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1.6k · Jun 2013
R Jun 2013
I dream of a lot of things lately.
Sometimes good dreams like:
Me being 6 foot tall and
Being the top supermodel,
Being best friends with
Cara Delevingne and
Always partying.

But, then my nightmares surface:
Me looking down at the toilet and
Not caring about anything in the
World except being so, so

I keep thinking that maybe my
Nightmares are actually trying to
Help me by giving me some
"Friendly" advice.
Maybe throwing up
Might be an
Option for

I don't want to have throwing up as an option but I'm not sure anymore about anything.
1.6k · Oct 2013
he deserves
R Oct 2013
as she wishes him
the best because
after all,
thats what he deserves.

his sweet blue eyes and
boyish smile make her

his laugh is deep just
like her roots are for

he seeped into her
soul and he can't
fight his way

and why should he?
its a nice place to be.
after all,
thats what he deserves

he deserves to be on
her mind all day and
in her heart all night
and in her soul
he deserves happiness, one that i cant give to him but its one hes already found. and i love him for that(:
1.6k · Oct 2013
R Oct 2013
they giggled as i cried.
it was harmless tears.
everybody thought that
i was crying due to the
fact that animals were being
mauled right in front of me.
and yes, that is half true.
but, the real reason i started having a
panic attack was because i started thinking
and thinking and remembering things.
memories were brought back and
i just couldnt help but
put my head down and cry.
he told me that it was
going to be okay because
the animal was alive.
but, he didnt know why i
was crying. he didnt know
that i was being reminded of
the mistakes ive made and
why i will never ever be good

how do i tell someone that
i feel so useless?
im not sure.
1.6k · Jan 2014
last rant hopefully
R Jan 2014
the moment you realize
that you **** everything up
from friends to your body to
even the ones you love the most.
that my dear, is what growing up is like.
the feeling of worthlessness and complete
and utter failure is my life cycle.
constantly going from good to bad
in a matter of seconds,
i am a real life interpretation of the word "Failure".

i cant even email my teacher anymore,
because i am seen as "treated special"
and her "favorite". what the hell?
all i am saying is, if a teacher told,
i can understand. but,
if a student told?

ill ******* rip their head off.

rant done
1.5k · Aug 2013
It's intense (15w)
R Aug 2013
I think of you
So intensely and
Thoroughly that
I think my
Heart might
1.5k · Sep 2013
R Sep 2013
she looked up at the sky

not knowing which stars where

reaching her were already

dead or burning brighter than ever she

realized that marrying the stars can be

risky business but its better to be

made out of stardust than to be

known as a

i think i actually just ruined this poem but whatever **** it.
R May 2015
and I would like to thank my shower for always being there with me through everything. my shower has seen the most vulnerable parts of me, and not just because I am physically naked in there, but because my soul is naked there as well. my shower has seen me cry and has listened to my stifled sobs and my muffled screams, as tears mixed with the water flowing from the faucet. my shower has seen me make love and create steam with more than just the hot water, but with our hot bodies pressed against each other with moans escaping us as we smile and kiss. my shower has heard me sing every song known to man, and has heard me mess up... a lot. I say sorry to my shower, as if it has feelings, but maybe it's just because I'm so used to ******* up all the time. my shower has watched me in the worst time of my life as I cut open my skin to let the demons out again and again. the blood would mix with the water and I always wondered if the water pressure would increase in that moment because it was crying for me to stop. my shower has lifted up my spirit in times of need, like on the day she left because I knew something was wrong. so what did I do? I got in the shower, blared oceans, and sobbed for a good thirty minutes. I wasn't ready to face the day, but I felt a bit more ready to hear those 5 horrible words that I knew were coming for me, "I'm breaking up with you". and most importantly, my shower has seen me smile. it has seen me smile as I sing and fail to do so and it has seen me laugh because I have such a beautiful life, and I will be so much more than what I am now. I know this because my shower has shown me with its constant companionship, and that is why I would like to thank my shower.
I got into the shower today and as I was singing, it made me realize some of the things my shower has been through with me in my life. I hope this poem isn't stupid, but I'm actually pretty proud of it so. :)
I also meant to add about the times we wouldn't make love in the shower, but just simply wash each other and enjoy each other's company, but I was told to keep this poem the way it is because it is perfect. So here I go, but at least now you know. xo
1.5k · Dec 2013
R Dec 2013
you told me to have a wonderful weekend but
i realized that ill never have one without you.
it may take 4 years,
208 weeks,
1,640 days,
34,944 hours,
2,096,640 minutes,
and even more seconds.
but, you're the one who is a
prodigy at math,
not me.

