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Oct 2015
I've written many of them in the past few years.
Some were long and told the girl I loved how much I
missed her and how happy I was to be in love with such a
lovely woman.
Others were ones that would never see the light of day about
people who did not deserve to hear of my love for them because
I knew my heart did not matter much to them.
And that's okay. I left my heart with those
letters and figured out how to stop
giving my affections to
But, there are some special love letters that I have.
I've given them to him. He probably did not even realize that
they were love letters though. I doubt he did.
To him they were just funny notes and silly pickup lines to
read while he unstuffed them from his pockets at swim practice.
But to me? These little slips of jagged papers were full of what I felt
for him and still continue to feel for him. Giving you piece by piece my heart through jokes and puns really has burned me now and I
wonder if you even realize the damage this burn has caused.
Guess not, but it's okay. I guess I did not expect you to.
So this is me, writing my (hopefully) last love letter
to you in hopes that all of my affections will be
put away and that I'll just be able to
move on.

That's how these things work, right?
guess so
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