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RA Apr 2019
I never tasted so sweet as when on your lips a
screaming kind of sunlight, honeysuckle, breathless
summer came early and I with her, I couldn't
catch my breath for the glory of you, blown away
stripped of pretense, of self consciousness, of
consciousness, nothing
here but you I caught
my breath hiding on your lips I tried
to take it back and all I got
was nectar

3:11 PM
April 11, 2019
unedited for now
RA Apr 2019
I love you wildly and in exaltation
a joyful shout of passion, sunlight
bursting out of my chest, a warmth
a laugh I cannot contain, a peace
restless in its depth, and you
live in a land of cold, and I
do not know what you think of me, I
do not know if you think of me, I
would that I could, would send you
a gift of this sunshine- everyone needs
some warmth.

April 10, 2019
3:39 PM
RA Feb 2019
lull myself to sleep
by memories of your skin
soft under my lips

slipping deeper down
into warmth- this summer that
will never return

February 2, 2019

haiku poem
RA Jan 2019
I know this house, but it's not home-
my blood has spilled between these walls
my tears have watered this cold floor,
and here my nightmares learned to crawl.

My fingers know each speck of paint
I have breathed in each mite of dust
my eyes have gazed upon each book
my heart still mourns the loss of trust.

I bled in ink, I wept in words
I laid my heart out, beating, bare
I spun entreaties for an ear
I found not one was listening there.

And if I should return someday,
and take my seat back at the hearth-
as dancing flames ensnare my gaze,
know I have gone into the dark.
3:35 PM
January 24, 2019
RA Jan 2019
I only let myself miss you at
ends of days
moments when everything is ending and i
I'm losing myself to slipping into your eyes through
a screen and over
6,000 miles of sea please
pull me back in I miss
everything about you I miss
the way you smell I miss
the way you laugh I miss
the way you looked at me so when I let myself miss
you only at the end of days is it
any wonder that you find your way
to slip through the cracks in my walls and I
I just miss you I miss you I don't let myself but I
don't have to somehow you
are you and that is
permission enough

January 7th, 2019
RA Jan 2019
the gap between filling my eyes
with your picture and running
my lips down your thighs, kissing
you so that fold appears
between your eyebrows, filling
my mouth with you, watching you unfold
beneath me and tracing
every letter in this unending love letter I would like to play out for you on every soft space you inhabit
is unbearable.
I don't know how to stop missing you.


January 18, 2019
RA Dec 2018
I wish for you
on every lash
and every falling star
I want to lay
down on your chest
and hold you in my arms
A heart that beats
a heart that loves
is pulsing in my chest
I think it's you-
I know it's you-
I place above the rest.

10:45 AM
December 25, 2018
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