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  Jan 2018 stephanie
Gia Garcia
He was the sun, and I was the moon.
Without him, I couldn't illume the night.
I took all the darkness, he had morning and noon,
Without each other, the world wasn't right.
He was the fire, and I was the ice.
He'd bring the chaos without thinking twice.
Whatever flesh he burns, I come to aid.
I touch him without ever being afraid.
He was the ground, and I was the sky.
Aware of each other, but turn a blind eye.
He gave me vapor, I gave him the weather;
It was our only way of being together.
He was the mass, and I was the space.
And without hesitation, in my life, he took place.
I let him consume me, I didn't mind, you see,
I was just happy that somebody needed me.
He was he, and I was me.
What a fool I've been to trust and believe
That we need each other, when the sad truth is,
All there has been for us, was to coexist.
For bub
stephanie Aug 2017
i write.
no, i don't write because you asked me months ago.
i write because, well, i just do.
i dont want to but my mind is in a mess and my heart is aching so i think the best way to get rid of it is by
i write everything.
i remember once i wrote about how wet my hands when we went out for the first time.
or the time when my heartbeat was too loud that you said you could feel it when you were holding me between your arms.
and i once wrote about my feeling when you told me that you had to leave me because of your parents, and our tears went down together through our phones.
and recently i wrote about how you found someone else but still asking me to go out, yet there you are throwing flowers and ***** over her face.
i write to calm my mind.
writing is good for my mind,
but not for my heart.
oh and i think i just cant let you go after these years
  Aug 2017 stephanie
I'm aware that i'm forbidden to stare, as the sun and sky set in orange, i see you with her through my smile. Sometimes its hard to believe that you have her and i'm still here standin' still and alone.
  Aug 2017 stephanie
A N Sweet
i wanna be someone you don't yet know
i wanna be your promise of tomorrow
your calm of kisses before the storm

if i could be the first night girl again
i'd never let you in
i'd let you taste the sweetest parts of me
i'd only be your joy

i wanna be the first night girl
id sacrifice being whole
i'd save you from all the ugly parts
to be again your world

— The End —