maybe you can figure out how long
it'll take for you to
love me back?
1.5k · Oct 2013
sexual frustration
R Oct 2013
i know its probably the weirdest thing
you've ever heard of in your life, but
this man so smart and so attractive,
it hurts. he knows about Star Trek and
hes a bibliophile and he drink green tea
for ******* fun. thats ******* amazing.
he served in the Coast Guard for 20+
years and he has nine children.
he has double major in Physics and
Education. i just really want to kiss him
so hard and feel his ****** hair just rubbing
on my cheek and with his really nice hands
all up in my hair and maybe i better stop
because im in school and this ******
frustration is killing me. ******.
R Jul 2015
Here in some stranger's room,
Late in the afternoon,
What am I doing here at all?
Ain't no doubt about it,
I'm losing you,

Somehow the wires have crossed,
Communication's lost,
Can't even get you on the telephone,
Just got to shout about it,
I'm losing you,

Here in the valley of indecision,
I don't know what to do,
I feel you sliping away,
I feel you sliping away,
I'm losing you,
I'm losing you,

You say your not getting enough,
But I remind you of all that bad stuff,
So what the hell am I supposed to do?
Just put a bandaid on it?
And stop the bleeding now,
Stop the bleeding now,

I know I hurt you then,
But that was way back when,
And well, do you still have to carrey that cross?
Don't want to hear about it,
I'm losing you,
I'm losing you.
a very good song
if you can, just put it on and lay down on your bed and think for awhile
listen to it and let your mind wander...
1.4k · Jun 2013
R Jun 2013
I've let the
Scissors get the
Best of me
Once again.

Well done blades,
Well done.
1.4k · Dec 2013
six-word story:
R Dec 2013
should have
tilted my head  
when he kissed my head i shouldve just  gone for it. i had a chance and i blew it ****.
1.4k · Apr 2013
R Apr 2013
Ah, yes.
Say it.
It's nice,
Even fun
To say.

They're fun
To trace.
The skin on top
Should go in
I think.
They should show,
For everyone to see.

I wish mine would.
1.4k · Feb 2014
R Feb 2014
we talked about your wedding today.
you came to me, and enjoyed hearing you
telling me some personal things.
i now know the date of your wedding,
that you are only inviting family,
and that you want my advice on
where to spend your honeymoon.

i miss talking to you everyday,
but... its what needs to happen.
i am slowly falling out of love with you,
but... its what i need to do.

as always,
with love,
1.3k · May 2013
Cara Delevingne
R May 2013
I've kissed girls
In my head
Many times.
Never in real life but
In my head, yeah.
They're usually a model or a friend like
Cara Delevingne or
But well,
It'll never happen because
I'm crazy.

I think I have more of a chance with
Cara though personally.
I'll just make out with someone else
Until then.
1.3k · Jun 2013
R Jun 2013
i went to the mall and
i walked past the men's department.
i saw ties and
button down shirts and
nice dress pants;
they reminded me of you.
i shed a tear as i
grabbed the one that looked
exactly like the one i
bought you for
dark blue and
a nice pattern.
i saw the tag and
laughed as i realized i bought it
thirty dollars cheaper.
nice deal.

