...
Tribute to all collab attempts!
Keep it up people!!! :)
The spring in your steps
And the spring in nature
Playing a match
That let me have a catch
Of a bit of happiness
In all my loneliness

In all my loneliness
This weather makes me
Light as a feather
Dreaming of us together*

Dreaming of us together
In a fairyland
We claim as ours
Where a vast meadow
Filled with flowers
Dancing as the wind blows

Dancing as the wind blows
Taking away my woes
Sun rays kissing our skin
Let the light shine upon us
After reading her poem about cherry blossoms and the brilliant imagery, I was awestruck.

Today I got the opportunity to work with one of the gifted young poets of Hello Poetry, Blythe (I love her description, 'princess in pink'. An imaginative and fairytale look at the life).

Unsurprisingly, she carried the spirit of one of my better poems in a brilliant way and lifted it a notch.

I thank Her Royal Highness Blythe for this wonderful collaboration ;-)

© GitacharYa VedaLa
© blythe
ESP Oct 2015
Kung gustong magpatuloy
Burahin ang nararamdaman
Kung gustong mabuhay
Burahin siya sa iyong isipan

                                                   Tamang daan ay alam na alam na
                                                   ito na dapat ang ginagawa
                                                   pero pinipili pa ring maging masaya
                                                   kahit sa dulo alam naman nating talo na

Masaya pa bang ituturing,
Kung ang sakit ay nandoon rin?
Masaya ka bang ituturing,
Kung sa gabi'y mata mo ay lumuluha rin?

                                                 Tunay sa ligaya
                                                 Di talaga sa materyal na bagay makikita.
                                                 Mata ng iyong sinisinta na sa iyo nakatulala
                                                 Anong ligaya ang madarama.

Panandaliang ligaya nga naman
Panandalian lang ang lahat
Pang matagalang sakit at poot
Naman ang sa iyo'y idudulot

Hahayaan mo na lang ba na gano'n?

                                                  Kung ligaya ay minsang panandalian
                            Malamang lungkot at paghati ay panandalian lang din.
                Ngunit haba ng dulot ng ligaya ay di masusukat
     Lungkot na naramdaman ay tiyak malilimot mo na.

Tunay ngang pag-ibig ay magulo
                 Hindi ko maintindihan
                          Bakit kapag nasasaktan ka'y ayos lang?
                                Hindi ko maintindihan
                                      Kapag nama'y masaya ka, babawiin rin lang
                                 Hindi ko maintindihan
                   Maaari bang madali na lang ang lahat?

Pag-ibig ay talagang magulo
                 Pagkat kulay nito'y halo-halo.
                            Mundo ay napapaikot gamit ng pag-ibig na ito,
                                           Sabi nga ng maraming nakaranas na nito
                             Hindi ka matututo umibig
                  Kung di ka masasaktan.
         Sakit sa pag-ibig ay normal

Pagkat ikaw ay nagmamahal.
Written unconsciously by Patricia and I. She was thrilled by the stanza in my poem called Mula Lunes hanggang Linggo (which is posted here too) and she continued the last part with another context and then I answered back until we finally came up with this. That was fun!