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Mar 2014
I would say I love her because
I really do. At first it was friendly,
then it somehow became known
that I had more feelings for her
than I meant too.

But, today I realized that I loved her.
Not the kind of love that couples seem
to feel lately. Like, the kind that comes
so fast and fades so quickly?
No, this is something... beautiful.

I didn't want her to leave.
I wanted to pull her close and
just have her nuzzle into my
painful neck. I wanted sweet
kisses to be planted there,
and for it to heal me like
they always do.

I knew I loved her when I
fearlessly kissed her in the hallway.
it was easier because nobody except
she, Morgan, and I were there so I
didn't have to worry about someone
saying something.

But, in all honesty, I wouldn't care
one bit if someone would have seen us.
She makes me happy and as I to she.
Why shouldn't our happiness count?
Why can I not show my feelings?
I am in love with her, so please
tell me how this is fair?

How is it fair that I have to hide?
Having a beautiful and healthy relationship
full of love and trust and two beautiful souls...
Why should we have to hide when
abusive relationships are allowed and
people who are are sexist and rapists
are allowed to roam the world?

All I ask is for acceptance and love.
I just want to be able to walk around
with my head held high and to
be able to hold her hand, with my thumb
caressing the back of her hand.
I just want to kiss her when I want to
and not feel like I am disturbing others.
Loving her and being with her feels so right...
So why can I not show it?

I love her... I really do.
She is my night and my day.
My dark and my light.
My winter to my spring...
Please don't take my happiness away.
Morgan=great friend.
Leigh... baby... I love you so much.
Written by
       Exhale, Z, Venusoul7, ---, M and 30 others
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