as i sit here
on my bed
crying over you like some
i ask myself:
will things ever get
1.3k · Sep 2013
astronomy and art?
R Sep 2013
people ask me what i
believe in all the time.
maybe god or buddhism or
maybe even poems that
but i believe in
the universe and
the art that surrounds me
there is a black hole in the
that not many people
do know.
i believe in art
and the smiles on
her face,
i also fall for her
and her un denying
i believe in books
wether fiction or
i believe in the facts that
tell me the sun is
I've heard that there isn't
any room for God in
but maybe there is if
you show some
and the stars that shine
are hydrogen gases that push and

the middle of our galaxy is
a massive black hole,
not even light can escape,
nothing ever whole.
you see the parts of me,
and you think, "oh shes so fine!"
but deep inside of me is
that black hole heart  of
1.3k · Nov 2013
R Nov 2013
i guess it came out wrong.
i guess i didn't mean to say,
"I only live for my grades."
i mean, i live for the stars,
planets, consellations, and
the black holes.

i live for the universe surrounding me.
but, i guess i was also telling the truth.
the only things i care about are my grades.
i hyperventilate when i don't have the perfect grades.
i literally cry when things don't go my way.
i need the highest gpa possible.

it's my only chance to a future,
its my only hope.
its everything i dream about,
think about,
and live for.

so, i guess i was telling the truth when i
said i had nothing else to live for
except for my grades.

i guess i should've let you
take me to the couselor.
i think i need one.
1.3k · Mar 2014
R Mar 2014
He said to "Play the Game"
but what happens when
two hearts collide?
When two players know
the rules and that it's not
just about falling in
love anymore?

This game of Love
would seem to be
so easy: just something
everyone could do.

He said to "Light another cigarette and
let everything go."
If everyone would play and
just let the whole world go,
wouldn't things be easier?

Love is pumping through me.
Everywhere inside of me,
in the cracks and lines
and veins and the sweet smile
I keep planted on my face.

"Don't play hard to get, it's a free world.
All you have to do is fall in love."
Oh Queen, isn't it harder
than that though?
Play the Game//Queen
go have a listen
1.3k · May 2013
The girl with the frappe
R May 2013
I leaned my bike up against the gate and
Leaning against the window was the girl
thee girl
The girl with her usual
Frappe in hand
And book in the other.
Her flowing red hair
And glasses
With bright pearls brimming and
Shining against her pink lips.
Her face
Fair and clean
Rosy cheeks and
A smile.
Her clothes
Grey beanie
Flowy top
Jeans and
Combat boots.
Rings and
Jewelry galore
Even some tattoos.
shes perfect
I think to myself as I
Picked my bike back up and
Started riding away.
1.3k · Sep 2013
R Sep 2013
pretty pink lips,
eyes so big.
swims in the sea like
a fish.
but which one?

you are free,
with silly stories and
hipbones that soar,
ill never know the mystery of
R Jul 2015
you feel like that one place in the woods that you can just be yourself in, the one place that you can just stay in forever and never get tired of because you can see everything so clearly and you can breathe better?
those colors, the beautifully deep earth tones...the sweet chocolate browns and the bright mustard yellows of the leaves and the enchanting greens of the trees surrounding me amidst the openness of the forest.
that is you, this is who you are to me.
i love you, my sweet safe place
1.3k · Mar 2016
The Great Gatsby
R Mar 2016
She described me as Tom Buchanan.
She immediately said that I wasn't violent like him,
but that I could easily be him...
I could easily show his side.
I could be brutish and abusive
and dishonest and an adulterer
and greedy and pretentious.
I could be all of those things so easily.
It's as if a switch goes off in my brain that says,
"Hey, let's be an ******* today."
I don't want to be.
I don't want to be seen as Tom Buchanan.
I don't want to be the man who hurts so many
and truly loves so few.
I want to be so much more than that.
I don't necessarily want to be like Daisy or Jordan or Myrtle or Nick or
even like Gatsby himself.
I want to be like myself.
I want to be the girl that I'm meant to be
and I know that I am not right now
nor have I been for quite some time.
I just want to be the woman God made me to be and
I'm tired of being such a catastrophe in the making and
for ruining and hurting those around me.
I don't want to be that girl.
I don't want to be like Tom Buchanan.
I want to be me...
The real me.

