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 Jul 2018 Riq Schwartz
Holly M
tonight i am
a tourist
in your bedroom
my party dress
is like hawaiian shirts and khakis
compared to the t-shirts and jeans
littering your carpet
like fallen brown leaves
during autumn
i sit on your duvet
because you said
wait here-
i’ll be back in a minute
but it’s been ten
so my eyes wander
like a wayward wren
your books are not mine
there’s no poetry
there are pictures of memories
on your wall
none of them me
after tonight, that’s all i’ll be-
a note is on your board:
i love you
was it her?
it’s hard to see
oh wait, it was me
it’s bent and folded
like my insides
the writing is fading
like the makeup on my face
what’s taking you so long?
maybe you didn’t want me
and all this time i was wrong
and you’re hiding in the bathroom
waiting for me to take the hint
and leave
of course that’s it
i can’t believe
i thought you
actually wanted me
i’m so silly
of course
i do not belong here
my purse looks wrong
laying next to your guitar
but i can fix that quick
i will simply
thank you
for the ride
nurse my wounded pride
then i’ll be gone
and you will forget me
before long
so i get up
and the door opens
and you’re there
and you smile
and you touch my shoulder
and you say
i’m sorry
i took so long
i wanted to find
the perfect record
with the perfect song
you know that one
about a sunset in waterloo?
it always reminds me of you
but i’m here now
and i’m so silly
this whole night
is a mess
like my lipstick
on your lips
oh this anxiety i detest
your clothes are funny
compared to my dress
your books are not mine
besides the one on the end
(my brilliant friend)
the memories on the wall
are not of me
but they could be
i do not belong here
that is for sure
but then again-
all these things
were chosen by you
and i was too
so maybe i do belong
after all
 Jul 2018 Riq Schwartz
Vale Luna
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.

I wear my sweater
in ninety degree weather
Not a S.o.S, more a testament
to the hell I'm shepherding
Whether you care or not is irrelevant
The rain drops even If a bow
shows up to lasso the loose ends
Remember that the next time
you go to quote gold at the far end
For a second
That you love me
and I love you.
Pretend I trust you
and you, me.
Pretend that you believe
That I won't change
Pretend I let you in
You turn the key.
Pretend I jump into the abyss
and you took my hand.
Now Pretend
For a second
That we weren't pretending.
We won't say a word
and love in a kiss.
 Aug 2016 Riq Schwartz
We fought for so long
it destroyed my own song.
And people want to know
where did the music notes go?

I let the birds go
so they could sing out in the open.
But you came in with your gun
and shot down the turtledoves.

I saw the feathers explode
they fell down like soft snow.
Splattered with red
from careless paint brush strokes.

You left me in the field
surrounded by red snow.
It's partly my fault
since I was the one who let them go.

I turn my head towards you
and you're pointing your finger.
But I'm not the one
holding the gun.

I took one feather in my hand
and lamented the loss.
The sky is grey with no hope
but I know where the music has gone.

*I know where the music has gone
This is not part of my alphabet series. That will probably take a long time to complete. But I thought I'd share some other poems I have written awhile ago.
 Aug 2016 Riq Schwartz
 Aug 2016 Riq Schwartz
my love fits in
to the crook of my neck
and the palm of my hand
and the curve of my back

my love fits in
to all of my thoughts
and most of my words
and some of my days

and my love knows when
to hold me tight
and grasp me hard
and kiss me soft.

*(there is no point.
there is no punch.
there is just this.
there is just love)

6:40 PM
August 11, 2016
 Jun 2016 Riq Schwartz
 Jun 2016 Riq Schwartz
like swallowing a bullet,
the anger builds in my head and face
forcing itself up and out
out away distant
i need it gone, I need it g o n e
the disrespect - the amount of blatant disregard
suddenly, my head is spinning
and I’m right back in that moment.
that moment when you threw the table.
that moment when you told me
you didn’t want me any more, like I’m trash.
that you ****** her, so suddenly after leaving
But, “it was never your* intention to hurt me”
You told her you love her and
Never meant it more in your life.
I’m relapse to welcoming death,
and let the anger control me again.
in that moment,
all i want, all i need
something quick and permanent
like swallowing a bullet.
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