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Rochelle Domingo Jun 2019
thank you forever
for leaving
for letting my soul out of the cage
Rochelle Domingo Jun 2018
an ocean away
distance disappears in love
a whisper closer
Rochelle Domingo Jun 2018
let’s meet again
but still/always healing

I’d see you and smile
you’d walk over and bravely
ask my name

we’d start new
silently in tune
with each other

that never fading
we’ve always shared
just new
and full of potential
Rochelle Domingo Jun 2018
If I were to write a letter to love I’ll tell you what I’d say;
I’d first tell her to go to hell for making me feel this way.

For raising me upon her shoulders
         just to let me fall.
For telling me what I’d dreamt of hearing
         but not meaning it at all.

I’d tell her just to leave me be
        don’t follow me around.
Don’t shine your glitter light my way
        when I wish not to be found.

Don’t promise me you’ll hold my hand
         or support my dreams.
When all the while we both know
         that suddenly you’ll leave.

If I were to write a letter to love I’d have a lot of words to share.
        Words of wisdom and advice
but i’m sure it wouldn’t care.

I’m sure she has her own grand plans;
        a timeless tale for herself.
I just wish she wouldn’t be so secretive and shelfed.
Rochelle Domingo May 2018
It’s an almost panic attack
in the hall of the plane.
Keep your eyes dry until the wine cart passes.
When the seatbelt sign turns off you can go into the bathroom and cry.

Every moment,
every time,
with tears in your eyes and Radiohead in your ears,
lips trembling, seizing with emotion.
You never cry
and now you can’t stop.
What is wrong with you?

I can’t help and I don’t want to
but what is wrong with you?

You tear the walls down only to build them up.
You fall down only to lay there and think about how cold the ground is.
You cry and whine and when someone looks at you
you’re always so ******* fine.

Help yourself help yourself.
Help yourself help yourself.
What is that saying
about you do it or you’ll die?
I feel I may be dying.
Rochelle Domingo May 2018
Far and wide
is where we’ll hide
when things seem dark and scary.
But alas we’ll emerge
from the pond of the weary
to laugh and to cry while accepting the eerie.
Rochelle Domingo Apr 2018
We lay asleep between white sheets.
I can feel your words
through the softness of your kiss.
You’re scared.
I’m scared too.
We press our fear into the safety of one
“Stay” he said.

For it’s the fear that connects us,
bonds our weaknesses,
braids the skin on our arms
and reincarnates love
and again.
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