*...who am I?
Reading "The Great Gatsby" and I'm thinking about who I am compared to who I want to be/who I'm meant to be.
People are quick to judge, yet they rarely take a true look at themselves.
I'm tired of not looking and pretending it's all okay.
Most of my actions haven't been okay.
I guess I just think it's time to do some spring cleaning in my life, especially with myself.
1.2k · May 2013
I can see
R May 2013
I've been looking at myself lately,
I'm kind of good looking.
I mean,
My flaws are easy:
My skin is uneven
My nose is to big
And I'm kind of... Fat.
But there is more than that to me:
My eyes are pretty
I have clear skin
I have nice hips
I'm funny
I'm kind of good looking
I'm smart
And I have a good heart.

I can write beautiful poetry and
I can sing like an angel.

Why did I hate myself so much?
Why didnt I see all these things before?
1.2k · Oct 2013
R Oct 2013
you see, i see you as
a father figure.
not in a creepy way, but
in an adoring way.
you are so kind to me,
you give me reasons to
believe in myself.
you help me see the

i envy your daughter.
she gets to be with you
constantly and she gets
your undying attention
and your unconditional

what's not to envy?
i envy the way you
care for her and the
way you love her and
how you are a
good father.

i wish i had one that was
good, just like you.
i guess that's why i'm so
close to you, why i even
told you my story.
you deserved to know
because you'd believe me
when he didn't.

R Nov 2013
breathe in, breathe out
you're *so
no wonder he/she doesn't like you,
why would they anyways?
you're fat,
not pretty,
not smart enough,
not tall enough.
you're just not enough.
you're never enough.
and you never will be either.

breathe in, breathe out
my heart beats faster,
my saliva gets harder to swallow,
i start to choke on my own air,
my lungs tighten up,
my head starts to spin,
tears start rushing down my face,
there are too many people in here,
are they laughing at me?
they probably think i'm pathetic,
actually, you know what?
they are right, i am weak
i can barely even go a week without
relapsing and having some sort of
mental breakdown.
i cant, i cant, i cant.

breathe in, breathe out
help please someone help me
mike ashley amy anybody please
i need someone help me please
i don't know what to do anymore
i'm drowning in my own mind please
just someone help me!

breathe on, breathe out
just look at mike, he makes things better..
right? god, his big, beautiful blue eyes really
do make things so much better.
wow. i never realized his hair was so curly...
must be nice to be his fiancée, i'd do anything to
play with his hair. but, i'm not, of course,
i'm not good enough, too young, not pretty enough,
just..... not enough.

breathe in, breathe out
it's your fault you know.
you let him touch you.
you let him do those terrible things.
you let this happen.
you ******* ****.
great ******* job.

breathe in, breathe out
finally my breathing becomes a bit slower as my friends ask if
i'm okay. then i start to get back on track. i think about my
grades, friends, mike (in a more positive way) and i simply just
R Apr 2013
You write about him like
You know him so well.
Like you've seen the way his
Hands cupped my ******* and
How he said he came when he
Did those things to me.
If you want that,
That's fine.
It's alright.
I'm just warning you,
It's not as fun as it seems it
Should be.
1.2k · Jun 2013
R Jun 2013
He said he loved me yesterday.
Today he told me that
He'd never hurt me that
He'd stay by my side no matter
That he'd help me fight off my demons because
he understands and he
cares about me.

But he doesnt understand why
I cringe away in fear when he puts his
Arm around me or
Tries to kiss my cheek.
He doesnt understand that I
Think about what my stepbrother did to me
And that I cry in the middle of the night because
Of the nightmares
That were once real.

