Scarlett Jul 2017
facing the sea
watching it lap
against the sky
(they are in love)
Scarlett Jul 2017
if time wasnt linear
and you weren't oaken
I'd go back to a moment
and make us unbroken
Scarlett Jul 2017
you trespass in my heart
when my mind isn't looking
hopping the low fence
I thought you were art

the roses I planted
your slender fingers wrap
and tear them from their bed
I used to think you enchanting

you dismember my apple tree
smirking at the snap
apples were your favourite
my sweet delicate gemini

and so i restart
replacing the trampled flowers
fixing the smashed birdbath
in the garden of my heart
Scarlett Jul 2017
Most fruit bear their seeds in the middle of their flesh,
To protect their offspring from unwanted guests,
But a strawberry's seeds pellet its outer skin,
They don't care about their kin
Scarlett Jul 2017
i can taste black sleep in my mouth
the burnt out dreams
coating my tongue like tar
Scarlett Jun 2017
is my love too painful to bear?
like a cold knife
upon your skin
how many times since
have you took it
like a shot of gin
maybe that's why
i saw you wince

— The End —