Truth be told,
I turned you down not only because I'm
Not ready for a relationship, but
Also because You
remind me of the
Horrid things I
See at
1.2k · Apr 2015
Las Vegas
R Apr 2015
And I let myself cry, but not for long. I'm not going to let you ruin this too.
I'm A Ruin// Marina and the Diamonds
Listen to that, it reminds me of you.
"You still mean everything to me, but I want to be free"
I just used the word ruin because of the song, not that you're ruining anything. ******* hell.
1.2k · May 2015
Still in Love (Kissing You)
R May 2015
I'm so in love
I'm still in love

I've never been in love quite before
until I saw your face
and watching stars without you
my soul cries

my hething heart
is full of pain
when we're apart
the aching

I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you

You're my father
you're my soldier
you protect me, boy you save me
you're my best friend
you're my husband
you are my doctor, counselor,
provider, professor, my everything

And I love you, I love you, I love you, yes I love you
I need you, I need you, I need you, I can't live without you
I trust you, I trust you, with every ounce of me
Just teach me, boy teach me, just take me

When we make love I can feel all your spirits
deep inside of me
Baby you're so pure

I'm Kissing you forever, and ever, and ever
I love Kissing you (kissing you, kissing you)

Boy I love everything about you baby
it's been so many years since we fell in love
we got something special baby
we can cry together
we can grow together
be ourselves together
and I love you more than music
yes I love you more than music

I rather be kissing you, oh
I'm kissing you oh (kissing you, kissing you)
Beyoncé sure knows how to bring back memories of me singing this to you. ******* hell.
1.2k · Jan 2014
In response to her poem:
R Jan 2014
it was dark,
the things she wrote,
the thoughts she had,
the lies that marked her porcelain skin.
her voice screamed, "help!"
and yet the demon inside
ripped her voice away
piece by piece until only
death remained inside her mind.

her eyes couldn't see the lies
for the fog that was made of pure deception
clouded her mind and filled her lungs
with the lies swirling inside her.
the smoke became too much
and the demons would only let her see
the vein on her wrist and the
box of blades that were just
they were waiting for her to  b    re       a          
                                                     ­                        k
to be p    u  s  h      e            d      to far
to make her feel everything
and then nothing at all.

As she wrote desperately,
trying to find her inner peace,
she died, sacrificing herself to those demons inside
she found eternal silence,
one that not even the angels could hear.
My dear, didn't you know that you were an angel?
Why did you believe the voices that said you couldn't fly?
Why did you believe the god forsaken lies?
Even though you didn't die (thank god for that) you died on the inside while in your teens and in college. I am so proud of you for staying here even through your hardest years. x
1.2k · Nov 2013
<not done, sneak peek tho>
R Nov 2013
i want to be your goddess
or your odysseus or your god.
i want to be a muse,
i want to live the life i know i deserve.
i want you to bow down to me,
hear you say my name.
chant it out loud,
praise and worship me,
now that would be fame.
i want to be superior,
rule over all the lands.
you'll be inferior
to my very strong yet gentle hands.
i want to be the best
and yes, i surely will be.
i will win everything
and you will be left with nothing.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Leigh III
R Mar 2014
She opened me up
and let the butterflies inside
of my stomach
and my head
and my toes.
She let the light back in,
where the light has not been
for a very long while...
I am in love with her.
Kissing is enough (sometimes)
and touching (is sometimes) not necessary
and looking into her eyes is definitely enough
to make every single cell inside of me burst
from osmosis and love.

She knows me like I know the stars in the sky.
I know her like she knows vinyl.
She can read me better than I read books.
And I can make her wake up in the middle of the night
due to the sound of seduction in my voice
during the day.

Leigh, I have fallen for you.
You are intoxicating me.
I never would have thought that
I could be filled up again with happiness
and love and joy and those **** butterflies...
You make me want to draw like Picasso
and be just as intelligent as Einstein
and make poetry like Lang Leav.

Surely, I have shown you the love I feel for thee.
"I love you's" and random cards and flowers and
kisses and touches and poetry and my voice...
I love you so much, you mean more to me
than any star in the sky.

You are the beauty in the sky from dawn to dusk
and the sweetest voice from the angels in heaven.
You are truth and lies and so many things I
am addicted to. You are something I have
added to my list of addictions---
But, the best part of this "addiction" (love) is that
you are amazingly good for me.

Some may say no (due to being homophobic)
but I guess that is their problem.
I guess all I am trying to say is that
I love you Leigh.
sorry i change from "her" to "you"... she reads these and i get a bit caught up haha.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Thoughts of a loser
R Mar 2014
She likes you too
I see her (sometimes) as a threat
Rach, you're mine. Only mine
She is great, but what if I lost?
Shes not you
I always lose
Im yours, you won
The war is already done
What war, There is no competition, Rach
I can't lose, please don't leave me
I won't
I've already lost
Just some thoughts. Not real. Just something that could happen... Hmm....
R Oct 2013
I'll be staying till
night falls today.
I'll be doing
and testing
out my

Call me a dork,
but I'd rather do
this on a cold
Thursday night
than cut
myself to
1.2k · Oct 2014
R Oct 2014
It would be appropriate that
Our first date alone together
Would be at a Beatles outing.
Meow meow I'm an excited kitten <3
1.2k · Mar 2015
R Mar 2015
I'm learning how to find the stars in my own eyes.
R Apr 2013
I didn't mean to
Get hurt like this.


Halfway up my arm,
They show that I
Shouldn't be left alone with my
R Mar 2014
I would say I love her because
I really do. At first it was friendly,
then it somehow became known
that I had more feelings for her
than I meant too.

But, today I realized that I loved her.
Not the kind of love that couples seem
to feel lately. Like, the kind that comes
so fast and fades so quickly?
No, this is something... beautiful.

I didn't want her to leave.
I wanted to pull her close and
just have her nuzzle into my
painful neck. I wanted sweet
kisses to be planted there,
and for it to heal me like
they always do.

I knew I loved her when I
fearlessly kissed her in the hallway.
it was easier because nobody except
she, Morgan, and I were there so I
didn't have to worry about someone
saying something.

But, in all honesty, I wouldn't care
one bit if someone would have seen us.
She makes me happy and as I to she.
Why shouldn't our happiness count?
Why can I not show my feelings?
I am in love with her, so please
tell me how this is fair?

How is it fair that I have to hide?
Having a beautiful and healthy relationship
full of love and trust and two beautiful souls...
Why should we have to hide when
abusive relationships are allowed and
people who are are sexist and rapists
are allowed to roam the world?

All I ask is for acceptance and love.
I just want to be able to walk around
with my head held high and to
be able to hold her hand, with my thumb
caressing the back of her hand.
I just want to kiss her when I want to
and not feel like I am disturbing others.
Loving her and being with her feels so right...
So why can I not show it?

I love her... I really do.
She is my night and my day.
My dark and my light.
My winter to my spring...
Please don't take my happiness away.
Morgan=great friend.
Leigh... baby... I love you so much.
R May 2013
If I was gay..
would it really that bad?
I mean,
I'd adopt a few kids, maybe even save their lives.
I'd show the world that I'm not evil, actually, I'm pretty nice..
I volunteer sometimes too.
But, that's not the point,
is it?

Kids are so afraid to be themselves and
you all wonder why.
Want to know?
Because of all the constructive critisism
we get from the second we walk out of
our rooms.
No wonder my stepbrother doesn't want to
leave his room or
I don't want to leave school;
They're safe havens from
******* like you.
1.1k · Jun 2014
Rods and Screws
R Jun 2014
You wouldn't know what
I was doing after you stopped
texting me that morning
of your surgery.
As soon as you said goodbye
I threw my phone to the wall
and sobbed into my pillow.
I had to stop myself from screaming
out your name, so I just mustered up
stifling sobs and muffled "I love you's"
and "please don't leave me baby".

I could feel stabbing pains make its way
up my body as they put the rods and
screws inside of your spine.
Eleven times my heart combusted
throughout the day and the thought
of you without me almost
killed me.

I wonder what you thought of
under the anesthesia.
Was it me?
Your friends?
The Beatles or Led Zeppelin?
Or maybe it was nothing.

I know that all I could think about
was the worst things possible
and how I wished I could have just
kept you safe in my arms because
thats the safest place you could've been
in that day and time (or any day
and time for that matter)

But, now that your spine is
un-curved and you are okay,
I thought something was
going to change between us.
I was afraid that maybe the thing that
caused you to fall in love with me
was taken out somehow
and rearranged so that
your spine didn't curve towards
me anymore.

I was afraid that you wouldn't have loved me anymore.

But, now I see that I was foolish for being so afraid.
You are better than ever and you are still mine!
And I just love you so much,
you know that, dear?

*I'm just glad you're safe and feeling well, baby.
I know its long, but I'm in love and i was afraid and this is for my baby girl, L, who is the strongest person Ive ever known and I'm just so glad to love her as much as I do. <3 I love you so much.
1.1k · Oct 2014
R Oct 2014
(T)hank me for what I do between
(H)er thighs, because
(I) know that she can seem
(G)rumpy one minute and
(H)ella **** the next. This is
(S)urely because of me.
Eh she wanted something not too much but slightly there... Just getting out one of the many reasons she is a happy girl :) I love her a lot. L<3 also... More **** poems to come soon! My next several prompts are very... Um... ******.
1.1k · Sep 2015
R Sep 2015
I'm bigger than my body
I'm colder than this home
I'm meaner than my demons
I'm bigger than these bones
Who is in control?
R Oct 2013
shes so tired.
you can see it in her eyes.
and yet she dares to take
college courses and dares to
wear her weird spock ears
to school.

she goes to soccer every day till
6 and still does her homework.
she wakes up at 6 every day and
tries her hardest to get some
sleep at night.

she over thinks (sign of intelligence, right?)
everything and she is kind of a
perfectionist when it comes to school.
shes been slacking with her artwork and
reading but she still drinks green tea everyday.
she just wants to live and to stop being
so afraid of everything.

and her daddy issues slowly get
worse and she shelters herself from
any sort of affection, which is not
okay because she knows that so many
people care for her, right?
dont they?


her panic attacks have been getting
worse but she hasnt cut in awhile
and she tries so hard to be
proud but its so hard because
she can barely even breathe
1.1k · Nov 2013
R Nov 2013
his smile is so nice
like the sweet smell of christmas
or a surprise snow day
even the sunrise can't beat that smile of yours
you remind me of christmas morning.
a child's face, excited for the presents.
excited for the belief of Santa.
excited because you know
someone cares for you.
i get excited everyday because of you.
excited for the presents of your presence.
excited for the belief of you.
excited because i know
you care for me
and i care for

you are my christmas morning.
and that smile of yours gets me
1.1k · Apr 2013
Questions, questions.
R Apr 2013
My biggest questions are:
What makes him so special?
Why is he so much more
Than me?
Would seeing his smile,
Be more satisfying than

I don't even
Have a sliver of hope,
A chance,
A shot,
To be on the "list"

I'd say it's okay.
I'm okay with it,
I guess.
But I don't know,
I'm still having trouble believing that
You'd pick my abusive
Over me.
1.1k · Sep 2013
R Sep 2013
you are like a whirlpool--
silly me for falling in,
my ship has sunken down
into the ocean that is
ive never been much for
ecspecially when i
actually want to
1.1k · Oct 2013
Suicide Scandal
R Oct 2013
there once was a girl
who was an artist, but
here's the twist
a razor was her paintbrush
and the canvas was her

"Ugly" "Fat" "Worthless"
they were written
word for word
nobody thought otherwise
after-all, that girl is so
happy, that'd be

one night it was raining
and the thoughts became
to much
she reached for her
blades and blood
poured out with just
one touch.

the next morning her
parents found her,
it was an "accident"
they would say.
because after-all,
whould'a thought that
their happy daughter
wasn't okay?

She fought endlessly for
her life, but it
was all to much to
little did she know that
she'd be one of many in
this suicide
first stanza is from tumblr and i decided to add a twist, i have no idea who the original owner of the first stanza is but i hope its okay that i tweaked it a bit to use it. thank you and have a nice time reading, please comment!! thanks!
1.1k · Oct 2014
R Oct 2014
She knows what she does to me
She leaves me completely and utterly parched.
Other places may not be,
But I can sure as hell can tell you that
When I break off our kiss,
I have no saliva in my mouth
For everything has gone
And I am begging to get her to drown
In waters where you can no longer
****** prompt... Oops. Sorry not sorry.
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